Casualty list

The list on this page contains the names of the men who perished in the Rohna disaster. They are presented here to honor and remember them and to imprint them into American history.

Today, to the best of our knowledge, the families of less than 35 of the 1,015 casualties have been identified and are known to have learned of the fate of their loved ones.

Help us in our research

This roster is also included in the hope and expectation that more families will recognize a name, make a connection and be enabled to learn the facts about the loss of their loved ones.

With the help of survivors, next-of-kin, and remaining government documents, we have assembled a roster of only 1,010 names of the one thousand and fifteen reported to have been lost in the Rohna disaster. The search for the remaining 5 will continue.


We invite any visitor to this site to contact the Association with additional information.

There are 1,010 names in this list.

Adam,  Richard J.,  Cpl.,  36317587ACCasualty
Adamczyk, Jacob E., T/5, 36721878CECasualty
Aguilar, Gilbert, Pfc., 18198769SCCasualty
Albrecht, Paul E., T/4, 38027398MCCasualty
Alexander, Walter J., T/5, 34315650MCCasualty
Alfred, Edward H., Pfc., 36448909ACCasualty
Alleman, Roger E., Pfc, 35496862CECasualty
Allen, Ramon R., Sgt., 39906599CECasualty
Allen, Steve, T/5, 35682721CECasualty
Amarello, John J., Pfc, 32577653ACCasualty
Anctil, Ronaldo J., T/5, 31218820CECasualty
Anger, Earl J., 2Lt, 01107548CECasualty
Antrasian, Thomas, Pfc., 12183162SCCasualty
Archer, Perry O., Pvt., 39385085SCCasualty
Arnold, Alfred N., Pvt., 37495985CECasualty
Arnold, Kenneth L., Pvt., 35541018CECasualty
Arvickson, Oscar R., Pvt., 3357008CECasualty
Ashford, Harry B., T/5, 3718007CECasualty
Ashworth, Elmer, Pfc, 38425097CECasualty
Atkinson, Jackson P., T/4, 34306534SCCasualty
Attanasi, Americo J., Cpl., 33477ACCasualty
Baack, Walter W., Pvt., 38370636CECasualty
Babin, Edward J., Lt., 0-650Casualty
Bacco, Daniel A., Pfc., 32792671CECasualty
Baine, John W., Pvt, 33363224ACCasualty
Baker, Harr yF., Pvt., 35541070CECasualty
Baker, Richard W., Pvt., 31253360CECasualty
Ballerino, Frank, Pvt., 32367983SCCasualty
Banks, George L., Pvt., 33494107SCCasualty
Bannon, Dwigh tF., Sgt., 19100125NFCasualty
Barbala, John, Pvt., 334602Casualty
Barrett, Elmer, Cpll., 19059298ACCasualty
Barthel, William G., S/Sgt, 32461142CECasualty
Bartko, Walter, Pvt., 33423068CECasualty
Basile, Giacomo D., Pvt., 33592062SCCasualty
Battista, Nunzio, T/5, 32539505SCCasualty
Beatty, Cletus E., Sgt., 39614465CECasualty
Beck, Louis H., Cpl., 33287444ACCasualty
Beckham, Sam D., Pvt., 38451361CECasualty
Behn, Otto J., Sgt., 37085417,NFCasualty
Bellavia, Ettore, Pvt., 12043025SCCasualty
Belles, Kermit A., Pvt., 39208000ACCasualty
Benderling, Frank L., T/5, 36293611CECasualty
Bennafield, William F., Pvt., 34058562CECasualty
Bennett, Robert O., Pfc., 12182941SCCasualty
Berger, Leon, Sgt., 32185961ACCasualty
Berns, Edward J., T/5, 37409403CECasualty
Bernstein, Joseph, S/Sgt., 31201781CECasualty
Berry, James J., T/4, 32568479SCCasualty
Bessonette, John., T/5, 34611701CECasualty
Beyer, Clarence W., T/5, 36291312CECasualty
Bielski, Joseph E., Pvt., 31352919ACCasualty
Biggs, Otis L., T/5, 38363231CECasualty
Bird, Leo J., T/Sgt, 32312785SCCasualty
Birkel, Jack T., Pfc., 18133235ACCasualty
Bishop, Herman C., Pfc., 32668261CECasualty
Blackman, Howard M., Pvt., 34809002CECasualty
Blaine, Franklin W., Sgt, 38000292,NFCasualty
Blake, George G., Cpl., 33450NFCasualty
Blake, William F., Pfc., 35528208CECasualty
Bloom, Rober tL., Pvt., 33465212SCCasualty
Bobby, John, Pfc., 32539552SCCasualty
Bogovich, Stephan M., T/5, 36599215CECasualty
Bohnet, Livingston R., Pfc., 19185345ACCasualty
Bolyard, Raymond V., Sgt., 15323725CECasualty
Bonacci, Augus tP., Cpl, 32675485CECasualty
Boos, Raymond W., Pvt., 36297827CECasualty
Boroch, Theodore T., Cpl., 37124298ACCasualty
Bouchard, George A., T/5, 31084293MCCasualty
Bowden, Milford N, Pfc, 33569338CECasualty
Boyd, Benjamin F., Cpl., 17127236ACCasualty
Boyer, James C., Sgt., 20462441,NFCasualty
Branam, James F., T/5, 34504709CECasualty
Brandon, William L., Pvt., 39905493CECasualty
Bresee, Theodore F.Jr., Cpl., 12171543ACCasualty
Brewster, Carl W., Pvt., 33436359CECasualty
Brezinskey, John F., S/Sgt., 13022884ACCasualty
Bricker, Harold L., Pfc., 33496858CECasualty
Broner, Max, T/5, 39563201CECasualty
Brooks, Paul M., S/Sgt., 34206526ACCasualty
Brown, Eugene J., Pfc., 35602619CECasualty
Brown, Lelland B.., T/5, 35746768CECasualty
Brown, Walter L., Pfc., 35539837CECasualty
Brumbaugh, Jack C., Cpl., 14177846ACCasualty
Bruner, Landen, Sgt., 34597179CECasualty
Bruno, Orlando S., Pfc, 39906691ACCasualty
Bryant, Clifford D., Cpl., 37108597ACCasualty
Bryce, Neuman H., Sgt., 38300275ACCasualty
Buchanan, Earl O., Cpl., 39270712ACCasualty
Buchanan, Russel G., Pfc., 33288164CECasualty
Buckingham, Millard E., T/4, 32367947SCCasualty
Bucy, Weldon E., Pfc., 37410176CECasualty
Buie, Richard E., Cpl., 1816701CECasualty
Buis, Charles W., Cpl., 3556363ACCasualty
Bullard, Orison J., Jr., T/5, 3655566CECasualty
Burazio, Patsy, Pfc., 3560263CECasualty
Burk, Charles E., Pvt., 3645060CMCasualty
Burke, Manuel T., T/5, 3353137CECasualty
Burke, William J., Pvt., 3277539SCCasualty
Burnett, Glenn F., Sgt., 3641786CECasualty
Butler, Edward T., Cpl., 3266839CECasualty
Butler, Frank S., Cpl., 1413908ACCasualty
Byrne, John A., T/5, 36721CECasualty
Caldwell, Paul B., Pfc.3459705CECasualty
Calli, John J., Pvt., 3286534CECasualty
Calvert, Julius C., Pfc., 3564609CECasualty
Cambridge, Donald, Cpl., 3919442ACCasualty
Cameron, John C., Cpl., 1715571ACCasualty
Campbell, James P., Pvt., 3559917CECasualty
Campbell, John C., Cpl., 1418459ACCasualty
Campbell, William J., Pvt., 3749693CECasualty
Caperton, William R., Pfc., 3471373ACCasualty
Carel, Clarence E., Cpl., 3562383CECasualty
Carey, William G., Pfc., 1816624CECasualty
Carlin, Sanford R., Sgt., 1204514ACCasualty
Carlson, Nils G., T/4, 3347854CECasualty
Carr, Michael, T/5, 3236801SCCasualty
Carr, Thomas V., Cpl., 3438852ACCasualty
Carrera, Henry A., Cpl., 1801397CECasualty
Casey, Earl S., Cpl., 1315363ACCasualty
Casey, Thomas M.Pfc., Ce, 3257981CECasualty
Casilio, William A., Pvt., 33668088CECasualty
Castaneda, Henry L., Pfc, 3925090NCCasualty
Caston, Cleo T., T/5, 3710425CECasualty
Catanzaro, Anthony, Pfc, 3269339Casualty
Cattalini, Armand J., Pvt., 3903690CECasualty
Cebulski, Michael J., Pvt., 3287844CECasualty
Celmer, Stanislaus Jr., Sgt., 1202946ACCasualty
Cenami, Fran kP., Pvt., 3117320ACCasualty
Chaney, Charles E., Pfc., 3357705CECasualty
Chapman, John H., T/5, 3341253CECasualty
Chavez, Frank M., T/5, 3927652CECasualty
Chavez, Salvador A., Cpl., 3665305ACCasualty
Christopher, John A., Pfc., 3254997CECasualty
Clark, Leland A., Cpl., 3665305ACCasualty
Clegg, George L., Cpl., 3548852ACCasualty
Cline, Hal J., Pvt., 3459594CECasualty
Close, George M., Pfc., 39906648CECasualty
Cochran, Charlie E., Pfc, 3639363CECasualty
Cochran, Howard B., S/Sgt., 1403021ACCasualty
Coffee, Grove rB., Pvt., 3832705CECasualty
Cohen, Sidney, Pvt., 3253985SCCasualty
Cole, Otis Q., Pvt., 34596025CECasualty
Coleman, George E., T/5, 32736557CECasualty
Coleman, Richard H., Pvt., 36295201CECasualty
Coles, Saint M., Pfc., 6284733ACCasualty
Collins, Livingston N., Pfc., 38380395CECasualty
Collins, William A., Pvt., 34811027CECasualty
Colon, Joseph A., Pfc., 32800729ACCasualty
Comeaux, Dallas L., Pvt., 34236348SCCasualty
Comer, Frederick W., Pvt., 32568300SCCasualty
Conklin, Lester, Jr., T/4, 32726038CECasualty
Conner, Earl V., Pvt, 13117014ACCasualty
Conner, Harold R., Cpl., 31226126ACCasualty
Conners, John F., Pvt., 3110156ACCasualty
Conrad, James B., Cpl., 13142958ACCasualty
Conrad, Joseph W., T/4/, 12165546SCCasualty
Conroy, Joseph T., T/5, 32569893SCCasualty
Conti, Sam S., Pvt., 36630857CECasualty
Cook, Forrest A., Sgt., 34506081CECasualty
Cooke, Edgar V., Pvt., 34597028CECasualty
Corcoran, Lawrence B., T/5/, 33331810CECasualty
Correa, Calvin R., Pvt., 36483076ACCasualty
Coss, Earl R., Cpl., 39192681ACCasualty
Cox, JohnT .Jr., Pfc., 31280802CECasualty
Coyle, William E., Cpl., 3566159,Casualty
Craig, John F., Pvt., 35602681CECasualty
Craig, Joseph W., Pvt.], 35647413CECasualty
Cranford, Douglas N., T/5, 3459727CECasualty
Creighton, Arthur J., Pfc., 11115307ACCasualty
Cremer, Clarence E.Jr., Pvt., 3553736SCCasualty
Cresse, Russel D., Pfc., 3561342ACCasualty
Crum, Clinton W., T/5, 3461076CECasualty
Currey, Thomas, Pfc., 3830608CECasualty
Cusack, Joseph J., Pfc., 3256828SCCasualty
Czernak, Edward J., Pfc., 36631CECasualty
Dahm, Edmund A., Sgt., 3664880ACCasualty
Dalton, Archie  A., Pvt., 3450517CECasualty
Dandrea, Frank, Sgt., 3319478CECasualty
Danese, Angelo P, , Pfc., 3256944SCCasualty
Daniel, Paul L., Pvt., 3749520CECasualty
Daniel, Thomas S., S/Sgt., 1413816ACCasualty
Daniels, Fletcher H., T/Sgt., 3920CECasualty
Dawson, Clarence J., Cpl., 3241286ACCasualty
Dawson, Paul, Pvt., 3574238SCCasualty
Day, Elmer F., Sgt., 3248714CECasualty
DeMello, Alfred J., Pvt., 3912303CECasualty
Dean, Clarence, T/5, 3830656CECasualty
Dean, Frazier A., T/5, 3845086CECasualty
Deardeoff, Melvon S., Pvt., 3750571CECasualty
Dearing, Henr yM., T/5, 3559913CECasualty
Debonis, Joseph L., Jr., Pvt., 3256990SCCasualty
Degennaro, Louis J., T/5, 3253955SCCasualty
Dehart, Ransom A., T/5, 3459607CECasualty
DeLameter, William, T/5, 39262653ACCasualty
Delano, Jr., Roland M., Cpl., 1103433ACCasualty
Deletto, William S., Cpl., 3250332ACCasualty
Dell, William S., Sgt., 3349689CECasualty
Dellaflora, Anthony, Cpl., 3561420ACCasualty
Delorenzo, Mario L., T/5, 1218335SCCasualty
Deluca, Fred J., Pvt., 3291177CECasualty
Deodati, Ralph, T/4/, 3269215CECasualty
Deutsch, Leonard, Cpl., 1215969ACCasualty
Devore, Forest L., Pfc., 3552766CECasualty
Dhom, Robert J., Pfc., 3663383CECasualty
DiBenedetto, Joseph, Pfc., 3274246CECasualty
Dickson, Albert J., Cpl., 3722219ACCasualty
Dingman, Ernest, Pfc., 3568316CECasualty
Dingman, Jack C., Pvt., 37411323CECasualty
Dinittes, Peter J., Cpl., 1311056,Casualty
Dinnini, Arnold, Pfc., 3349691CECasualty
Dirsa, James, Jr, Cpl., 3111026Casualty
Disbrow, Thomas C., Cpl., 3248926ACCasualty
Doak, Joseph L., Cpl., 3333847ACCasualty
Dobbins, George B., Sgt., 3336037ACCasualty
Dockmam, Clarence B., Pfc., 3656836CECasualty
Doenges, Clarence J., Pvt., 33418940CECasualty
Donahue, Harold P., Pfc., 1218183SCCasualty
Donahue, John E., Pvt., 3838049CECasualty
Doyle, Raymond E., Sgt., 3331056ACCasualty
Doyle, William A., Sgt., 1504160ACCasualty
DuVall, Claude E., Pfc., 3509620CECasualty
Dudley, Loyd T., Pvt., 3352105CECasualty
Duke, Lee F., Pvt., 3839464CECasualty
Dunbar, Donald W., Cpl., 3357730ACCasualty
Duran, Leo H.., Pvt., 3955135CECasualty
Duren, Raymond O., Cpl., 1417467ACCasualty
Durham, Harold W., T/5, 3553631CECasualty
Durham, Lucien N., T/5, 3452641CECasualty
Durkin, John J., Cpl., 3255062ACCasualty
Dyda, Frank W., T/4, 32568SCCasualty
Eagle, Oscar F., T/5, 3568244CECasualty
Eastlack, William T., T/4, 3236792SCCasualty
Eatmon, John G., Pvt., 3946035CECasualty
Ebling, William H., 2Lt., 0-73941ACCasualty
Economy, Charles J., T/5, 171075Casualty
Efstia(Efstis), John M., Pfc., 3260481ACCasualty
Eidem, Ervin C., Cpl., 3732095ACCasualty
Ekiss, Richard L., 1stSgt., 682873ACCasualty
Ellington, Albert, T/5, 3472381CECasualty
Elliott, Lee, Sgt., 3839463CECasualty
Ellis, Donald B., T/4, 1213369SCCasualty
Englert, Francis L., T/5, 3749478CECasualty
Enright, Walter T., Pfc., 3283597ACCasualty
Ensminger, Freddie, Pvt., 3845097CECasualty
Epstein, Julius L., 1Lt., 0-53024CECasualty
Espitia, Bernadino S., Pfc., 3834022CECasualty
Estes, Raymond C., Cpl., 1918015ACCasualty
Eubanks, John M., Pvt., 3567699ACCasualty
Evans, Raymond E, Pvt., 35676ACCasualty
Faber, Donald E., Pvt., 1613197ACCasualty
Fairhurst, William M., Pvt, 3333392SCCasualty
Falconer, John E. Jr., Pfc, 3927412ACCasualty
Fallon, John J .Jr., Pvt., 1215672ACCasualty
Farrell, Marion J., 1Lt., 066922ACCasualty
Farrell, Robert E., Cpl., 3984747MCCasualty
Farrow, James D., Pfc., 1903324ACCasualty
Faulkner, William H., T/4, 3461376CECasualty
Favaro, Valentine S., Pfc., 3663081CECasualty
Feldman, Hyman, Pvt., 3279294CECasualty
Feldman, Sydney H., Pfc, 3760334ACCasualty
Ferguson, Claude S, , Pvt., 3364798ACCasualty
Ferschweiler, Albert J., S/Sgt, 3728453SCCasualty
Fesce, James, Pvt., 3291498ACCasualty
Fields, Kenneth G., Pvt., 3342300CECasualty
Figuaroa, Alfredo M., T/5, 3985453CECasualty
Filburn, Robert G., Pfc., 3562980MCCasualty
Fine, Lewis M., Sgt., 3946035CECasualty
Finn, Edward D., Pvt., 3554103CECasualty
Finn, William J., Pfc., 1221167ACCasualty
Firsich, Francis L., Pfc., 3569878ACCasualty
Fischetti, Pasquale R., Pvt., 32611CECasualty
Fishell, Elmer H., T/5CECasualty
Fisk, Willis R., Pvt., 3254886CECasualty
Fitzpatrick, Paul J., S/Sgt., 3420520Casualty
Flatt, Karl R.(Earl), Pvt., 3452678CECasualty
Flores, Robert P., Cpl., 1821875ACCasualty
Flynn, Thomas K., T/5, 3568329CECasualty
Fondoble, Kenneth S., Pfc., 3749961CECasualty
Fong, Lou B., Pfc., 3903601CECasualty
Foraker, Herbert G., Pfc., 3559928CECasualty
Ford, Douward, T/5, 3760271CECasualty
Forhan, Phillip A., 2Lt, 0-58073ACCasualty
FortineWalter E., Cpl., 11122257ACFoster, JamesE., Pvt., 3432676SCCasualty
Foster, William H., M/Sgt., 673142Casualty
Fowler, Robert O., Pvt., 3551050CECasualty
Francisco, Joseph M., Pvt., 3113642SCCasualty
Freeman, John W., Cpl., 3559930CECasualty
Freidenreich, Harry, Cpl., 3278443ACCasualty
Friend, Alvin T., Pfc., 3246542ACCasualty
Fuhrmark, Arthur E., Pfc., 3557718ACCasualty
Fumic, Michael P., T/5, 3552154CECasualty
Funk, JamesP., Pfc., 3253965SCCasualty
Fura, Richard, T/5, 3228879SCCasualty
Fusco, DanielL., Cpl., 33572ACCasualty
Gaborski, George, T/5, 12137107CECasualty
Gallegos, John J., Pfc., 39906711CECasualty
Gallo, Antonio, Pfc., 31277801CECasualty
Galvin, Mervin, Cpl., 35589254ACCasualty
Garafalo, Charles, Pvt., 32651534ACCasualty
Garcia, Feliciano, Pvt., 38425348CECasualty
Garcia, Rogelio, Pvt., 38364139,CECasualty
Garza, Margarito, Pvt, 37472268CECasualty
Gates, Donald L., Pfc, 37472268CECasualty
Gatto, Ludovico J., Pfc., 11114748ACCasualty
Geher, Georgew., Cpl., 32206340ACCasualty
Genovese, Joseph, Pfc., 32539446SCCasualty
Gerity, Richard V., T/5, 32163016SCCasualty
Gibbs, Horace J., Pvt., 34606529CECasualty
Giglio, Daniel F., T/4, 12183313SCCasualty
Gilbert, Harry A., Cpl., 12048994ACCasualty
Gillert, Henry E., T/4, 38306671CECasualty
Gillespie, Norman J., Pfc., 38326472CECasualty
Gipson, Leonard H., Cpl., 18098111ACCasualty
Gluck, Bert M., Pfc., 12124131ACCasualty
Glussek, John A., Pvt., 32731086CECasualty
Goldberg, Morris, T/5, 32568289,SCCasualty
Golecki, Edward J., Pfc., 33458918 AACCasualty
Goltry, Valmer JCasualty
Gomes, Harold, T/Sgt, 6691285ACCasualty
Goodman, Eugene R., Pvt., 19106356ACCasualty
Goodwin, Alvin C., T/Sgt, 14091027SCCasualty
Goracy, Marion F., Pvt., 32606776SCCasualty
Gorman, Andrew, T/5, 39615313CECasualty
Gossman, Hyman, Pfc., 32786675CECasualty
Grace, Robert P., Sgt., 13030595ACCasualty
Gracely, John M., T/5, 33230225SCCasualty
Graham, Roderick M., T/5, 32732589CECasualty
Gray, John L., Pfc., 32182910CECasualty
Green, Theodore E., T/3, 6910869CECasualty
Greenlee, Leonard, S/Sgt., 39851826SCCasualty
Greer, Ernest B., Sgt., 31178444ACCasualty
Griffen, Earl K., Pfc., 32859799ACCasualty
Griffin, Jesse E., T/5, 34505593CECasualty
Griffin, Martin J., Cpl., 32679301CECasualty
Griffith, Herman C., Pvt., 34505593CECasualty
Grimes, W.D., T/5, 18186752CECasualty
Grimstad, Gordon A., T/3, 36049805MCCasualty
Grzywacz, Henry, Pvt., 32582241SCCasualty
Guarneri, Charles, Sgt., 32692235,ACCasualty
Guastella, James V., Cpl., 32693526ACCasualty
Guidry, Dennis, Pvt., 38483122CECasualty
Gunn, Abraham, Pvt., 32698154CECasualty
Gunther, King P., Cpl., 36115698Casualty
Gust, Carlos P., 1 Lt., 0-578999ACCasualty
Gutierrez, Raymond J., T/4, 38349829CECasualty
Gyer, Joe R., Pvt., 37602853CECasualty
Habib  (Habir), Rudolph, Pfc., 12188406ACCasualty
Hackett, Jack D., Pvt., 33601802ACCasualty
Haedel, John L., T/Sgt, 33027266ACCasualty
Hale, Calvin H., T/5, 34506102CECasualty
Hale, Charlie B., Pvt., 39280034CECasualty
Haley, Percy E., Cap’t, 0-499087CECasualty
Hall, Dalma D., Sgt., 34361906CECasualty
Hall, Joseph C., T/5, 38446231CECasualty
Hall, Noel, T/5, 37495376CECasualty
Hamilton, Harold R., T/5, 35683606CECasualty
Hamilton, James, Pvt., 35430362CECasualty
Hammond, Malcolm H., Pfc., 34399556SCCasualty
Hankins, Ronald J., Sgt., 39267801,CECasualty
Hann, Earle V., Sgt., 20347514ACCasualty
Hanners, Grover, Pvt., 35657925ACCasualty
Hansard, James F., Sgt., 39303420ACCasualty
Hansen, John F., Sgt., 37397807CECasualty
Hanson, Merlin D., Pvt., 17155370CECasualty
Harmon, Clarence R., Cpl., 35602693CECasualty
Harmon, Clause A., Pvt, 36568200CECasualty
Harner, William C., Sgt., 14142014ACCasualty
Harney, Joseph F. Jr., Pfc, 35562423ACCasualty
Harrell, Clarence W., Pfc., 33522642CECasualty
Harrington, Charles J., Pfc., 36416502CECasualty
Harrison, Jarius, Sgt., 33283416ACCasualty
Hartzell, James E, Pfc., 35710754ACCasualty
Hatch, Byron G., Cpl., 18153995ACCasualty
Hawkins, Andrew J., T/5, 34504593CECasualty
Hayden, Paul E., Sgt., 32364212ACCasualty
Hayes, Peter E., Pvt., 31299692CECasualty
Hefferman, Robert M., Pfc., 32696901ACCasualty
Heironymus, Wallace R., Cpl., 37468758CECasualty
Heller, Lawrence, Cpl., 3674201CECasualty
Henning, Marion W., T/5, 36416484CECasualty
Herd, Marlyn C., T/5, 37248017MCCasualty
Herkel, Robert W., T/5, 36416484CECasualty
Herman, Walter P., Sgt., 34597593ACCasualty
Herrmann, Doyle M., Pfc., 38394568CECasualty
Hester, Lester C., Pvt., 38267210CECasualty
Hewett., William H., Cpl., 12165712ACCasualty
Hiatt, Robert C., Sgt, 38016092CECasualty
Hicks, Jackson C. Jr., Cpl., 18190306CECasualty
Hicks (Hichs), Walter C., Pfc, 34730907ACCasualty
Hiler, Bayard D., Cpl., 33244510ACCasualty
Hill, Earl I, Pvt., 38445205CECasualty
Hill, James T., Pfc., 38422775CECasualty
Hill, John B., Cpl., 36647110ACCasualty
Hinds, Casper W., Cpl., 34494079CECasualty
Hinton, Herschel V., Cpl., 35614264ACCasualty
Hischke, Frank, D. P., T/Sgt., 35551558Casualty
Hively, Harvey W., Pfc, 36447253,CECasualty
Hoak, Donald E., Pvt., 33422998CECasualty
Hobbs, John E., Sgt., 19163121ACCasualty
Hoehns, Joe, Pvt., 33524336ACCasualty
Hogan, Carlton P., Cap’t, 0-1688092ACCasualty
Holland, Charles A., Pfc., 34442495MCCasualty
Holloway, Archie C., Cpl., 13135505ACCasualty
Holloway, Robert S., T/5/, 356480255?Casualty
Hook, Andrew J. Jr., 1 Lt., 0-577965ACCasualty
Hooks, Jack M., 1 Lt., 0-1107439CECasualty
Hooper, Roy, T/5, 38473056CECasualty
Hopkins, Walter E., Pvt., 36416691CECasualty
Horton, George W., Pvt., 37397555CECasualty
Hostetler, Robert W., T/5, 35599226CECasualty
Hott, Raymond L., Pvt., 39907523,CECasualty
Hoyle, William R., Pvt., 39907523CECasualty
Huffman, Elmer L., Pvt., 38429386ACCasualty
Humka, Joseph S., Pvt., 33582809CECasualty
Humphries, William D., Pvt., 34724198ACCasualty
Hunt, William H., Pvt., 33569374CECasualty
Hunter, Harry B., Pfc., 35455056ACCasualty
Hutchins, Gilmer B., Pvt., 36612845CECasualty
Hutton, David, Pvt., 35532040CECasualty
Hynds, Hugh B., Pvt., 31241244CECasualty
Isaacson, Frank, Pvt, 32876511NFCasualty
Jackson, Robert F., Pvt., 38207374ACCasualty
Jackson, Victor E., Pfc., 36440667ACCasualty
Jacobs, Roy A., M/Sgt., 13065519SCCasualty
Jacoby, Edward, Sgt., 20723161NFCasualty
Jaggers, Clarence T., Pvt., 32487119CECasualty
Janesick, Frank, Sgt., 36510522ACCasualty
Janiszewski, Frank J., Pfc., 33370996ACCasualty
Jarbala, John, Pvt., 33460241CECasualty
Jauernick, Edmund V., Cpl., 13110411ACCasualty
Jeleniewski, Vincent T., T/4, 12165531SCCasualty
Jenkins, Howard W., Pfc., 35641363ACCasualty
Jenkins, Jacob K., Pvt, 32487176CECasualty
Jenkins, Tildon D., Sgt., 6928655ACCasualty
Jerram, Charles K., T/5, 12183435ACCasualty
Jessip, Chester W., Cpl., 20724350NFCasualty
Jesup, Fred I., Pfc., 35143059SCCasualty
Jeter, Harold L., Pfc., 38473040CECasualty
Johansonn, Carl E., Sgt., 6978675NFCasualty
Johnson, Bufurd E., Cpl., 38427614CECasualty
Johnson, Carl W., Pvt., 36182326ACCasualty
Johnson, Clarence C., Pfc., 18122537ACCasualty
Johnson, Donald I., T/4, 36617774CECasualty
Johnson, Frank A., Pfc., 39906712CECasualty
Johnson, Grover C. Jr., Pvt., 33423107CECasualty
Johnson, John C., Pfc., 39195422ACCasualty
Johnson, Joseph H., Pfc., 32386004SCCasualty
Johnson, Leonard R., Pfc., 37493476ACCasualty
Johnson, Marion O., Pvt., 35128700,SCCasualty
Jokel, James H., S/Sgt, 15329937ACCasualty
Jolly, Jordan H., Pvt., 34526696CECasualty
Jones, Edward B., Cpl., 34508538ACCasualty
Jones, Elmer L., T/4, 39036103CECasualty
Jones, Eugene N. T/Sgt., 32080515ACCasualty
Jones, Homer S., Pvt., 38445243CECasualty
Jones, Roy, Pfc., 35625759ACCasualty
Jones, Strother M., Pfc., 35683631CECasualty
Joseph, Frankin R., Sgt., 33167369ACCasualty
Julian, Leonard L., Pvt., 37221505SCCasualty
Kalamaras, George G., Sgt., 36724082CECasualty
Kaluba, Albert A., Pvt., 36647203CECasualty
Kamper, Martin B., Cpl., 37034977NFCasualty
Karas, George J., Pfc., 35528146CECasualty
Karsten, William R., Pvt., 36724063CECasualty
Katt, Charles W., Sgt., 32596914NFCasualty
Kay, Lawrence L., 2 Lt, 0-650536ACCasualty
Kearns, Henry, Pfc., 36613155CECasualty
Keating, William E., Cpl, 35682144CECasualty
Kefron, Earl W., Cpl., 35512550,,?Casualty
Keiper, William L., T/5, 33569364CECasualty
Kelly, Edward R. Jr., Sgt., 32450631ACCasualty
Kelly, James P., Pvt., 32720224CECasualty
Kemp, James H., Cpl., 14018829ACCasualty
Kessler, Joseph A., Pvt., 35679723CECasualty
Kielbania, Mitchell C., Sgt., 31007306NFCasualty
Kiernan, Bernard J., Pfc., 32594055MCCasualty
Kiffney, Edward J., Pfc., 12172031SCCasualty
King, Earl W., Cpl., 35493088ACCasualty
King, George, Pvt., 34505507CECasualty
King, John P., Pvt., 38425101CECasualty
King, Paul S., S/Sgt, 34303760SCCasualty
Kirk, Sidney H., Pvt., 33570085CECasualty
Kirkland, Carl, M/Sgt., 6348697ACCasualty
Kirkpatrick, Raymond Jr., Pfc., 37493525ACCasualty
Kitch, Harry L., 2 Lt, 0-1107521CECasualty
Klehm, Elsworth C., Pfc., 32609100,Casualty
Klein, Vancel A., Pvt., 38433270ACCasualty
Klopf, Howard G., Pfc., 36558680CECasualty
Knowles, James W., Pfc., 36440529CECasualty
Kocur, Henry L., Cpl., 32535960ACCasualty
Kofron, Robert J., Cpl., 35512550ACCasualty
Kolobus, Benjamin W., T/5, 12172068SCCasualty
Kordecki, Frank S., Pvt., 33422633CECasualty
Koscianski, Stephan V., T/5, 32368010SCCasualty
Koski, Everett K., Pvt., 31262132CECasualty
Kramer, Bernard M., Pvt, 35540194CECasualty
Krapp, Arnold R., Pfc., 36440830CECasualty
Kraus, Robert H., Pvt., 33412073NFCasualty
Krisher, Walter E., Cpl., 35373418ACCasualty
Krumwiede, Earl W., Pfc., 32734590ACCasualty
Kruse, John F., Pvt., 32606219CECasualty
Kucharski, Albert, S/Sgt., 32465930SCCasualty
Kuss, Frederick C., Pfc., 35526245CECasualty
Kutasiewicz, Stanley P., Pvt, 36295211CECasualty
La Balbo, Charles A., Pvt., 32539483SCCasualty
La Neve, Gilbert, Pfc., 12183179SCCasualty
La Polla, Louis R., T/3, 31104464SCCasualty
Laine, Elmer J., Pvt., 39321233CECasualty
Laliberte, Wilfred A., Pvt., 31190987ACCasualty
Lam, Millard H., Pvt., 33538732CECasualty
Lambert, Hugh C., Pfc., 34623502CECasualty
Landry, Wilbert, Pvt., 38483000CECasualty
Lang, Albert E., Pfc, 11130750ACCasualty
Langham, George R. Jr, Lt., 0-789183ACCasualty
Langnas, Robert, Pfc., 13153644ACCasualty
Langone, John F., Pfc., 32539513SCCasualty
Lanham, Leroy G., Pvt., 35750375ACCasualty
Lanier, Henry O., Cpl., 18127231ACCasualty
Lanier, Raymond K., Pvt., 39906559CECasualty
Lanza, Louis A., Pfc., 32773758ACCasualty
Larimore, William L., Pfc., 35499108ACCasualty
Larner, Arthur L., Sgt, 19083465ACCasualty
Larsen, John W., 1/Sgt, 39388030SCCasualty
Larson, Herman F., Cpl., 36222634ACCasualty
Lazar, Morton N., 2.Lt., 0-1003781ACCasualty
Leach, Fred H., 2 Lt., 0-1105602CECasualty
Leary, Alvin H., Pfc., 39829930MCCasualty
Lee, William F., Pvt, 34385501SCCasualty
Lee, Willie, T/4, 39036545CECasualty
Leech, Elmer L., Pvt., 35528296CECasualty
Lehnert, Peter E. Jr., Pvt., 3505718787Casualty
Lelonek, Stanley M., M/Sgt, 32738559CECasualty
Lemmon, Dudley, Pfc., 38203840ACCasualty
Lerand, Clyde R., Cpl., 36282081ACCasualty
Lerner, Semour, T/4, 32539520SCCasualty
Lescault, Dominique D.S/Sgt 31201537CECasualty
Levin, Benjamin, Pfc., 33477155CECasualty
Lewandowski, Edward M.,Pvt.36743239CECasualty
Lewis, L.J., T/5, 34505441CECasualty
Liles, Claude F., T/5, 37496154CECasualty
Lill, Edward G., Pfc., 12168236ACCasualty
Lindberg, Arthur E., Pfc., 32863877ACCasualty
Little, Benjamin A. Jr., T/4, 34612470CECasualty
Littman, Arthur, Pfc., 32710557ACCasualty
Lo Balbo, Charles A., Pvt., 32539483SCCasualty
Lofman, Alexander, Pvt., 36558305CECasualty
Loft, Russell E., T/5, 32679546CECasualty
Logiodice, Pasqual J., Pfc., 31280731CECasualty
Longo, Ernest, Pvt., 31291808CECasualty
Loos, Everett W., Pvt., 36291484CECasualty
Lopez, Cecelio B., T/5, 39276509CECasualty
Loudermilk, Revil, Pvt., 3685375454Casualty
Lowy, Reginald J., Pvt., 16120077ACCasualty
Luccardi, Frank I., T/5, 31129837CECasualty
Ludeman, Merwin E., Cpl., 37319592ACCasualty
Lukasevicius, Lawrence, Cpl., 31074463ACCasualty
Lunday, Billy L., Cpl., 38338559CECasualty
Lundy, Donald E, Pfc., 33434556ACCasualty
Lurie, Leonard, Cpl., 12061376Casualty
Lynn, Ermal R., Pfc., 35497704ACCasualty
Mabe, Ray D., Pvt., 14191030SCCasualty
Mabie, Guy H., Pvt., 36484007ACCasualty
Mac Millan, Thomas E., Pvt., 17051624ACCasualty
Mac Skimming, Robert W.Pfc.12165518SCCasualty
Macaluso, Sam, T/4, 36434879MCCasualty
Magee, James H., Pfc., 34625469CECasualty
Maguschak, John P., Pvt., 33605986ACCasualty
Mahon, Vincent J., Pvt., 7021236ACCasualty
Mahoney, James T., Pfc., 36632034CECasualty
Mainville, Raymond J. Jr., Pfc., 3125452ACCasualty
Malena, Joseph, Cpl.,ACCasualty
Malott, Elmer L., Pvt., 35729366ACCasualty
Maltese, Gaetano R., T/5, 12165507SCCasualty
Mann, Clyde R., Pfc., 36613187CECasualty
Manos, John G., Pfc., 34407485ACCasualty
Markey, Cyril H., Cpl., 33496911CECasualty
Marshall, Lindon R., Pfc., 3319032727Casualty
Martin, Archie A., Cpl., 16142649ACCasualty
Martin, Clifford, Cpl., 16076425ACCasualty
Martin, Walter M., Pvt., 13034726,NFCasualty
Martin, William T., Pvt., 32381529ACCasualty
Martinez, Jose E., Pvt., 38349726CECasualty
Masias, Louis B., Pfc., 38410611CECasualty
Mastroianni, Carmine A., Sgt., 32624879ACCasualty
Mattox, Ormand A., Pvt., 37478381NFCasualty
Mawe, Maurice J., T/3, 38005111ACCasualty
Mayer, Jay R., Pfc., 39460938CECasualty
Mazanka, Walter J., T/5, 36555153CECasualty
Mc Cabe, Forrest E., Pfc., 36328048ACCasualty
Mc Cammon, George, Pvt., 37577484NFCasualty
Mc Carley, Kenneth R., Cpl., 35647435CECasualty
Mc Clung, Glenn E., Pvt., 35658108ACCasualty
Mc Combs, Bernard L., Cpl., 35622900CECasualty
Mc Conchie, Alden, Cpl., 36613164CECasualty
Mc Cormack, Harold, Sgt., 35682742CECasualty
Mc Daniel, Raymond C., Sgt., 6630574NFCasualty
Mc Daniell, Chester, T/5, 32466040SCCasualty
Mc Donald, Harry S., Sgt., 19125965CECasualty
Mc Donald, John C., Cpl., 32580472Casualty
Mc Dowell, Walter L., Sgt., 20508721NFCasualty
Mc Faull, Christopher F., Pvt., 34234143CECasualty
Mc Gill, Carl C., Cpl., 33574618CECasualty
Mc Gill, Charles A., Sgt., 32449089ACCasualty
Mc Gill, John G., Cpl., 34575043NFCasualty
Mc Grath, Cornelius J., Pvt., 33596148NFCasualty
Mc Holland, Silas, Pfc., 3826407CECasualty
IMc Irvin, Wayne D., Sgt., 39246340NFCasualty
Mc Kelvey, John T., 2 Lt., 0-1108847CECasualty
Mc Keon, William R., Pvt., 12133697SCCasualty
Mc Kinney, Raymond L., Pvt., 384494113Casualty
Mc Laughlin, Francis E., Sgt., 33186929ACCasualty
Mc Mullen, Cloyd H., Pvt., 33758691NFCasualty
Mc Nally, Jesse J., Pvt., 37496751CECasualty
Mc Naughton, Robert D., Cpl., 33403285CECasualty
Mc Nerney, Francis J., S/Sgt, 32553052ACCasualty
Meacham, Robert L., Pfc., 35681752ACCasualty
Measkey, Vernon E., Cpl., 33162662ACCasualty
Mecey, Harold L., Pfc., 39847792ACCasualty
Mechlin, Lloyd H., Pfc., 15011986CECasualty
Meeks, Melvin F., Pvt., 37493888CECasualty
Meranda, Marvin R., T/5, 39120208CECasualty
Meuller, Edgar H., Sgt., 38034351NFCasualty
Michael, Davis F., T/4, 34611358CECasualty
Middaugh, Frank E., T/5, 35622888CECasualty
Migliore, Pacifico A., Pfc., 31280724CECasualty
Migliorino, Joseph O., Pvt., 12165326SCCasualty
Miller, Eugene D., T/5, 39460971CECasualty
Miller, Jackson B., T/5, 34506093CECasualty
Mirosavich, John, Pvt., 35529236,CECasualty
Mitchell, Charles J., Cpl., 15323962ACCasualty
Moe, Willie, Pfc, 39324830CECasualty
Mokrovich, Joseph, Pvt., 35606241NFCasualty
Mollela, Joseph T., T/5, 324468933,Casualty
Molnar, John G., Pvt., 32540771SCCasualty
Molock, William C., Pvt., 34765250NFCasualty
Montana, Michael S., Sgt., 31275310CECasualty
Montgomery, George L., T/5, 12172058SCCasualty
Moon, John I., Pvt., 36721706CECasualty
Moore, Boyd E., Sgt., 207263733,Casualty
Moore, John C., Pvt., 11095722CECasualty
Morelli, Alfred F., Pvt., 33679166ACCasualty
Morelli, Joseph P., Pfc., 31328019CECasualty
Moreno, Ignacio G., Pvt., 37459339CECasualty
Morgan, William L., Sgt., 33351190NFCasualty
Morrison, Guy W., Cpl., 34490720CECasualty
Morvay, Lawrence L., Pvt., 32539403SCCasualty
Moyers, Douglas R., Pvt., 33648187NFCasualty
Mrazek, John G., Pvt., 37612381NFCasualty
Mullins, Elmer E., Pfc., 34730681ACCasualty
Murnan, Albert W., Cpl., 3645949Casualty
Musial, Benney, Sgt., 3287319Casualty
Music, Denver, Pfc., 35648531CECasualty
Myercheck, Tony P., Pvt., 353065Casualty
Narcaroti, Fred, Pvt., 36340260SCCasualty
Neal, James M., Pvt., 34518065SCCasualty
Negy, Albert A., Pvt, 12182048SCCasualty
Nelms, Benny L., Pvt., 35681933CECasualty
Nelson, Archie E., Pvt, 36295206CECasualty
Nelson, Douglas O., Pfc, 39906592CECasualty
Nelson, Elwyn R., Pvt, 36295208CECasualty
Nelson, Emil A. Jr., Pvt., 32848233NFCasualty
Nelson, Homer G., Pfc., 376541488,Casualty
Nelson, Louis, Sgt, 32567909SCCasualty
Newton, Irby L., Pvt., 34666734CECasualty
Nichols, Harry, Cpl., 38325680CECasualty
Nick, Gilbert L., Pfc., 33562582ACCasualty
Nicks, Orvil R., Pvt., 19112957CECasualty
Niemiec, Marion A., Pfc., 36722023CECasualty
Niezgoda, Leon C., Pvt., 36613147CECasualty
Nixson, Edmund R, , Cpl., 18077872ACCasualty
Noble, Arthur, T/5  35682894,CECasualty
Nobles, T.J., Pvt, 38370823CECasualty
Nolan, John P. Jr., Pfc., 39117730ACCasualty
Northcutt, Bernard L., S/Sgt., 37142736ACCasualty
Norton, Edward P., Pvt., 12025167ACCasualty
Norwood, Clarence, Pfc., 335192889Casualty
Nowicki, John E., Cpl., 36507801ACCasualty
Nugent, Buford C., Sgt., 6250477NFCasualty
Nugent, Joseph F., Pvt., 32278198ACCasualty
Nulton, Clifford S., Pfc., 33458874CECasualty
O’Brien, Henry J., Pvt., 32164182CECasualty
O’Brien, John T., Pvt., 32791072CECasualty
O’Neill, James J. Jr., Pvt., 32912710NFCasualty
Oaks, Russel E., Sgt., 13145867ACCasualty
Oates, Paul E., Pfc., 34680180SCCasualty
Ocel, Frank J. Sr., Cpl., 33418466CECasualty
Ogden, Orville L., Pfc., 36613198CECasualty
Oliver, Raymond L., Pvt., 38370599CECasualty
Olsen, Andrew W., Sgt., 32486665CECasualty
Olson, Howard E., Cpl., 36241398ACCasualty
Orr, Calvin L., Pvt., 38446232CECasualty
Ortega, Panfilo, Pvt., 38439992NFCasualty
Osborn, Donald I., T/5, 37397540CECasualty
Osborne, Jack, T/5, 356738899,Casualty
Ostman, Arnold M., Pvt., 37558370NFCasualty
Owen, William A., Pvt., 34035988CECasualty
Owens, John E., Cpl T15, 37409570,CECasualty
Pace, Robert F. Jr., T/4, 34370694SCCasualty
Palmer, Earnie L. Jr., Cpl., 14177927ACCasualty
Pantellich, Ralph, Pvt., 36568063CECasualty
Parent, Wilfred, Sgt., 31081777ACCasualty
Parrish, Forrest R., Pvt., 33539778CECasualty
Parsons, Denver, Pvt., 35647460CECasualty
Partin, Raymond P., T/5, 34505802CECasualty
Pasagoli, Louis A., Cpl., 32539622SCCasualty
Paslowski, Andrew, Pfc., 32865067ACCasualty
Patterson, Mc Glothan L., T/5, 38445281CECasualty
Patterson, Richard B., Pvt., 35599292CECasualty
Patton, Ellery D., Pvt., 32873907NFCasualty
Paul, Joseph A., T/5, 39271841CECasualty
Pawlik, Eugene F., Pvt., 36723968CECasualty
Payne, Archie E., Cpl., 37291836ACCasualty
Peacock, John J., T/Sgt., 7002521ACCasualty
Pechart, John E., Sgt., 33496896CECasualty
Peckron, Harry H., Pvt., 37412901CECasualty
Peiser, Harold E., Pfc., 12193090ACCasualty
Pelkey, Edward W., Pvt., 31254529CECasualty
Perkins, Warren B., T/5, 39462899CECasualty
Perry, Arley J., Cpl., 35624848Casualty
Peters, Odus, T/4, 34440580Casualty
Peterson, Frank A., Pfc., 33575967CECasualty
Peterson, Morley D., Pfc., 39906759CECasualty
Phillips, Albert E., Pfc., 39397745ACCasualty
Phillips, James E., T/5, 36633354CECasualty
Philpotts, James R., Pvt., 33535744CECasualty
Piekarz, Joseph S., Pvt., 32889077NFCasualty
Pirtle, Willie L., T/5, 36440832CECasualty
Pisinski, Joseph J., T/4, 32568119SCCasualty
Poole, John, Pvt., 35304611ACCasualty
Poore, Norris A., Pfc., 31268098CECasualty
Pope, Harlem D., Pvt., 34681707CECasualty
Porter, George R., Pvt., 33720281CECasualty
Poteet, Jesse W., Pfc., 34505421CECasualty
Potocnik, Joseph G., Pvt., 33418443CECasualty
Potryszyn, Edward, T/5, 12165521SCCasualty
Poucher, Burton G., T/4, 12172023SCCasualty
Prescott, William F. Jr., Sgt., 34385568ACCasualty
Priddy, Benjamin, Maj., 0-175081CECasualty
Priest, William M., Pvt., 34801139NFCasualty
Prock, Ernest L., Pfc., 373368643ACCasualty
Puchalski, Stanley J., Pfc., 36630861CECasualty
Pyeatt, Roy D., Pvt., 38344921CACasualty
Pyne, Thomas P., Pvt., 31137467,ACCasualty
Quetu, Alfred L., Pvt., 39276519CECasualty
Ramos, Norberto R., Pvt., 38143356CECasualty
Ramos, Phillip R., Pvt., 32825900ACCasualty
Rauch, Leonard S., Sgt., 32301028ACCasualty
Ray, George W., S/Sgt., 34493503CECasualty
Ray, Herman B., Pfc., 34506206CECasualty
Rayburn, Herbert E., Pvt., 35647660CECasualty
Reagle, Merl H., Pvt., 32487247CECasualty
Reber, Edwin M., Sgt., 32236864ACCasualty
Reckseen, Harold TCasualty
Reeves, Arthur J., Cpl., 16075901ACCasualty
Reinl, John W., S/Sgt., 33226891ACCasualty
Resler, Robert D., Cpl., 13112029ACCasualty
Reznicek, Frank J., Pvt., 38436107ACCasualty
Rey, Frederick C.J., T/4, 33496864CECasualty
Ridgeway, Harry F., Pvt., 35749252CECasualty
Riley, Robert E., Pvt., 11070215ACCasualty
Rinaldi, James P., Pfc., 31328753ACCasualty
Rindfuss, Paul S., Pvt., 32474105ACCasualty
Rinkus, Vincent G., Pvt., 32753873ACCasualty
Riondino, Lewis A., Sgt., 32271871ACCasualty
Rison, Myron R., Cpl., 35620036CECasualty
Rittenhouse, William A., Sgt., 12133700SCCasualty
Rives, Lynn D., Pvt., 36448001CECasualty
Roback, Nathan, Pfc., 32539737SCCasualty
Roberts, Finis J., Sgt., 18166388ACCasualty
Roberts, Harry T., 1/Sgt., 34315532,CECasualty
Robey, Theodore W., Pvt., 33201592ACCasualty
Robison, Eddie H., Pfc., 37409304CECasualty
Rodgers, John L., Pfc., 32568310SCCasualty
Rodriguez, Manuel A., Pvt., 38217821CECasualty
Roethel, Karl J., S/Sgt., 32318331CECasualty
Rogers, Phillp A., T/5, 32606287CECasualty
Rojas, Rodolfo, Pfc., 38217750CECasualty
Roland, Alphus R., Cpl., 18182429ACCasualty
Rose, Ezra E., Pvt., 39193926CECasualty
Rosen, Harry, Pvt., 32695882CECasualty
Rosen, Joseph, Cpl., 13151774ACCasualty
Rosenberg, Howard H., Pvt., 32865998SCCasualty
Ross, James F., Cpl., 33280987ACCasualty
Rossetti, Walter, Pvt., 33599256CECasualty
Rossmell, Henry J., Pvt., 32465362ACCasualty
Rousseau, Roland, E., 31111115, T/SGTCasualty
Rutherford, James E., Pfc., 39615352CECasualty
Saccomana, William J., T/5, 32568351SCCasualty
Salamone, Henry P., S/Sgt., 31152534CECasualty
Salopek, Pete, Sgt., 35398960ACCasualty
Salvin, Henry J., Pvt., 33465421SCCasualty
Sanow, Harvey, S/Sgt., 32144183ACCasualty
Satterfield, Clifford R., S/Sgt., 31122875SCCasualty
Schlaback, Ferris D., T/5, 36542334CECasualty
Schmid, Earl A., Pfc., 35795357ACCasualty
Schneider, William J., Pvt., 36558052CECasualty
Schnell, Charles O., T/4, 31275858CECasualty
Schroeder, Harold R., Sgt., 36282338CECasualty
Schultz, Raymond E., Pvt., 33460238CECasualty
Seaman, William I., Pfc., 12172037SCCasualty
Seavey, Myron B., 1 Lt., 0-1103402CECasualty
Seidel, Max H., S/Sgt., 37415141ACCasualty
Seigel, Leon, Pvt., 32415075ACCasualty
Somand, Edward J. 1/Sgt.,36543436ACCasualty
Shambis, Deloss H., T/5, 37466892SCCasualty
Sharp, Paul L., Pfc., 38326043CECasualty
Shefulski, Peter P., Pvt., 32504173ACCasualty
Shekell, Charles H., Pfc., 38453404CECasualty
Shelton, Horace E., Pvt., 38305332CECasualty
Shepherd, Odell, Pfc., 33562553ACCasualty
Shilkus, Fred C., Private, 36722540SCCasualty
Shoemaker, Ruby R., Pvt., 38369097CECasualty
Shull, Kenneth H., 2 Lt., 0-579226ACCasualty
Siarkowski, Ervin E., Pvt., 35542765CECasualty
Sienko, Fred T., T/5, 36721686CECasualty
Sifuentes, Ralph V., T/5, 37494203CECasualty
Sink, Walton, Pvt., 36613197CECasualty
Sirgiovanni, Dominic, Pvt., 32700538CECasualty
Sistern, Ralph W., Pvt., 37654441CECasualty
Sitter, Ralph, Pvt., 39455310CECasualty
Sivulich, John, Pfc., 33460186CECasualty
Skvasik, Andrew J., Pvt., 12165429SCCasualty
Slager, Justin J., Pfc., 36417850CECasualty
Sleeper, Lawrence J., Cpl., 31132650ACCasualty
Sloan, Theodore, T/5, 32672745CECasualty
Sloat, Walter D., 2 Lt., 0-509398SCCasualty
Smelscer, Robert Pvt., 33426133Casualty
Smith, Charles H., Pvt., 38464222CECasualty
Smith, Earle F., Pvt., 33553426CECasualty
Smith, Ernest N., Pvt., 36568162CECasualty
Smith, Glen E., Pvt., 36728926CECasualty
Smith, Harry A., T/5, 37411379CECasualty
Smith, Harry L., Cpl., 33553319CECasualty
Smith, Herman E., T/5, 34704378CECasualty
Smith, Hughie H., Pvt., 34625682CECasualty
Smith, Humphrey E., Cpl., 38394214CECasualty
Smith, Jasper R., Pfc., 32847486CECasualty
Smith, Joseph C., Cpl., 14171058ACCasualty
Smith, Loyal H., Pvt., 36263832SCCasualty
Smith, Paul W., Pfc., 32539439SCCasualty
Smith, Walter E., T/5, 36297690CECasualty
Smith, William g. jr., Pvt., 33525476SCCasualty
Smith, Wilson Jr., S/Sgt., 12057739CECasualty
Smolinsky, Peter P., Pfc., 33271005ACCasualty
Smothermon, Choron, Pvt., 38476978ACCasualty
Sneath, John C., Cpl., 6145722,NFCasualty
Snedeker, Vincent B., T/5, 12133649SCCasualty
Solomon, Herman, Pvt., 32712727CECasualty
Somand, Edward J., 1/Sgt., 36543476CECasualty
Soppe, Raymond F., Pvt., 37156293CECasualty
Sortwell, George H., Cpl., 35567877ACCasualty
Sosnofsky, Harry, 2nd Lt., 0-873096CSCasualty
Soucie, Telesphore J., Pvt., 31283142SCCasualty
Sparacio, Jack T., Pfc., 32730604ACCasualty
Spears, Earl J., T/5, 36441270CECasualty
Spears, Emerson, T/4, 32367971SCCasualty
Spielhagen, Howard C., Pvt., 17078186SCCasualty
Spiess, Herbert, Pfc., 32396726ACCasualty
Spivey, Robert W., Pvt., 34763613CECasualty
Spruck, Hans W., Pfc., 36643706MCCasualty
Sroka, Henry S., Pvt., 36722143CECasualty
Stafford, Chester E., T/5, 36440795CECasualty
Stankovic, Nicholas M., Pfc., 33496904CECasualty
Starnes, Thomas F, Pvt., 34643680CECasualty
Stasiak, Leon.J., Pvt., 32783131CECasualty
Steely, James E., T/5, 36543234CECasualty
Stefannice, Aldo, T/5, 32367979SCCasualty
Stein, Edmund Cpl., 32382071Casualty
Stein, Roy A., Pfc., 36568388CECasualty
Stelitano, Lawrence L., Pvt., 33439432ACCasualty
Stellato, Joseph N., Pfc., 33231674SCCasualty
Stephenson, Chester D., Pvt., 39257087ACCasualty
Steward, Cecil A., Pvt., 34656366ACCasualty
Stewart, Arlie A., M/Sgt., 6076972NFCasualty
Stewart, Franklin M., Pfc., 325401SCCasualty
Stinson, Ned, T/5, 37397524,CECasualty
Straub, Arthur G., Pvt., 35684593CECasualty
Strole, Trenton A., S/Sgt.., 33089531,NFCasualty
Sturges, Claude J., Pfc., 19100809ACCasualty
Sullivan, John J., Pvt., 12182386SCCasualty
Swanger, John M., Pvt., 35624874CECasualty
Sward, George S., Pvt., ]37660197CECasualty
Swerbinsky, Frank, Pvt., 33575107SCCasualty
Swickey, Harry, T/4, 32537571SCCasualty
Swobodo, Joseph J., Pvt., 15353859ACCasualty
Szkatulski, Stanley A., Pvt., 35543892CECasualty
Tabor, Alfred J. Sr., Pvt., 33528666CECasualty
Tally, Marshall B., Pvt., 37415765CECasualty
Tarantola, Peter, Pvt., 32710987CECasualty
Tasker, Wallace, Pfc., 35746181CECasualty
Taylor, Harry V., Pvt., 12133648SCCasualty
Teitelbaum, Abraham, Cpl., 12160137ACCasualty
Terflinger, Robert F., T/5, 37494521CECasualty
Tester, Robert D., Sgt., 360032766,Casualty
Thell, Anton F., Cpl., 17123524,ACCasualty
Thiel, Herbert E., Pvt., 36291620CECasualty
Thistlewood, George W., Pvt., 32368330SCCasualty
Thomas, Budio J., Pvt., 31291837CECasualty
Thomas, Joseph F., Cpl., 35007989NFCasualty
Thompson, Luther O., 1 Lt., 0-566909CECasualty
Thrasher, Donald W., T/5, 35540841CECasualty
Throne, George W., Pvt., 33499032CECasualty
Thweat, Thomas D., Pvt., 34122578CECasualty
Tidball, Cleo L., Pvt., 37413698CECasualty
Tilberg, John B., T/Sgt., 32579570,ACCasualty
Tischner, Samuel P., Pvt., 32895628ACCasualty
Tisza, John A., T/5, 32368330SCCasualty
Tobbe, George B., Pfc., 36630673CECasualty
Toczylowski, Chester, T/5, 37415179CECasualty
Torbich, William, T/5, 33418450CECasualty
Tramontano, Guy J., Pvt., 32734023CECasualty
Trant, Russell H., S/Sgt., 37235397ACCasualty
Trevino, Lee C., Pvt., 38114816CECasualty
Trimnath, Carl A., Pfc., 33569415CECasualty
Troutman, Raymond H., Sgt., 32139065ACCasualty
Truax, Duane E., Pvt., 37469837CECasualty
Tubbs, Lloyd M., Sgt., 20726610NFCasualty
Tucker, Ralph W., Sgt., 18219348ACCasualty
Turner, George H., Pvt., 35643672SCCasualty
Tyner, Thomas O. Jr., Sgt., 14158919ACCasualty
Ulery, John M., T/5, 33414010CECasualty
Underdown, George T., Pvt., 32717457CECasualty
Unger, Ervin W., Pvt., 37408927CECasualty
Unger, Frank J., Cpl., 32745693COCasualty
Urban, Lester J., Sgt., 26291591CECasualty
Uvino, Louis J., Pvt., 32805376NFCasualty
Vadney, Edward W., Pvt., 35643672SCCasualty
Valentini, Vincent J., Pvt., 33131757CECasualty
Van Pelt, Garland L., Cpl., 18192148ACCasualty
Van Ryn, Norman E., Cpl., 33164467ACCasualty
Vander Giessen, John C., Pfc., 36460271ACCasualty
Varriano, John, T/4, 12183134SCCasualty
Vaughn, Douglass, Pfc., 15068180MCCasualty
Veazie III, John E. Jr., T/4, 11013238SCCasualty
Vecchio, Frank, Sgt., 33111456CECasualty
Venclik, Emil L., Pfc., 36746216ACCasualty
Very, Hale, 1/Sgt, 31036530CECasualty
Vest, Drexel, Pfc., 35798183ACCasualty
Vidit, August, Pvt., 35527083SCCasualty
Viehmana, Harvey C., T/5, 37411276CECasualty
Vilardi, Frank, Pvt., 32809127ACCasualty
Vitnic, Frank J., T/4, 33275612SCCasualty
Waddell, Emzie E., Pvt., 37417123CECasualty
Wade, William, Pvt., 35656310ACCasualty
Wald, Weldon W., S/Sgt., 38364854CECasualty
Waldrep, R.B., T/5, 38340163CECasualty
Walker, Thomas  S., M/Sg, 32272201NFCasualty
Walters, Fred C., Pvt., 12182661SCCasualty
Walters, Grady M. Jr., S/Sgt., 14014203ACCasualty
Wanbaugh, William L., Pfc., 13067494SCCasualty
Wargo, Albert S., Cpl., 33292627ACCasualty
Wasniewski, Eugene, Pfc., 32632204ACCasualty
Waterman, Harry E., Cpl., 11106127ACCasualty
Webb, James R., Pfc., 339460551CECasualty
Webber, Thomas A., 2 Lt., 0-581327ACCasualty
Webster, Harold C., Pfc., 33529632CECasualty
Weegmen, Henry, Cpl., 37177365ACCasualty
Weidenbenner, Herbert J., T/5, 6859282CECasualty
Weight, Kenneth D., Cpl., 39906660CECasualty
Weissman, Sidney, Pvt., 32539611SCCasualty
Welgoss, Eugene, Pvt., 33463627,NFCasualty
Weller, Otto A., Pvt., 32367135SCCasualty
Werber, Jack L., S/Sgt., 33446676ACCasualty
West, Elmer N., T/4, 37405852CECasualty
West, Tommy B., T/4, 38445298CECasualty
Wheaton, Jack, Pfc., 39906571CECasualty
White, Harold W., T/5, 37399102CECasualty
Whited, Everett, T/5, 35679382CECasualty
Whitehead, Clinton W., T/5, 34682739CECasualty
Whitlowe, Jay P., 1/Sgt, 34372121CECasualty
Wibbelsmann, Arthur H., T/5, 35713279CECasualty
Wiebold, Morris G., Cpl., 17123243ACCasualty
Wiesjahn, Walter C., Pfc., 32862294ACCasualty
Wilder, Harry, Pfc., 11062558SCCasualty
Wilhoite, Earle G. Jr., Pfc., 33737909ACCasualty
Williamson, George W., Pfc., 36720827CECasualty
Wilpan, Seymour, Pfc., 32814209ACCasualty
Wilson, Joseph A., Sgt., 17059182ACCasualty
Wilson, Kenneth W., T/5, 34762425CECasualty
Wilson, Paul B., Cpl., 18197971ACCasualty
Wilson, Walter O., T/4, 37494435CECasualty
Winingham, Earnest O., Cpl., 18198524ACCasualty
Winters, Homer M., Pfc., 33496926CECasualty
Wirtanen, Onni N., Pfc., 31077425SCCasualty
Witchey, William, T/5, 33566951CECasualty
Wolff, Edward A., Cpl., 12182834ACCasualty
Wolford, Claude W., Sgt., 37424859NFCasualty
Wood, Miner K., 2 Lt., 0-1108428CECasualty
Woodruff, Walter W. Jr., Pfc., 34781871ACCasualty
Woodstock, Francis V., Sgt., 121813Casualty
Woody, Golden H., Pfc., 37496956CECasualty
Wooley, Emmitt E., Sgt., 38446280CECasualty
Wortman, Chester F., Pfc., 32568014SCCasualty
Wortman, William H., Pfc., 12165536SCCasualty
No names beginning with the letter XCasualty
Yachus, Michael, Pvt., 32367984SCCasualty
Yeager, Donald D., Cpl., 35666585ACCasualty
Yoder, Dale R., Cpl., 33309409ACCasualty
Young, Cecil, Pvt., 36567556CECasualty
Young, Clyde D., Cpl., 36568075ACCasualty
Zachry, Lonzo D., Pvt., 19177372ACCasualty
Zagar, John A., T/5, 36419196CECasualty
Zamanigian, Martin, Pvt., 19138744ACCasualty
Zborowski, Frank, Pvt., 36173341CECasualty
Zeh, Marion V., T/Sgt, 36436479CECasualty
Zebrack, SimCasualty
Ziegenbusch,Herman H.M/Sgt.37059525NFCasualty
Zimmerman, Harry H., Pvt., 36440689CECasualty
Zura, Andrew, Pfc., 13109842CECasualty

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Breakdown of Units aboard the Rohna

CE:    853rd Engineer BN. Avn. Corps of Eng.
AC:   322nd Fighter Control Squad., Air Corp
SC:     31st Signal Construction Battalion
 44th Portable Surgical Hospital
 AAF Fillers (Shipment #AD664-A)
   Ground Fillers (Shipment #GH826)
 AAF Fillers (Shipment #1826 A & D)
 ASF Fillers (Shipment #RH705 AAA)