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00106/23/99Raymond P. AlvaradoDenver, ColoradoRay is a survivor of the HMT Rohna. His name is documented in the Washington, DC documentation. He saved Sgt. Louie Snyder, Captain Johnson, and three British crewmen. He has never been recognized by our beloved country for doing this heroic deed.
00207/02/99harold filePocahontas IllinoisI know a survivor of the Rohna that is in my area. He is looking for information on fellow survivors.
Please send me any information that you might recieve regarding reunions or other data.
I printed out your web page and I will give it to him. Thank you
00307/28/99Ken JaffeLos AngelesMy father, Abraham Jaffe, is a Rohna survivor, now living in Anaheim, CA. He was in the 31st..
00408/01/99Ernie HortonAustin, TexasKeep up the good work! Now that I have relocated your web site after being your first visitor, we'll have to stay in touch now.

Thanks for the comments in your book which my Dad, a Rohna survivor, brought back after the last reunion. Best regards, Ernie Jr.
00508/22/99Rodney A. CoySyracuse, INI am the grandson of Wayne Coy a Rhona survivor. My dad told me of this webpage. I am currently in the Air Force and I am a recruiter. Just wanted to drop a line and say for you service and sacrifice I salute you.
00608/30/99JoAnn DeludeSan Clemente, CAMy Grandfather was survivor Sidoti, Peter R. AC. Our family didn't know anything about this story until recently. Thank you for creating this web site for the people who lost their lives, the survivors, and their families.
00709/01/99Tom SidotiLancaster, CaThis is some very new information about my father and his history. Maybe this will help in the reasons why and some questions
never answered
00809/03/99Janet DeludeOrange County Calif.My father Peter R. Sidoti was a survivor of the Rohna
I heard war stories from him for many years but never imagined what I would discover.Dad had a canteen etched with all the information about the sinking of the HMT Rohna
After searching for a year for information, I was shocked to
read and find out what really happened.Thank you for all the information that has been written about the Rohna on this web sight. Dad died in 1982.
00909/04/99Craig L BeckhamDenton, TexasMy brother Sam D. Beckham died aboard the Rohna. We never really knew what happened to him. He was an extremely good swimmer, and it seemed that if anyone could survive the conditions it would be Sam. I wish there was someone that I could talk to that was with Sam in his last few hours. Please help if you can!
01009/06/99Calvin HindsJoplin, Mo.I think the familys of the men on the ship was done a diservice by the U.S. government at that time & the government should do everything possible to rectify it.
01109/07/99Calvin CalvertDefiance, MO USAMy dad has never said much about this event, when he has, he does not say much. Only over the past five years has he provided some detail. I can not imagine what he and the others have gone through. As I read about this for the first time I also intend to have my son, his grandson, read this about this. We owe these people more than we will ever be able to give.
01209/12/99Bobby L DurenCullman, AlabamaII am new to the computor and was just doing a search to see what I could find on the Rohna. My brother RAYMOND ODEL DUREN was killed on that fatefull day. Since I retired it has been interesting to do some research on what happened to the Rohna.
01309/12/99Terri Snyder SkinnerKamiah, Id. 83536My father was on the Rohna. I've heard stories about it all my life. Any information that you have, I would appreciate it and I will pass it on to my father. His name is Louie E. Snyder and he is from Weippe, Id. 83553.
01409/13/99Gary S. MartinDallas, TXMy Dad, George Raymond Martin survived, but is not on the survivor list. He never talked much about it. I used to wonder why he would never join us in the water at father & son swim nights. I just figured he couldn't swim. Now I know I was wrong.
01509/19/99Arnold WildeWayland MichiganI was a survivor. Thank you for this page! The email address is my son's and he will forward info to me until I get an email account.
01609/28/99Hubbert BoozeFolsom, CASon Of Engineering Officer on USS Pioneer
01709/30/99George DuncanPerth, AustraliaCongratulations on an excellent site. May we always remember.
01910/08/99sandy silhapalm desertI grew up with friends whose father was a survivor of the hmt rohna. As children it was a little difficult to comprehend some of his stories about the incident, but now it has all come together. So facinating, and so sad! I'm so glad there are still some who can testify to these facts. It should be known!!

Sandy Silha
02010/08/99sandy silhapalm desertMy name is Sandy Silha. I just signed the guest book on 10/8/99, but failed to say it is in honor of staff sgt. Peter R. Sidoti.

02210/23/99Donald ZirkleCheyenne, WyomingSo glad to see this Web Page and hello to anybody who remembers me.
02310/25/99michaelenglandlooking for anybody that may of heard of arthur winder whittaker who was last seen on the rohna, 1943. no information about him since.
02411/06/99Margie (Flynn) VaughnPendleton, Indiana.I am the only child of Thomas K. Flynn, he was a casuality of the HMT Rohna. He was from Monticello Kentucky. My son Kevin and I have just finished reading Forgotten Tragedy. This sight has really helped my family gain so much information about the death of my father. I wish this information could have available for my mother before her death in 1993. I would just like to say "Thank You" to all those who have finally made this important information available to everyone.
02511/07/99Ed HarpinSan DiegoI am the nephew of Thomas Pyne who was killed on the Rohna. I have seen a letter written to my grandmother from a man who was in the water beside my uncle after the ship was attacked and was probably the last man to see him alive. That letter allowed the family to know what had happened. If I can find it I will scan it in to the creator of this site for the archives.
02611/10/99Andrea RatliffOwensboro, KYMy great uncle, Thomas Flynn, was a casualty of the Rohna. My grandmother, Clara Baker, (deceased), his sister, would tell me about him and her loss of a brother.
I can remember her showing me clippings from the newspaper about the disaster. The one thing I never heard her say was the name of the ship. Until I read these stories I had always assumed it was a US ship.
I'm very greatful for this information. These stories are so sad but, are needed to be heard. Why did it take so long?
02711/11/99Mary Jo Curles ShiverGeorgiaMy Daddy, Joel W. Curles, was on the Rohna. He was in the 9th Engine Overhaul Unit but they have him in unit AI-826-A on the survivors list. I have talked to people in different unit but none in Daddy's unit. Please e mail me if you were in this unit.

Thank you,

Mary Jo Curles Shiver
02811/11/99Mary Jo Curles ShiverI first e mail address didn't have the 3 in it.

CatsInc3@AOL.COM is the correct address.
02911/13/99Roy StewartGarden Grove, CA and Paris, IllinoisMy interest was in the causlt list where I foind the name of the man that my sister was engaged to as well as the possibilty of two others that were lost at the same time from our area in Illinois
03011/15/99Bud ThompsonCorydon, INMy half sister's father was killed on the Rohna and just recently she found your web site. The info she has gained has answered alot of questions for her.
Thanks for the info you have made available for the families and friends of the men who were killed on the Rohna. Maby someday there will be a movie made that will let the world know what really happened. Thanks again...
03111/16/99Dan HeironymusLincoln NebraskaI would like as much information as I can get, my uncle was a casualty of the Rohna sinking.
03211/22/99Pat StowePainesville, OhioMy uncle, Peter Sidoti, was a survivor of the Rohna disaster. I knew he was injured when the boat he was on was sunk, but never really knew any details. He talked alot about being in the Army but never mentioned the Rohna, at least not to me. If I'd known what really happened to him it would have explained a lot about the man he became. I'm very proud to have known him.
03311/25/99Abe JaffeNew YorK/ 31st Signal BattalionNice to see we're still remembered. I am a Rohna survivor from the 31st Signal Battalion, now settled in Anaheim, California.
03411/27/99Fred E. PanionButte Mt.I am a survivor of this great tragedy.
03511/27/99Heather GermanSterling, VirginiaMy great uncle Richard Ekiss was aboard the HMT Rohna when she went down. He was never recovered. I am interested in any news you may have for us.

Thank you
03611/27/99Rosemeryl Ekiss EmgeFrederick, MarylandMy brother Richard Ekiss was lost in that terrible disaster. My family is thankful that we now have some information about what happened to our loved ones. Please pass on any information to this e-mail address my granddaughter will get it to me.
03712/16/99Stanley J. HillHighland, CA 92346-4406I am Stanley J. Hill and am a survivor from the 322nd on the Rohna. My daughter found this web site and was surprised that my name was not on the survivors list. I have since been in contact with some of the survivors, but am anxious to hear from anyone else. Richard Ekiss was my first sergeant, so would like to get in touch with Rosemarly Ekiss Emge, who was Richard's sister. I was in the water with Leo Kelley and Vincent Mahon. Would like to talk to any relatives. My email address is : My phone # is (909) 862-3692. I look forward to hearing from you. Also, would like to get any information on Howard P. Wilson, who was a survivor.
03812/17/99John LaneNorthville, MichiganI am the son of 1st Sergeant Richard Ekiss. I am one of my father's three surviving direct relatives. He has two
surviving sisters: Rose Emge, who lives Fredrick Maryland and Lucille Exton, who lives in Urbana, Illinois. I want to
meet or hear from anyone who knew him, has pictures of him or served under him. Also I want talk to anyone who
was with him at the exact time of the "incident". My phone number is 248-348-1156, and my address is
20163 Woodbend, Northville, MI 48167. If you want to contact his sisters, I will be happy to put you in contact
with them.
03912/17/99Lucille ExtonUrbana, IllinoisI am the sister of 1st Sergeant Ekiss of the 322nd Fighter Control Squadron. If you would like to contact me, please
send email to and he will contact me. is actually John Lane, my brother's son.
04012/21/99Ronald L. GormanCheyenne, WyomingMy uncle, Adrew Gorman died on the Rohna. My father did not know what happend to his brother until I happened onto
this site and was able to tell him.
04112/22/99Marie Snyder VanderpoolOrofino, IdahoOn the survivor's list some of the names had astriks beside them. I would like to know what they indicated. I am inquiring because my brother, Louis E. Snyder, had an asterik after his name.
04212/27/99Seaman Recruit Christopher WallaceRockaway Beach Queens NyI am an Elisted man in the United States Navy, My thougths and prayers go out to the families of those who served on the HTM Rhona. May God Be with them.
04301/12/00Jenny L. ThompsonCincinnati (now New Orleans)My father was Charles L. Thompson, a survivor of the Rohna. My mother is Alice (McCormick) Thompson. She was married to Harold McCormick who was killed in the sinking. She met my Dad through letters when she was desperately trying to get information on her missing husband. My Grandmother Thompson sent her my Dad's address where he was recovering. They wrote and developed a long distance relationship, eventually marrying when he returned after the war. Dad died in June 1984. I would very much like to join your organization, as I grew up with the Rohna and every November and Christmas holiday have experienced my mother's depression. To her it has never left her. I have some of her letters and lists she kept when she was trying to get information. Including a copy of a letter she wrote to the President. Please let me know more. Finding this website is like a miracle. Mother's health is not good. At last she may have some answers to questions. Thank you.
04401/15/00Melvin H. WarnekePierce, NE.My brother, Erwin, who is now deceased, was one of the survivors. I attended the dedication in Seale, Alabama and am still interested in hearing more details of the sinking.
04501/15/00Melvin H. WarnekePierce, NE.My brother, Erwin, who is now deceased, was one of the survivors. I attended the dedication in Seale, Alabama and am still interested in hearing more details of the sinking.
04601/15/00Harold and Nina CoonFresno, CAI am a survivor and am on the list. We just received the newsletter today and found it very interesting. I would like to go to the reunion but don't know if I can attend due to my health. (I was with 705RHAAA, Infantry.)

Sincerely, Harold and Nina Coon
04701/16/00Joe ShahwanMaplewood, N.J.Two weeks ago I met a man, the son of Rohna survivor, Joe Fillipchick, who described his father's wartime
experince in details that reminded me of an article I had read in American History Magazine some years
ago.He spoke reverently of his Dad's emotional state and how enormously and indellably it had affected
him. I told him, Greg Fillips (having Americanized his last name), that, if I was not mistaken, his Dad's
ship was taken out by the first guided missile used in wartime (his Dad had referred to it as an aerial torpedo).
I told him of the article I had read and he asked me if I could retrace my steps and locate data on the
disaster. This morning, after a two week web and library search I located your well-constructed and
moving web site. Bravo to all of you for not letting this sad episode go unwritten, unspoken and therefore
unremembered. It's especially sad when sacrifice, rendered freely and from a sense of love of country
goes unheralded and unacknowledged. Look forward to from Greg. He'll be in touch. You will fill a void
in his soul.
04801/16/00Joe ShahwanMaplewood, New JerseyYou folks should contact Roger Mudd or Sander Vanocur of the History Channel, seriously!!!!!!!!!!!!
And before too much more time passes!!!
04901/30/00Tom J. CaskeyMarcellus, MIBill Caskey, my Uncle Bill, favorite uncle of my childhood, a hero of my childhood, and a hero today, too. I've just read Don Fortune's book which, unbelievably, I hadn't seen until today. Didn't know it existed. Didn't know about the Rohna. I knew that my Uncle Bill had been on a ship that had been attacked and had spent a lot of time in the water. We had your life preserver for many years. What a feeling to see a picture of one in the book. It took less than a minute to find this site after finishing the book. I'm not good about keeping in touch with people I love. I have two boys, Bill Caskey, and Michael Caskey. They grew up in a free country. How can I possibly adequately express my gratitude to you, to all of you, who gave so much so that that could be. Thank you. Uncle Bill, I love you, I'll be in touch tomorrow. Tommy Joe Caskey.
05002/22/00Roger CanneyBoston Massachusetts USAIt is such a tragedy that something this horrible can happen when there really was no need! The government should at least have the decency to acknowledge the men that were lost!
05102/28/00Andy ScheelMarine City, MIThis is real neat! My grandfather was on the Rohna and to see his name on that survivor's list and to see how many others did not make it really hit me! Great page! This really is quite an epic.
05203/15/00Nancy J. KalyanConnecticutMy Father,Andrew Kalyan is a survivor of the Rohna and is still alive and a participant in the Rhona reunions. I am very proud of him and only wished he would have shared a long time ago what happen to him many years ago. I hope he and my mother will be able to meet up with his friends in San Antonio!!!!
05303/20/00Michelle YacovoneAgawam, MA 01030My grandfather's brother died on The Rhona. Frank Luccardi T/5, 39276509, CE.
I can hardly believe that such a tragedy was kept a secret for so many years and so many families.
05403/30/00Matt PhillippiMt.Pleasant, PAMy grandfather, Emerson Snyder, was a survivor of the HMT Rohna disaster.
05504/02/00Jenny ThompsonNew OrleansMy father was Charles L. Thompson with the 853rd. He was a survivor. He enlisted in California, but was from outside Columbus, OH. In looking through an old army address book of his and comparing it to the survivor's list, I found the following names: Forest Diehl; Lt. Guy Hyatt, NY, NY; Harold Wilde, Idaho; H.H. Stroud, Lebanon, OH; Robt. Grossnickle, San Francisco; H.E.Hanna, Columbus, OH (was not sure what the asterisk next to Mr. Hanna's name on the list of survivors means); and maybe Vincent J. MCarthey, if his nickname might have been J.J.; and maybe Roland Wilson, if his nickname was Roy. I am trying to get information about my Dad, so if anyone might recognize the name Charles L. Thompson (Charlie, sometimes called Tommy) I would appreciate an e-mail. Dad died in 1984. Thanks.
05604/04/00David W. Lewis USS Pioneer 105Greencastle Pa.sent TRSMA newsletter from Don Fortune I have been to two Rohna reuions Gatlinburg and Columbus Ohio 1993 and 1995. I was fortunate to meet our skipper Capt.Leroy (Roy) Rogers after 5o years I was his yeoman on the Pioneer. Still hear from Jonesy , Bellamy,Ron Wright, and Lou Defalco , Ernie Crowl. I appreciate the Rhona publication.
05704/04/00David Lewis USS PioneerGreencastle,Pacorrected e-mail address from prior message
05804/14/00Norman FullardNewcastle-upon-Tyne (England)My Father Sam Fullard witnessed the attack and the sinking of the Rohna, from the deck of a ship called the Ranchi that was in the same convoy.
he is now in a nursing home due to having a severe stroke, but he remembers things so clearly. As the years go by the body gets older but the horror of the memories of war do not.
05904/21/00Len FriedmanLong Island, New YorkI was the cousin of a guy named Herbert Friedman who I know was lost in this Rohna sinking in 1943. I remember his family getting the telegram, first missing, then presumed dead. The only name Friedman that appears is a Sol Friedman listed as a survivor. I read article in the local paper (Newsday on November 22, 1998 which I had misplaced and it recently surfaced when we moved. Obviously his folks are long gone, but he does still have a sister living in Florida. Anyone that can contact me at the above E-mail address with any information, would be much appreciated. In 1943 I was 14 years old.
06004/23/00Azio BaldassariMoutnainhome, PennsylvaniaKeep the messages coming!
06104/23/00Azioa BaldassariN/AGreat to hear form all the other survivors, this is an appendix to my last message. I was with 31st Sig HVY Const Bn.
06205/02/00Nat LyonsLakehills, TXI read the Tuesday May 2, 2000 article in the San Antonio Express-News. I was in my early teens at the time the Rohna went down, but followed events pretty closely. Since I had never heard of this incident before, I checked out the Internet site listed at the end of the article.
06305/02/00Consuelo F BishopHoustonI had a brother who died on the ship Rohna. Robert P Flores
06405/03/00Quentin D. MeyerSan Antonio, TexasGod Bless you all. Keep up the work on this tradegy, so we will all know what really happened and why it was kept a secreate for so long. Thanks for helping us all during World War 11. Quentin Meyer
06505/04/00Linda BuckinghamDE & HI,now U.K.I was looking for anything on the web concerning the RHONA, as my Uncle,Millard Buckingham died on the Rohna. I am too shocked right now to take in the disaster. My Father's family knew nothing about this, how do I tell them? My great Uncle Curtis Buckingham was also on the Rohna, He survived, He isn't on your list, In time may be that can be changed.What little the family knew came from Curtis, who wouldn't/couldn't talk about it. He did retrieve Millard's watch for the family. I'm so sorry for you,for my family, it's just too sad and hurtful.
06605/10/00Daniel FloresSan Antonio (now Bristol, UK)I am sorry to have missed the recent reunion in San Antonio. Cpl. Robert P. Flores, my uncle, was a casuality. There is a splendid engraved stone dedicated to his memory on the exterior wall near the entry to his family church, El Templo Cristiano, in San Antonio. It always made me proud to read his name on that memorial. Now that we know the real story, our pride extends to all the heroes of the HMT Rohna.
06705/20/00Mr. James R. BlaineLa Verne, Ca.This note is dedicated to my uncle, Sgt Franklin W. Blaine. My uncle was killed after manning a "Lewis Machine Gun" and trying to provide cover for soldiers who were being straffed. To all who lost loved ones, my deepest sympathy. Amen. James R. Blaine, nephew of Sgt. Franklin W. Blaine.
06805/27/00Cecilia Quetu Newton & daughter Ce Ce NewtonLancaster, CAWe are the sister & niece of casualty Alfred L. Quetu. We will contact Mr. Bennett with more comments by mail. This is the only information that Alfred Quetu's family have ever discovered about Alfred's "missing in action" & 6 month's later "killed in action" designation. Unfortunately, Alfred's mother, Agustine Quetu of San Bernardino, CA, passed away in 1963 never knowing how her son died. Thank you for displaying this web page & for the memorial.
06905/30/00Linda A. McAffreySt. Louis, MOMy Dad was a Rohna survivor. His name was James L. McAffrey, sometimes Mac and sometimes Jim. He was from Knoxville, Tenn. Enlisted in the Army in March of 1941. Went to training in Orlando Florida and shipped out of Norfolk.
Arrived in North Africa and then was headed to India. He spent the rest of the war in the CBI. Anyone out there think they might remember him? He was 6' with redish hair, and was a card player from time to time.
He passed away this last December. Dad never really spoke much about the Rohna, just towards the end when I would badger him. I know he spent quite some time in the water and then he said they weren't given much time to recover before they were sent on their way.
Thanks for any help.
07005/30/00Shawna V. CookEmmet ,ArkansasMy Grandfather was on the Rohna,His name was Peter Sidoti.I've learned so much about it.Very interesting.Thank You for all the information.Sincerely Mrs.Shawna V.Cook
07106/23/00vicki todddillsburg,pa.My father was on the Rohna, he was with the 31st,co. A, Richard Peach. Would like to here from anyone who might have known him. I know he uesed to keep in touch with Manny Diana,but I was told that Manny has passed on. Vicki
07206/26/00Lewis E. Wald, Jr.Georgetown, TXOne of the casualties on the transport, Weldon Wald, was my uncle. He was the brother of my father, Lewis E. Wald, Sr. My father and grandparents (Weldon's mother and father) are all deceased. My father and Weldon were the only two children. My father never knew how my uncle had died and my grandmother never would talk about it. I am very grateful to finally know what happened. It closes the book and brings peace to me. I only wish my father and grandparents knew what I now know. What a pity we have a government, supposedly the freest country on the face of the earth, that still hides information after everything is over, said and done.

Are any steps being taken to award those who died on the transport the Purple Heart or any other medal for their sacrifice? If not, action should be started.


Lewis Wald, Jr.
07306/27/00Dick WillardCovington, WAGeorge Nichols, one of my new members, passed your web page on to me. Great job honoring such a long forgotten and less known tragedy. I, for one, had never heard of the Rohna. Dick Willard, Yeoman, North Pacific Chapter of Destroyer Escort Sailors Association. USS Charles E. Brannon DE-446, USS Rombach DE-364, USS Badoeng Strait CVE-116, USS Essex CV-9 and USS Suisun AVP-53 (USNR/USN RD3)(USAF, MSgt, Retired)
07407/17/00d.michaelstourport englandstill waiting for any one who new my uncle, Arthur whitiker a british officer on the rohna
07507/26/00Barbara SummersRolla, MissouriMy father, Simon Muchnick, is a Rohna survivor. He gave me a copy of Forgotten Tragedy by Carlton Jackson, and last week he told me about your excellent website.
To D. Michael of Stourport, England: my husband is from England, and the following person helped him obtain information about his grandfather's brigade in WWI. Perhaps he can help you find out more about your uncle.

R.W. O'Hara
15 Ruskin Avenue
07608/02/00RohnaCaliforniaMy name is Rohna. My dad named me. He thought he got my name from a science fiction book. Now I believe he must have heard news at the time of the ship being sunk. He would have been 13 at the time. He had two brothers in the war at the time too, so I am sure he kept his ears tuned to the war. I haven't met anyone else with my name spelled that way. Does anyone know where the name came from to begin with?
07708/03/00Edward M. EastmanPort Charlotte, FLI am President, Southwest Florida Chapter Destroyer Escort Sailors Association. Many of our members ships were involved in Convoy escort duty from the States to various Mediterranean ports. My ship, the USS Andres DE45 escorted convoys from Norfolk to Mers El Kabir (adjacent to Oran, Algeria). I was in Oran on VE Day.

I wish you well in your quest to publicize the great disaster which you experienced.

Ed Eastman
07808/03/00John LorenceOhioGot your link from Mr. Dick Willard, DESA. You are doing a great and right thing. This story must be told. I will download a copy of your letter and send it off. I know if we send enough letters you will be heard. I wish you the best of luck. God Bless you. John Lorence.
07908/03/00Stacey Killian HagewoodFranklin, TennesseeMy father, Jere C. Killian, was a survivor of this tragedy. He died in May of 1994, but before his death, he sent excerpts from his journal to Mr. Don Fortune for inclusion in his publication about the HMT Rohna.
08108/08/00cecilia poirierSouth hadley MAMy dad, Kenneth Guilbault, was one of the Rohna survivors. He is now retired, and speaks quite frequently about the night he lost two of his best friends helping them swim to safety. He has never gotten over the fact that they became seperated and he was never able to help them. As a child growing up I never heard the story of the Rohna. Now as an adult, my dad tells the story with such emotion, I never knew what he and thousands of other individuals went through on that cold November night. I am so happy to see this Web site and the memorial to all those aboard the Rohna on the night it was hit. If anyone remembers my dad or would like to contact him just to talk, his address is 37 Alvord Place South Hadley, MA 01075. He would love to keep in touch. God Bless those who lost their lives that night, and especially those who survived and relive that night so long ago daily in their minds eye.
08208/14/00Robert YoungMy uncle , Cecil Young was a casualty of the sinking. I am glad that what happened on that day has finally surfaced. Its a comfort to his brothers and sisters to know he is remembered by others. REMEMBER THE ROHNA!
08308/31/00Edwin HuntWhitehall, MTI was in the 853rd Engineers, I was in the water thirteen hours on November 26, 1943. I was pronounced missing in action. I was in an English Outfit.
08409/08/00Darrell L. OsbornNixa Mo.I am the brother of Donald L. Osborn T5 with the Combat Engrs that lost his life on the Rohna. I would like to hear from anyone who may have known him. Thanks
08509/11/00Glen WilliamsBlue Springs, MO.I am a cousin of Leonard R. Johnson PFC USAAF 322nd Fighter Control Group.
08609/11/00Helen E BakerLee's Summit, Mo (KC Mo Suburb)Leonard Russell Johnson was my favorite uncle and when I could I didn't visit the Arizona Memorial. It hurt. Now fifty five years later he died again(to me)near Italy. A special thanks to my son for finding this out via his genealogy search for family. Everyone! No one is as important as family so keep in touch and pray to our Lord to watch over them. In loving memory to my uncle Leonard and greatfulness to my son Glen for putting this matter to rest at last.
08709/12/00Joe McGrathNow, Memphis. Originally, PhillyMy uncle, Cornelius McGrath, died when the Rohna sank. Some research and a lot of luck led me to
Prof. Jackson's book. He in turn led me to John Fievet, who told me about the web sight.
I was glad to be able to tell my Dad and Aunt what happened to their big brother - all these years they
never knew. Though my uncle died 20 years before I was born, I've always felt close to him and
would love to learn more about him from his old buddies. If any of you knew Cornelius McGrath,
please contact me.
08809/15/00Charles R. TaliaferroHanford, California - USAGreat web site! I'm glad to learn more about this episode. Thanks for allowing me to visit.
08909/17/00Robert L.BoydMichiganDo I know you ?--Do you know me?
09009/30/00Chris Rhines Wethersfield, ConnIs there an adress I can email about Rohna information? Thank You
09110/02/00Dela HerringtonViolet, LouisianaDear Mr. Fievet,
My name is Dela Herrington. Mr uncle was killed on the Rohna. My aunt is Anita Gridry and we have been very interested in this topic. As as a teacher, this is something all students should learn about. My daughter, Kayla, is in 8th grade and has decided to do her Social Studies project on the HMT Rohna. She would like to educate people on this and in some way memorialize her great uncle, Livingston Collins. She would very much like to conduct an interview with you via the internet. Please e-mail me if you are able to accomodate her. My address is We would appreciate any assistance you can give us.
Dela Herrington
09210/03/00Don DandrowWayland, Mich.Survivor Lieut.Arnold Wilde's story was in our local "Wayland Panasee" paper this week. It was one of WW 2best kept secrets, even more than the proximity fuse
09310/10/00Margie Flynn VaughnPendleton, IndianaMy father was a causality of the HMT Rohna from Monticello, Ky. I have been here and signed on before and have heard from many wonderful people. It has made such a difference in my life to know the real story of the sinking of the ship. I am still looking for someone who might have known him. Also interested in finding other children of causalities, I have not been able to find any so far.
Thank You, John Fivet, Jim Bennett, Janet Delude and Don Fortune and many more. Margie Flynn Vaughn
09410/12/00GayleNew JerseyI am very happy to hear that this will now be recognized. My grandfather was on the ship at the time of its sinking. He is alive today and I am very happy for that. My thoughts are with those who lost their lives.
09510/18/00Philip RamosNew YorkMy name is Philip Ramos. My uncle Philip Ramos died onboard the Rhona. My father(71 Yrs old) was never informed of the details and circumstances of his brothers death. I have been attempting to reasearch this for him and write a family history about it. Philip served in the 322nd Fighter Squadren. If there is any survivor who might have known Philip I asked that you please contact me. Any information you can offer us would be greatly appreciated by my family and I. Thank you in advance.

Philip Ramos
09610/25/00Matthew J. SleeperNew JerseyMy Grandfather's brother, Lawrence J. Sleeper, Cpl., 31132650, AC, of the 322nd Fighter Control Squadron, U.S. Army Air Forces, was lost in this attack. For reasons of his own, My Grandfather never spoke of it. My father had some minor details. I wasn't satisfied, so I started doing my own research regarding his loss. I am grateful for this site and the people who led me to it. Now I know my Uncle's place in history and the circumstances of his passing. I had no idea his death was surrounded by such controversy with the U.S. gov't. His sacrifice and those of the HMS Rhona are remembered.

Matthew J. Sleeper
Family of Deceased
09710/27/00Kim BayesHuntsville, TexasDear Honored Veterans,
I attended your reunion in San Antonio as an assistant
staff of the Reunion Brat. I wasn't familiar with the
history of the Rohna or the compelling stories unfolding as
more people become aware of this tragedy. I am visiting
this site to gather some information for one of my students for his project for our first annual "History Hysteria Fair".
Good luck in your efforts.
Kim Bayes
09811/06/00Matthew J. SleeperNew JerseyH.M.T. Rohna. My apologies!
09911/16/00Janet Fievet O'BrienAlabamaMy uncle is John Fievet--a special man
10011/17/00Harlan MarksVAMy father, Abe Marks, is a Rohna survivor. If the survivor group needs people for a Rohna event in the Metro DC area, let me know.
10111/23/00Kimberly Vaughn HanshewPendleton, INI am the daughter of Margie Flynn Vaughn and granddaughter of Thomas K Flynn (casualty). The Families of casualties and the survivors and their families from the HMT Rhona have a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving Day on the Resolution 408. I am so thankful that myself and my son now have a truthful and real story about what happened to my grandfather 57 years ago. Thank you to all who worked to make this a reality.
10211/23/00Frank Van Brunt JrOceanport New JerseyMy father is one of the survivors of the Rohna and I was looking up to see what info I could find on the net
10311/23/00roger g montgomerytxhulion montgomey was my father do you know of him
10411/25/00Herman C Vinnet (formerly Vinitzky)Monroe Twp. NJI was a Staff Sergeant in the 322nd Fighter Controll. I am part of the 900+ survivors. My grandson found this web sight after reading an article on the sinking in thr NJ Star ledger. After abandoning ship, and after spending several hours in the water I was picked up by the USS Pioneer. The fact that this web site even exists thrills me no end. I certainly would like to be a part of this organization and contribute any help that I can in furthering the work of this organization.
10511/25/00Scott BoltonNorth Arlington, NJMy Uncle Charles Katt was a casualty on this ship. My Mother did not know the true story of what happened to her brother until I found his name on a casualty list on November 25, 2000. That is a shame that she was not even sure that he was on this ship. That is a real tragedy. Hopefully I can give her some closure.
10611/26/00James D. SiplingerSpringfield,MO USAI saw it on today in history on my excite start page. I had never heard about the Rhona and wanted find out more
10711/26/00Ken WilliamsRochester, NYI read about loss of lives and the sinking of the Rohna in the Sunday, 11/26 edition of the Democrat and Chronicle. I'm sobered that the information about it's sinking was kept secret and that some families of the killed military personnel still don't know what happened to their family members. This is puzzling. Perhaps the whole story hasn't been told.
10811/26/00Robert FriedhaberRochester, NyI saw your article in the Sunday newspaper, thought I would check you out on line
11011/26/00Harrison FreerRochester, NYI read about the Rohan in the on line adition of the Rochester Democrat & Cronical. A local resodant, Executive Secretary Carl Schoenaokes, is trying to rase awarness of the Rohan disaster. I am intrested in navel history so I thought I would look at your web site.
11111/27/00H. KalterWhere was the Rohna heading? I arrived in Algiers in Jan. 1943, and went from Tunisia to Sicily that spring.
11211/29/00Dawn BaileyBirmingham, ALI am the grand-daughter of Tildon Jenkins.
11312/09/00Pauline Ernst Thrasher CoganWauseon, OhioFinally I Hear.
I was married to Donald Thrasher at the time of the disaster. His baby daughter, Kathleen, is now a grandmother of seven.

Pauline Cogan
11412/09/00Del GascheMorenci, Michigan (west of Toledo, OH)T/5 Donald W. Thrasher 35540841 CE was my uncle by blood and my wife Francita's uncle by marriage.

He is survived by widow Pauline Cogan and brother Lester Thrasher, both of Wauseon, OH; and by daughter Kathleen Zakorczeny of Toledo, OH; and by sister Dorothy Gasche of Napoleon, OH.
11512/12/00Michael E AllenTulsa. Ok formaly Tyler-Longview TexasMy fathers uncle was killed as reported to the family on November 23, W D Grimes is on the Casulty List. We are not sure if he was killed on the 23 or the 26 when the ship went down. He was a member according to your records of the 853rd engineer BN Avn. Corps of Engineers. This is the first information that any of the family has ever found. No One in the family has ever know of the ship name that my Great Uncle went down on. My dad has tried to find something for about 6-8 months with no luck. We found this with a quick search and a bit of deductive reasoning. Please if possible if anyone remembered W.D.Grimes Please let me know. I am sure that my father will post on this in the near future as he is wanting to find out as much about his uncle as possible. Thank you very much it has truly been an emotional night for me and my father finding this information. Contact my father B.J.Allen at
11612/13/00Cecil R. GRIMESCoushatta, La.71019My brother W.D. GRIMES was killed on the Rohna. He was in the T/5 853rd Engineer BN. Avn. Corps of Engineers.If anyone knew him, Please e-mail me. I never knew of this web site till to nite.Lt.Don P.Van Sickle PLEASE E-MAIL ME if you read this. CECIL GRIMES
11712/13/00Annette HerrmannMy uncle was one of the many men who died on the Rohna.His name was Joseph Migliorino from Jersey City,NJ. My mother was about 15 or 16 yrs old when her brother died. We did attend one of the Rohna reunions, that was held in NJ.
Any one who might have known my uncle or could share any information of the circumstances regarding his his death would certainly help ease the pain that my mother has carried for many years.
11812/13/00Ray OsbornBolivar, Mo.My Brother, T/5 Donald L. Osborn was in the CE group on the Rohna. He was reported missing in action, then presumed dead later. We got a questionaire about whether we wanted his body returned and told them we did. We received a sealed casket that couldn't be opened and we had formal services and buried it in the local cemetary. I wondered then and still wonder if we actually received his body.
Would appreciate hearing from anyone who knew him or has any information about him.
11912/13/00Terry DeeWayne SmithJacksonville, TexasMy uncle, W. Dee Grimes died on the Rohna about 4 years before I was born. I am proud that I carry his name as he was a hero to my Mother and my entire family. I only wish that he had lived so that I could know and love him as I do his brothers and sisters.
12012/14/00Janet BishopHouston, TexasI am writing to see if any survivors are anyone knew my uncle that was killed in the rohna, his name was Robert P. Flores, I never got the chance to have met him, but I feel like I lost a part of my family, for he lost his life, and that is why we shouldn't take life for granted. In my opinion, I think that the goverment should honer our families and tell the whole world how they put our men on a ship with no life boats. If anyone knows any information on my uncle I would appreciate what ever you could give me, thanks
12112/15/00Matthew J. SleeperWhippany, NJI am looking for any information regarding the 322nd Fighter Control Squadron. My Great-Uncle, Lawrence J. Sleeper, was a member of the outfit. I have have read Carlton Jackson's and Dr. Bennett's excellent books, but did not find too much on the 322nd. Please feel free to email me!

Thank you,
Matthew J. Sleeper
12212/15/00Cecil R. GrimesCoushatta, La. 71019It took about 8 hours on the computer, but I found the NORTH AFRICA AMERICAN CEMETERY. This is were our loved ones have a cross or their name on the wall. Pictures are very moving.I now know where my brothers cross or name is. It does help start the healing.If anyone wants the address e-mail me. Cecil R. Grimes
12312/17/00teresa kingI am looking for anyone knowing Charles Harrington J pfc--(may have been known as Gus)853rd Engineer bn.
12412/23/00Dennis MorelliSebastopol, CaliforniaMy cousin, Victor E. Morelli was one of the Rohna survivors. He is not related to the two Morelli boys who died in this tragedy.
12512/23/00John DiFeliceCAMy grandfather (Sgt. William Rittenhouse) perished on the Rohna. My grandmother and her children would appreciate anyone having any info surrounding his death. Thank-you so much for the invaluable information that we have learned about the tragedy.
12612/24/00William B HansenI just today had the opportunity to meet Robert M Brewer. What an honor to meet such a fine gentleman. I knew not of the Rohner disaster until now and am grateful to Bob and his family.
12712/24/00Gregory J. HartmanRingoes,NJIt is nice to see a website dedicated to the Rohna sinking. The story is finally being told.
12812/26/00Karen ConnorsCotuit, MAJust wondering if anyone knew my Uncle Tec 5 Frank Luccardi, a victim of the Rohna tragedy. I know of one other survivor who knew him but would like to know if anyone else did. He was a member of the 853rd engineers BN. I would also like to thank everyone who worked so hard and finally won recognition for the men of the Rohna that they so deserved.
12912/27/00Charles Doyle260 Grandin Road Morris Ill 60450Thank you so much. My Uncle was Sgt William A Doyle and this is the first information our family has had on how he lost his life.
13012/27/00Merrill BradleePalm Harbor, FLHeard on the NBC evening news tonight a report of the sinking and a guided missle...First I knew the Germans had such a thing in WWII...
13112/28/00Karen ConnorsCotuit, MassachusettsI saw the story of the Rohna on the NBC evening news last night. So thrilled that the brave survivors who worked so hard for over fifty years to bring this disaster to the public's attention have finally received national recognition.

Keep up the good work guys!!!
13212/28/00Paula KrachaSan Diego, CAMy uncle John Zagar was aboard the Rohna, he was from L'Anse, MI. My mom, his sister lives in Girard, Ohio.
13312/28/00Steve GrecoPhoenix Az.I saw the news on NBC last night my mom told me stories about my uncle who was aboard the Rhona she passed away in1993 however her two sisters are alive if any one knew Herschel Hinton from Ohio please contact me as it would bring closure to this family tragedy
13412/28/00CPO/USN Ret. William R. TaylorMontgomery, AlabamaI am taken back by the fact that this terrible loss of life has been kept from the american public for so long. It goes to prove that the ability to protect american lives is best accomplished in american vessels and escorted and protected by american warships manned by american sailors. The Government should never loose sight of this point.
13512/28/00Hazel HydenMy uncle, Ernest Prock, died on this ship. Information you have on this site will provide my Mom with information she will treasure. I'm just so sad that my Grandmother couldn't have known all of this. Thank you!
13612/29/00Peter PelkeyMy Uncle (Edward Walter Pelkey) was lost on this ship. The only connection that I made with regard to this disastor and my Uncle was that a friend of my brother (Edward) was traveling in Tunisia some years ago and took a picture of the monument and sent it to my brother and I happened to watch the NBC news 27 December 2000. I've notified another Uncle (sole surviving brother) of this website.
13712/30/00les and Carole HabbershonDenver, PAWe are happy to find some info regarding Carole's uncle Elmer Fishell. We knew very little of the ship,sinking, etc.
13812/30/00larry hackettOn behalf of my mother-in-law, who was spurred on by the NBC Nightly News report, I checked whether her brother, Francis Woodstock of Brooklyn NY, was among the casualties on the Rohna. Alas he was not, and she remains in the dark as to how he died. Does anyone know of a central website (govt. or otherwise) where relatives of WWII casualties can learn how their loved ones died? Any help is appreciated.
13901/01/01Steve PowersWonderful web sight, keep up the good work. My father-in-law was on the crew of the USS Pioneer during the rescue of the survivors.
14001/01/01robert j. porter, jr.Wilmington, DEmy father, robert j. porter, AACS is one of your survivors. he is still alive and lives in johnstown, ny. (518)762-9146. address: Trackside Apartments, Michael Drive - B-11, Johntsown, NY 12095. he still has amazing recall of the events of that fateful day and has several photographs of not only survivors, but of men who perished .
14101/02/01Antonio J. RojasNaples, ItalyMy Father asked me to try to find out about his Brother, Rodolfo Rojas, and I have just spent the last 5 hours going through all the webpages about the ROHNA. My Father is not in good health and I think that maybe that is why he wanted to find out about his brother. I am just glad that he will finally get this information about his brother. I know there are many relatives that have passed on not knowing what happened to their loved ones and that is a great shame.
14201/02/01Dolores (Luccardi) CichettiAgawam,MassHi I am trying to find information on Frank Luccardi that was on the rohna during its time at sea. This is my uncle and I am trying to find out info on what happened and an yother info on my uncle thanx in advance.
14301/02/01Edward C. MalarkeyMetaCrawlerMy uncle, Sgt. Francis E. McLaughlin, died in the Rhona sinking. It is nothing short of a national disgrace that it took so long for the tragedy to receive any official recognition.
Thank you for your tremendous efforts.
14401/07/01Jean SullivanBenton, KY
My uncle Wiliam Arthur Doyle was a Sgt on this ship. My grandmother died thinking that he would come home to her anyday.
14501/08/01Donald J DavisKingwood WV
I served with the 853rd Engineer BN aboard the Rhona. Would welcome any contacts or info from friends. I have lost contact with Edward H Smith. I saw him many years ago in Salisbury Md.
14601/09/01Donna DavisWest Virginia
My father was with the 853rd AVN Eng BN and he has some good info on the Rohna, Co. C. I thought I would share this info at this time. I have other info if someone would like to contact me. He was not at the 853rd quarters when the bomb hit - he was elsewhere filling his canteen. That is why he survived but was badly burned. He was one of the last men to leave ship because he was getting medical attention for his burns. Someone helped him put on a floatation belt and with 2nd and 3rd degree burns, he had to jump in the salty water. Once in the water he couldn't keep his head above water because the belt was too low on his body which caused him him to float face down. Someone named "Frenchy" came along and told him what to do keep his head up and then he figured out how to tread and just "walked" his way through the water over to the Pioneer. Not bad for a country boy who couldn't swim! The ship sank about 30 minutes after being hit. Sadly, many were worse and some did not survive. I just look at my father and can't believe the things he and other men have seen in their lifetimes.

My grandmother received a telegram dated 12/20/43 from West Union saying "We regret to inform you your Son Cpl Donald J Davis was on 26 November seriously injured in action in the North African area You will be advised as reports of condition are received." That's all. The next letter was dated Dec 28th and told "her son was making normal improvements". Of course, there was no mention of what his injuries were and how he was injured. All she could do was wait for another letter.

The following article is from a newsletter from the TAYLOR, a ship that passed through the area where the Rohna sank.The newsleter is named the "Tailor Maid".

"Today the 853rd Engineer Aviation Battalion will hold memorial servies for the 484 men and 12 officers of the battalion who were killed when 13 German bombers attacked their ship, the British HMT Rohna, on Nov. 26, 1943, wh
14701/09/01Margaret StapletonAfter seeing the NBC article on the Rohna and finding the information included on the net I was able to find in the Casualities my uncle's name Clyde R. Mann Pfc CE 853rd. I too, am sorry that his mother was never able to know what happened to him. I appreciate as does the family remaining the information we have been able to find, to know a bit of what happened and where. If there is anyone that remembers my uncle I would love to hear from you. Thanks again
14801/10/01abraham jaffesurviver
14901/10/01Donna Davis
I guess the article I tried to enter did not completely appear as I typed it. If anyone wants the rest of the article about the 853rd, please e-mail me and I will send it to you.
15001/17/01William A. Doyle3154 Eden Ct. Bloomington, INMy uncle, William A. Doyle, for whom I was named, lost his life when the Rohna was attacked. My father (William's brother) and family are so glad to at last find out more about what happened. Thank you.
15101/19/01Christian J Kovacmy grandfather was on the rohna and i am glad i got to know a little more about him {clarence bailey}
15201/20/01d.michaelstill trying to find information about my uncle, Lt arthur winder whittaker,of the lancashire fusaliers
15301/21/01Doran HullGibson,Iowa
My father,Spencer G.Hull,was assigned to the HMT Rohna. While loading in the dark of night at Oran North Africa he was put on the sister ship which I believe to be the HMT Rujula.His parents recieved a MIA after the Rohna was sunk.They didn,t know of his fate until he arrived in India.While stationed in China with the Unit 69th Composite Wing.His commanding officer,Col.John Calley,who was a survior of the Rohna.My father will be 77 in June of 2001--if anyone has knowledge of my father or his unit please contact me at my e-mail address.Whether you call it fate,luck of the draw or father,brother and I are here today and who we are because of it.
15401/21/01Ruby Bryant DodsonCamden, Arkansas 71701My Uncle CLIFFORD D. BRYANT USAAF went down on the ROHNA. My Daddy never knew the circumstances of his death.. All he knew was he received a Purple Heart and it list his date of death November 27, 1943 and they said he went down on a Troop ship. Dad said that Clifford was a Cook in the USAAF. My husband saw this on the news after Xmas and started searching the net about the ROHNA. If anyone knew Uncle Clifford I would appreciate any information.
15501/22/01John SimonsMilwaukee WisconsinGreetings! My friend's father Francis Harper was aboard the Banfora who witnessed the attack on the Rhona. Am interested to hear from surviving members of the Banfora or any other related information. Thank you!
15601/22/01Raydean RobisonAnchorage, AlaskaWhile watching the NBC news the last of December, I heard about the sinking of the British troopship HMT Rohna.I could not believe it when I heard the date Nov.26,1943. That was the date my mother was notified that my brother Eddie Hullie Robison, Pfc,37409304, 853rd Engineer BN. Avn. Corps of Engineers, was missing in action.
I went to the veteran office and was given a web site, which showed him on the casualty list, as Eddie H. Robinson.
My mother, sister, 3 brothers, his wife and daughter all passed away not knowing what happened to my brother.
If there is anyone that reads this that knew my brother I would really like to hear from them.
Thank you,
15701/23/01Marilyn HullTriangle, VAVery interesting & informative website. Met a survivor, (John Slujnski) and was curious to find out what the government had been keeping secret for toooo long!
15801/23/01Doran HullGibson,Iowa
UPDATE...I am looking for any information on Nick Tilas and John Tobin who sailed with my father, Spencer G.Hull.They were with the 322nd on the sister ship of the HMT Rohna sailing from Oran,North Africa to India when the Rohna was attacked.Please contact the above e-mail address.
15901/27/01Raydean RobisonAnchorage, AlaskaI'm trying to find out if anyone remembers my brother Eddie Hullie Robison, he was killed on the Rohna and his body never found. He is listed on the casualty list as Eddie H.Robinson Pfc,37409304 CE.853rd EngineerBN.Avn. Corps of Engineers. He was a Creek indian from Oklahoma.He was 21 married with a new daughter. He was from a large family of 10 children. I am attaching a couple of pictures in his uniform.
16002/04/01D. WeyersThere is a great article in the Sunday, February 4, 2001, Paducah Sun,(Paducah, Kentucky) about the fate of William A. (Bill) Doyle. He and his family lived in Marshall County, Kentucky. He served with the 15th Army Air Force and died due to the bombing of the Rohna. Unfortunately, the family only found out the circumstances a few weeks ago. How sad that our government continued to keep this secret long after the need for secrecy had passed.
16102/04/01Raydean RobisonAnchorage, AlaskaSorry, wasn't able to put a picture on this web site of my brother Eddie Hullie Robison. But if anyone knew him and would like a picture of him in his uniform, I can email you one.
Raydean Robison
16202/04/01Peggy ColePaducah, KentuckyA story like this just breaks your heart. To think our Government wouldn't even notify the parents of these boys.
I am so sorry.
16302/05/01Natalie ColemanAnnandale, VAJust wanted to thank you for maintaining this page. My uncle, Pascual Castro, 14th USAAF - 322nd TCS, was a survivor of the Rohna sinking. He also provided testimony during the investigation (Jan. 1944). I have been fortunate to have had communications with some other survivors who served with him in China. He died in a plane crash in China in Aug. 1944. Thanks again.
16402/06/01Janet DeludeOrange County Ca.My father Sgt. Peter Sidoti ACAAF Filler, shipment #1826 A&D was a Rohna survivor. I've learned so much and met so many survivors and next of kin this past year. I would like to hear from survivor Cpl. James Young, Buffalo N.Y. or any family member. Thank you, Janet
16502/11/01Don R. CorneliusAurora, COJames Earl Steely, T/5, S/N 36543234, CE 853rd Engineer BN, Aviation Corps of Engineers,was my brother in-law.
16602/12/01SPC Long Jr, Ronald E. 3/278th ACRMy name is Ronnie Long and I am a medic in the Army National Guard. My grandfather is Cleo R Long. He was a member of the 853rd Engineer BN. Avn. Corps of Engineers and is a survivor of this terrible attack.
My Grandfather did not speak about the incident until I probed and asked more about it. I am so glad to find this site. I hold his service along with the sevice of all past armed forces members, very dear to my heart. I don't think that our generation could ever understand what these great people endured in their lifetime. We owe these soldiers our lives. For through their bravery, we have our freedom. Thank you for this site.
16702/14/01Suzanne DavisonColumbia, TNI am so greatful to all the people who worked so hard to put this Rohna website together for us. My uncle, Ernest Marion Smith of Flint, Michigan, was in the 853rd Engineers. He was a casualty and of course this is the first our family heard of what became of him. I welcome any contacts who knew my uncle.
16802/20/01Terri SkinnerKamiah, ID.My dad was a survivor of the Rohna. He passed away on Nov. 11, 1999. I have many momories of the stories he has told.
16902/22/01Raydean RobisonAnchorage, AlaskaHelp,
I have been trying to get a picture from North Africa American Cemetary and Arlington VA. showing the wall of the missing that is supposed to show the name of my brother Eddie Hullie Robison. So far I have not gotten any response. Does anyone know where else I could try to get a picture of the wall?
17002/24/01Saul GurmanBeverly,Ma. 01915 To Whom It May Concern: I am a survivor of the Rohna. If it were not for Tom Brocaw, I would not have known about all of you. I am looking foward to meeting any and all in Tuscon. Respectfully, Saul Gurman
17103/04/01Kuss CathyOhioMy Uncle Fredrick C. Kuss was on the Rohna He was killed that terrible night.
If anyone knew of him would you please contact me at this e-mail
Thank You, Cathy Kuss
17203/04/01Phyllis LuccardiAgawam, MassachusettsI would like to congratulate all who helped make the story of the Rohna known, now the brave men who were on this ship are finally recognized by our country. I am trying to locate anyone who may have known my brother-in-law, Frank I. Luccardi with the 853rd engineers. We do know of one survivor who knew him but would very much like to find others. I would especially like to express thanks to Mr. Jim Bennett because without his help my daughter would never have found out about the circumstances surrounding the Rohna. I would also like to express thanks to Mr. Chuck Finch and Mr. Bill Caskey who corresponded with my daughter and provided us with invaluable information. If anyone can give me further info regarding my brother-in-law, I would appreciate it.
God bless all the men living and dead who endured this tragedy
17303/04/01Jim LuccardiAgawam, MassachusettsI am searching for anyone who might have known my uncle Frank I. Luccardi who was with the 853rd Engineers. If anyone knew him or remembers him, please contact me. I would like to also express my thanks to all concerned who worked so hard to bring this historical, tragic event to the public's attention and in so doing finally got our government to recognize the sacrifices these men made.
17403/05/01Raydean RobisonAnchorage,AlaskaI received the newsletter about the Rohna. I was pleased to see a group picture of the 853rd "B" Company. Would there be anyone out there that might have a group picture of the 853rd "C" company from Missouri? I am still trying to hear from anyone that might have known my brother, Eddie Hullie Robison. I was only 8 yrs old when my brother was killed. As I have said in my other email, the remaining members of my family only learned in Dec,2000 what had happened to our brother. So we are very excited when we hear anything about the Rohna.
17503/08/01Matthew J. SleeperNew JerseyMy great uncle, Lawrence J. Sleeper, was a Corporal in the USAAF, also a victim of the HMT Rohna tragedy. Sadly, he was one of 77(?) officers and enlisted men who were found on the beaches in the surrounding area. I was first under the assumption that he was part of the 322nd Fighter Control Squadron, but this is so far unconfirmed from my research. He may have been part of a filler group. I would be so grateful to hear from anyone that might remember him.
17603/22/01Matthew ToczylowskiSt Louis MissouriI am a nephew of one of the casualties, Chester A Toczylowski. Searching to discover more about the tragedy and loss
My father(deceased), who was his brother, also served in WWII. we never knew what happened. Interested to find any survivors who may have known my uncle from the engineering batalion.

Matt Toczylowski
17703/23/01Kevin C. FouhyMy Dad, Brother of Charles FouhyMy Uncle Charles E. Fouhy was on the ship when it was torpedo and sank. I have a letter of the details of his experience after the ship sank, sent to his mom about 10 months after the tragedy. Please contact me for more info.. Thanks, Kevin..
17803/23/01James CokerBirmingham, ALFamily Friend of John Fievet, and forever indebted to the generation, like my father (USAAF) who fought for the ideals that America stands for.
17903/28/01Stephen GrimesI've logged on to find out about an uncle that was lost during the war. I never knew him. Hope to travel with my father to the reunion in May-2001.
18004/02/01Eric SchneiderMy wife is a neice of Frank Schulz, 322nd Fighter Control Squadron, a survivor of the Rohna. He told me about the disaster and I showed him the web-page. He will be attending the 2001 reunion. I am sure I speak for all Americans when I say we are sorry that our government took so long to honor you. Thank you for your bravery and of those who died.
(By the way Frank's name is misspelled as Schultz on the list.) If anyone would like to contact him send me an e-mail and I will pass it along.
18205/22/01Hank SauerOak Ridge, TennesseeAll of the 2,600 plus members of the AACS Alumni Association, are proud of the work that has been done on this site. You are indeed fortunate to have Colonel Bob Brewer as one of your members, and a Past Executive Director of the AACS Alumni Association. As with so many others who were aboard that "ship", AACS had a lot of good men go down with it. We in AACS wish you a great reunion in 2001 and our prayers will be with you all.

Hank Sauer, Executive Director, AACS Alumni
18306/10/01Ron WrightPalm Desert,CaQuartermasater first class at Cape Carbon and looking for any and all Pioneer men, living or otherwise! We're in the process of attempting to obtain a
Presidential Unit Citation for the ship and help from any/all shipmates is vital. Phone is (760) 340-4767.
18406/17/01Stephen R . AlbeeMy Father is George H. Albee a survivor of the Rohna. And I would like and type of information that I can find on the Rohna.
18506/17/01Stephen R . AlbeeI'm a Gunner's Mate First Class on Board the USS Shiloh CG-67. My Father is George H. Albee a survivor of the Rohna. And I would like any type of information that I can find on the Rohna. A list of books or movies that are avalible would be appreciated.
18606/17/01Rohna ShirleyWhere did the ships name come from?
18706/23/01Kathy CheverriaBenson, ArizonaWould like to hear from anyone with stories or pictures to share about my dad William (Ham) Fish, a survivor of the Rohna.
18806/25/01Bill Worhlelive in New York, visiting MilanLouis Bartolotta, one of the survivors,
is my father-in-law.
18906/25/01john rewkowski sr.s.w.floridamy father was on the ROHNA and he died this april...he always remembered the ship...
19007/04/01William Fish JrPennsauken, N.J.Anyone who knew my father please e-mail

Thank You
19107/16/01Steve AlbeeMy Dad is a survivor and he would like to talk to anyone that is a survivor or a relative to one. His name is George Albee and he can be reached at (207)255-8950.
19207/23/01ron ravenhudsonville mi.i heard about the rohna from a survivors widow. i did a search and found this site. i hope to get her over here to show her this site.
19308/01/01Patricia Toczylowski T.Ft. Collins, ColoradoLooking for anyone who knew Chester Toczylowski. He was in the 853rd Engineer Battalion, Aviation. He trained at Brookley Field, Mobile, Alabama. He was a musician.
19408/05/01william dobroskyexciteMember of Headquarters Co. 31st Signal Construction Bat. We lost about 250 but somehow Hq was on sister ship HMT Rajula, cannot figure out why. My name is now william dobbs.
19508/16/01Sharen VanPelt GarnerRoyal Oak, MichiganI'm looking for anyone who remembers my father, Cpl. Garland L. VanPelt, Army Air Corps, filler group A1826A, who died when the Rohna was bombed. He was sometimes called "Van".

He was trained to work on propellors, probably of bombers (but had wanted to be a tail gunner & was told he was too tall) was stationed at the airbase at Goldsboro, North Carolina just prior to shipping out from Newport News, Virginia in Oct., 1943. He may have shipped out on the Rawle from Virginia to Oran.

He grew up in a tiny town, Freedom, Oklahoma & went to college a while at Northwestern State College where he met my mother while he was playing in a dance band.

He was a musician who played guitar, bass fiddle, and piano, and he always found other guys to play with wherever he was.

Before volunteering, he worked for Cessna in Wichita, Kansas.

He was 6' tall, slender, age 23, with blue eyes & dark, wavy (if it was long enough) hair. He was an excellent swimmer. He had one child, me, who was just born during his last leave home at the end of August, 1943.

Like many others, my mother & I did not know how he died. The Government didn't notify her,and we found out by accident very recently.
19608/22/01robert j. porter, jr.wilmington, demy father, robert, j. porter AACS is a survivor and is still alive in upstate, ny. there was talk of a public television special being created about the rohna disaster. is that still in the works? is there any attempt to contact any of the survivors regarding testimony from that day?
19708/26/01Rose Marie Lelonek-KowalewskiBuffalo, NYI'm trying to find anyone who may have known my father Master Sergeant Stanley M. Lelonek from Buffalo, NY who was killed when the Rohna was attacked. His body was never found. I was 10 months old when it happened and I have just now found the website for the ship. My mother was only told that first he was MIA and then another telegram came telling her he was KIA. Any information on my father would be appreciated.
19809/02/01Roberta McNaughton SchomburgPittsburgh, PAMy uncle, Robert McNaughton, was a member of the 853rd Engineer Batallion, Aviation Corps of Engineers. He was 19 years old. I have just found his name on your casualty list. Is there any way to contact Capt. Charles F. Beard, CE....or other survivors of his batallion?
19909/07/01Raydean RobisonI don't know how many of you know about the picture you can receive of the North
Africa cemetery, along with an insert if your loved one is on the "Wall of the Missing." The address is:
Courthouse Plaza ll, Suite 500
2300 Clarendon Boulevard
Arlington, VA 22201
It takes awhile, so be patient.
20009/10/01P. HAROLD MINNERDover, DEI am a close friend of Mr. Minner signing in his behalf. He is a survivor of the Rohna disaster and very interested in obtaining more information.Please contact him at this e-mail address or his home:
1 Cool Springs Dr. Dover, DE 19901-6200
Also looking for anyone with information on George R. Mitchell; please contact Harold
20109/17/01Christy BleichnerColumbia, SCMy great uncle Nicholas M. Stankovic was in the 853rd Engineer Battalion. I am researching any information on him for my mother who was named after him. She only knows that he was never found. Please let me know if anyone knew of him or any helpful ways to research more information.
20209/19/01Rodney D. BeckhamSam D. Beckham was my brother and was not a survivor of the Rhona sinking.
20309/23/01Kathy AmorosoSouth Portland, MELooking for anyone who might have known Staff Sergeant Henry P. Salamone, 853rd Engineer Battalion, Aviation, who perished on Nov 27, 1943 when the Rohna sank. He was my husband's great uncle and we are very interested to find anyone who knew him.
20409/29/01Amy BaileyFairfax, VAMy grandfather was a casualty of the Rhona disaster. Have been trying to find info on what happened to him as my mother, who was 2 when he was reported 'lost at sea', never knew. My grandfather was George R. Porter and he was with the 853rd Engineer Battalion, Aviation. If anyone knew him, I'd love to hear what you recall about him. Thanks for a great site.
20510/06/01Danny P. WillefordSan Antonio, TXMy father, Edward H. Willeford, is a survivor of the Rohna. He was a member of the 853rd Engineer (Avn) Battalion Company C. We are forwarding information to add him to the survivor's list. We welcome any comments or contacts. Thank you for remembering these great people.
20610/19/01Jerrice BrinkleyTexarkana, TexasMy great Uncle, Cleo Caston (buried at sea) was on the "Rhona".
20710/29/01Bob BaergBeijing PRCYours is a very informative website that gives all of us who don't otherwise have any knowledge of the tragic historical event. Keep up the good work.
20811/06/01eugene c breedlovelittle rock, ArkansasAs one of the survivors, I appreciate all of the effort by all of you in making this WEB page possible.
20911/11/01Nancy RingGeorgetown,OhioMy grandfather James E Steely was listed as MIA after the Rohna sank.I've had a really hard time getting help from the Government to apply for awards or medals.Can any help with this.They say his records were destroyed in a fire.Can anyone tell me what he was intitled to.He was listed as a T/5 with Company "C". Thanks for all your help.Can anyone tell me when the show about the Rohna will air.They came here and filmed our family in Feb.2001 and we were told it would air on the anniversary date of the sinking. Thanks,Nancy Ring
21011/16/01Sharen VanPelt GarnerRoyal Oak, MichiganThose of you who are wondering how to get records, medals, etc.for your family member who was lost on the Rohna, or even who survived the sinking, should visit the following website. AWON

AWON stands for American WW11 Orphans Network. At the site you will find instructions on how to get all the information you need. At the site you can also order a book by AWON's founder, Ann Mix, titled "Touchstones" which will guide you through the Government maze of records.

If your parent died in WW11, you can also join AWON. I believe they also have memberships for those who are not war orphans.

Sharen VanPelt Garner
Only child of Cpl. Garland L. VanPelt
Rohna Cauality
21111/27/01John Wayne Haug, M.A.I am writing a book called "War Stories: Original Voices from In Times of War of the 20th Century" and want to get in touch with Janet Delude about include her father's and other's stories. I live in Orange County, CA and hope to meet her. Please forward my email address to her to make contact.
John W. Haug, M.A. "War Stories"
21212/03/01Kermit A BushurORLANDO, Fla I was on the ship, only found out about the ship thru a Merrills Marauder friend. We were together in Burma, wounded, and back to the states in 1945. Knew nothing about the ship, or survivors till last year. after being picked up out of the Med. I was put on another convoy ending up in Bombay. I volunteered for the Marauders from Calcutta. Fred Randel told me at a Washington, DC reunion about the ship.l At this point I didn't even know the name of the ship. I always thought it was the Carona, (like the cigar). I was attached, unassigned, and belonged to no unit. I had gone AWOL in the states and my comrades had been shipped out while I was AWOL. I learned in 1946 that they had gone on to England and hit the cliffs on D-Day, with a loss of 97% of the men. I only had one friend on board and he was in the hole when we were hit and I presume he had been lost. His name is not on the list as he too was attached unassigned. What records might be found to account for us, are a mystry to me. His name was Ed Truckenbroadt. I never told my wife or children about this part of my life. The only thing they knew was that I would never swim in our pool or go to the ocean with them. `It was a bad experience and one that I almost forgot about till now. I don't intend to go any further with ths part of my life then what I have told you now. The sight of the bomb is engraved in my mind and I will never forget the thought I had on its decent to our ship. "My God, A torpedo" I hope this helps me get a little of it off my chest. Bye and good luck
21312/06/01(Tony) Kermit BushurOrlando , Fl I am a survivor, not listed on the list, and wondering why? I was not attached or assigned to any unit, and was hand carrying my records. I had gone AWOL at Sharon, Penna, to be best man for my brothers wedding and upon returning to Penna, found my unit had shipped out leaving me alone. I went from there to Camp Patrick Henry, Va. and then boarded the ship "Betty Zane" for the trip to Oran. On this journey, I befrended Ed Truckenbrodt and we did some foolish things on the Betty Zane, which landed us in the Brig in Oran.After being cleared of charges we got additional training at Camp Lion Mt. before getting on board a convoy in the harbor in Oran. My training had been BIRTC, and still not fitting in anywhere, was hand carrying my records. Ed, had infantry training and I see the about 10 others had infantry training. The Rhona was not the first ship I boarded but the third. It seemed that they couldn't decide where I would fit in. I ended up alongside Ed. and the last time I saw him, he was in the hole along with a blazing fire. I tried to get him out before jumping ship but failed. I would like very much to hear his story and how he survived. If anyone can help with this. let me know. Much more can be said but I will cease for now. Tony,
21412/11/01S. R. van SommeranSanta Cruz Ca. USADelta Hotel:
I'll never put on a life jacket again;
21512/19/01Robert J. RuffKansas City, MOMy uncle, MSGT James E. Wheeler, RET. was aboard the Rhona when it went down. Fortunately for us he was one of the survivors.

I am currently 55 (born in 46) and in all these years I have not heard this story told within the family. According to James, they were sworn to secrecy during the days following the sinking and he has carried the secret all these years.
21612/29/01Dan PittsNE PennsylvaniaVery interesting site and very informative. I admit that I was one who never heard of this incident. I am the Commander of American Legion Post 889 and have many Wwll vets . The site has been sent to all in my e/mail book.This site was forwarded to me by Lynn O'Shea
Dan Pitts
21712/29/01Janice KuchinkaJohnstown, PennsylvaniaMy father was a survivor of the Rhona disaster (Robert J. Kris). This is a wonderful website to learn more about such a tragic event that involved our loved ones.
21812/29/01Janice KuchinkaJohnstown, PennsylvaniaMy father was a survivor of the Rohna disaster (Robert J. Kris). This is a wonderful website to learn more about such a tragic event that involved our loved ones.
21912/29/01Michael Robert KrisJohnstown P.a.My grandfather Robert J KRIS was aboard the Rohna when it sank,he was part of the 853rd engineer aviation battalion. If anyone knew him contact me.
22012/30/01Charles L KardelPrompton PA.
I sailed on the USAT Cristobal in 1945 as a US Merchant Marine crew member
22112/30/01John P. Martin USA Med. Ret. SOA GLNiagara Falls, NYSo strange as I just last week confirmed
my Uncle Bill is a MIA from the Rohna.
My Cousin has his SN and they matched
Pvt William T. Martin AC
22212/31/01Jerry SanFilippoHeroes all!