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Jim Croyle wrote on January 19, 2014 at 5:43 pm:
My father was on the USS Pioneer from the beginning until he was taken off wounded with the Rhona Surviovors. Until November of 1993 If asked all my father would say was he was wounded while on a convoy. All that changed when a letter came from John Fivet asking my dad to call him. Only then did he tell the story of what really happened that night. When asked why he never said anything before his answer was \"we were given an order not speak about what happened.\" My dad was a gunners mate and had just cleared a jammed machine when they were straffed and he was hit in the leg. He carried that shrapnel until he passed away on October 3, 2013. He told many stories of his time in the Navy and that November night so long ago. One story he told was that when the germans launced one of their bombs that the captain could see it heading in their direction and gave orders to hard right rudder. The sailor at the helm that night was Ron Wright and dad gave him credit for manuvering the ship out of the path of the bomb. My dad attended a reunion in columbus Ohio and with my mother was looking at some of the displays when a gentlemen came up to him and said your the sailor that gave me your life jacket. When dad was hit they took him to the galley and laid him on a table to work on him. I guess dad just knew if they were hit that he wouldn\'t make it. I would like to on behalf of my family thank John Fivet for writing that letter and getting my dad to finally talk about the Rhona. Jim Croyle
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