The Association

In 1999, articles and by-laws were drawn up and the Association defined its goals which are:

  1. To continue in the search for survivors as-yet-undiscovered and the families of those who perished, so as to provide them with information they never had about the fate of their loved ones,
  2. To bring the Rohna story before the public, to honor the men who lost their lives in this incident and those on the rescue vessels who acted selflessly in their rescue efforts,
  3. And to further, by reunions and other communications, the closeness among the membership.

This web-site has been established for, and is dedicated to these goals.

The Articles and By-laws also provide for membership automatically to be afforded to Rohna survivors, next of kin of casualties and survivors, members of the Pioneer crew, all personnel assigned to ships in Convoy KMF-26 including the HMT Rajula. In one voice, the writers of the Articles and By-laws also agreed that, although there may be occasional non-mandatory requests for donations in order to meet expenses, there would be no dues assessed as part of membership.

The directors held their first official meeting of The Rohna Survivors Memorial Association at a reunion in Dayton, Ohio on May 1, 1999. At that time, several actions were taken.

The Rohna Survivors Memorial Association web-site was declared the sole sanctioned and official web-site of the organization.

In order to protect the organization name and avoid public confusion, the directors also acted to provide that no other individuals, groups or organizations may use the The Rohna Survivors Memorial Association name in connection with newsletters, gift items, media, web-sites, or in any other means, etc., without prior expressed approval and sanction of the directors. To date, no requests have been made and none granted.

John Fievet (Survivor) and Ruth Canney (wife of John Canney, Survivor) were unanimously elected as Directors Emeritus.


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  1. I’m a WWII researcher and writer. My group is an advocacy organization for the MIA’s of WWII. Our current project is to complete the database for the Missing in Action of WWII, and at the present we are working on the North Africa cemetery data. We have the “X-files” containing data of the recovered, buried but unknown, from each of the WWII Cemeteries. In working on the North Africa file I have found many of the recovered from the sinking of HMS Rohna. We are gathering and structuring the data for a comprehensive search, and also developing a Geographic Information System for the locations of the recovered. We would be happy to share what information we have with the Rohna Association.

    Kenneth Breaux

  2. Kenneth
    Please contact me at I cannot open your email to read the complete contents

    Janet Delude

    Janet Delude
  3. My Dad Rainey C Groff was one of the survivor on the Rohna He wouldn’t talk about it until later in his life He passed in 2010 at age87 he told us the hole was big enough to drive a freight train through and when he was in middle of ocean trying to survive there was this other man trying to stay above water and having trouble my Dad found a suitcase or briefcase floating and gave it to the man when they got on the rescue boat the found a bible in the case Many years later my dad got a phone call from this man I think he lived in Florida to thank my dad for saving his life I’m so proud of my dad and all the service men that has to go through what they do at such a young age

    mary Groff Throne
  4. My dad was a US Army doctor on board when the ship was hit. Be was performing an appendectomy near the fantail when it was hit. He was awarded a Silver Star as a result of helping two other survive for 2 hours before being pick up by a British ship.

    I’ve been looking for a book that describes the Rohna’s sinking and has some first-hand information about his story aboard. Please tell me where it can be purchased.
    Daniel A Boone
    Son of Dr. Wilmot Burgess Boone

    Daniel A Boone
  5. Dear Janet,
    I read the article that Kenneth Breaux wrote Missing In Action, declared dead in North Africa cemetery. Did they ever recover the Rhona? Were the bodies actually buried in Carthage Cemetery in North Africa? I know that Grover C. Johnson was with the 853rd engineer abroad this ship, not much on any recovery . I would like to be kept updated if they ever find anything out about the Rhona. I check the site out. We might be able to attend this year, we’ll see. Thank-You Diane

    Diane Seemiller
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