Survivors, historians, and next of kin of the casualties have tried for years to obtain information surrounding the bombing and sinking of the ROHNA. A search through libraries, history books, books on naval disasters, sinkings etc. produced virtually no information. It seemed to many as if the disaster never occurred and that the ROHNA never existed.

Some survivors found it hard to convince friends, and even family members that they had actually had a part in this incredible historical event, especially when there was no evidence of it anywhere in printed form. No one ever heard of it, even though it at least equaled in scope the tragedy of the Arizona at Pearl Harbor. Many gave up trying to tell their story.

During the last few years, however, more information has been forthcoming, articles have been written, and books are now appearing on the subject. And, government documentation was finally released and is available. Whether all of the government documentation has been released is still open to conjecture by many of the survivors.

Visitors to our web-site are invited to learn more about this incredible historical event. The following bibliography is a good starting point. Please contact us with any other resources you find.

The Article that Got Things Started

John P. Fievet, “World War II’s Secret Disaster,” American History Magazine, August 1,1993


You can order these great books from Amazon. Another self-published book is out of print but might be available at your library: Don Fortune, Sinking Of The Rohna, America’s Worst Troopship Loss of World War II

Carlton Jackson Allied Secret – The Sinking of HMT Rohna Buy on Amazon

James G. Bennett The Rohna Disaster, WWII’s Secret Tragedy Buy on Amazon

Michael Walsh Rohna Memories: Eyewitness to Tragedy Buy on Amazon

Michael Walsh Rohna Memories II: Eyewitness to Tragedy Buy on Amazon

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China Burma India Veterans Association

The China-Burma-India Veterans Association was founded in Milwaukee, WI in 1948 as the only veterans organization representing an entire Theater of Operations as opposed to those founded by various units (e.g. The Hump Pilots Assoc., The Flying Tigers of the 14th Air Force, etc.). The CBIVA closed its books in 2005 and contributed its assets to the World War II Museum in New Orleans and the Admiral Nimitz Museum in Fredericksburg, TX. Here is a link to their archives.

Camden County, N.J. The Rohna Disaster WWII War Memorial

Visit this site to learn more about the memorial in New Jersey.

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