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Dennis Harrison Bennett wrote on December 8, 2014 at 1:54 am:
Sgt Edward Jacoby was one of 11 siblings to the Jacoby family who lived in Lincoln, Nebraska. His brother, Tec-5 Jacob Jacoby died in the Normandy invasion. While \"Eddie\" is listed \"Lost at sea\", Jacob is buried at Camp Laurent, KIA 4 1/2 months prior to the sinking of the Rohna. They are my uncles, brothers to my mother, Esther Jacoby-Bennett. She was especially distraught over Eddie\'s death, but never really pursued finding out more about his circumstances. I am a veteran (VietNam) and I am involved in fundraising for a Memorial Garden to be placed next to our Town Hall. My wife and I will be inscribing Eddie and Jacob\'s names on bricks to be used in the construction. Eddie\'s brother, Henry G. Jacoby, served as the Nebraska National Guard State Commander for years.
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