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Nels Quam

When World War II broke out Nels Quam was 49 years old. He had served in the military in World War I and now again wondered what he could do for his adopted country. He was too old for the […]

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Convoys Never Stop

From an Interview Of Aaron Weinstein and Jeff Sparks by Adrienne Moore – Public Relations Department, American Red Cross Part one Jeff Sparks stood beside his cabin-mate, Jack Harrigan, on the promenade deck, and watched the battle of bombers and […]

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Harrell Jones, The Red-headed Sailor

One crewman, Harrell Jones of the Pioneer, remembered by many survivors for his bravery, was affectionately labeled “the red-headed sailor.” Jones left his gunnery position to get in the water with a rope tied around his waist and fastened to […]

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Michael Marx

The following story was written by Marvin Marx, survivor (deceased) and was donated by his son Michael Marx. THE REAL THING Written by Marvin A. Marx 26th Fighter Squadron 5th Fighter Group CACW 14th Air Force On the second day […]

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Charles J. Williams

Thanks to Charles J. Williams of Orina, California for sharing his experience in the ROHNA sinking. Charles has recently found the ROHNA Survivors Memorial Association via this web site and would be very happy to hear from his old buddies. […]

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Andy Fetsko

Thanks to Andy Fetsko for contributing the following story of his experience with the 31st Signal Heavy Construction Bn. and the Rohna. Andy’s story has been edited slightly. . . . I entered the U.S. Army Signal Corps at Camp […]

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Philip Morgan

Thanks to Philip Morgan, who was on board the Rohna with the 44th Portable Surgical Hospital, for sharing a few memories. Phil has just recently “found” the RSMA through a series of chance happenings, including a newspaper article, Carlton Jackson’s […]

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Clyde L. Bellomy

Bellomy Story Clyde L. Bellomy, GM1C U.S.S. PIONEER Our thanks go to Clyde Bellomy who shares his own audio taped story of his experience as a member of the Pioneer Crew. We are pleased to include this manuscript of the […]

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George Straty

Contributed by George Straty, AACS, Survivor I want to tell you about Jack Sparacio. We were down in the bowels of the ship. Joe Confer could probably tell you exactly where. Some of the guys were crowding the few portholes […]

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Raymond Cecil Taylor

Cecil Taylor – He Was My Guide and Savior By Raymond Cecil Taylor 853rd Engineer BN. Avn. Corps of Engineers At 4:00 p.m., November 26, 1943, I had just completed a day in the bakery, keeping fire in the oven. […]

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