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Woodrow Wilson New Witness wrote on October 14, 2014 at 2:32 pm:
My Great Uncle Woodrow, was an actual witness to this terrible event! He is currently 96 and lives with me. None of our family knew anything about this until Woody began sharing stories after being honored through the Utah Honor Flight, with a visit to Washington DC on Sept 18-20, 2014. It has now become my honor to attempt to document all of my Great Uncles stories, and research this event. My uncle did not know the names of any of the ships, but with his descriptions, dates of service and eyewitness details, I have been able to identify The Rohna disaster as his big PTSD event. I am trying to piece together all of the details from the many resources, to attempt to identify which ship my Great Uncle was on. He was on a nearby troop carrier at the time of the bombing, he says adjacent to the Rohna at the time of the bombing. It is apparent that position of ships in the convoy directly before and then after, changed significantly, and so identifying the possible ship that Woody was standing on, is proving a bit difficult. I would welcome any responses from anyone with information about ship names and their relationship location to the Rohna when the bomb struck the Rohna. I\'ve learned that the Atherstone was ahead of the Rohna along with the Coventry. My uncle says that the 4 troop ships formed a square or box. The Rohna and his ship were side by side, and I think the Banfora was behind. One witness places the Orion directly Starboard to the Rohna, which should be the ship that My uncle says he was on. However the statistics of the Orion don\'t match my uncles memory of its size. Woody says his ship had a Gazelle as a mascot. Other accounts place the Pioneer and the Slazak behind the Rohna. Not sure how many other witnesses or survivors still exist, but my uncle would love to write them. Thanks Ren
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