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Mona Gilbert wrote on November 20, 2013 at 11:58 pm:
I\'m the niece of Archie Robert Payne, who died on the Rohna, November 27,1943. I never had the privilege of knowing him. I have heard many stories of what a wonderful man he was. He was my Father\'s Brother. While going through my Aunt\'s treasured things, I found a letter my Uncle wrote to his Mom and Dad. It saddened me to know that this was the last they would ever hear from him. I\'ve read this letter to my only living Aunt, Archie\'s youngest Sister. I wanted to know what happened so started a web search to see what I could learn about this terrible loss of so many soldiers. With the help of my Aunt who is 92 years old gave me some information that got me started. It was very emotional for me to learn what truly happened on that fateful day. My Grandmother and Grandfather and the rest of the family only knew he went missing at sea. I wish I had found this website sooner. I\'ve been reading stories from some of the Rohna survivors and came across Aubrey Williams story. He was in the U.S. Army Air Forces, 322nd Fighter Control Squadron, the same unit as my uncle. I was hoping he was still living and maybe he might remember him. My Uncle was from a small town Hankinson, N.D. I would love to know if there are any survivors that might have known him. I wish I had found this website sooner. God Bless all these men living, and who died for our country. I will never forget them and the sacrifice they made for our country. They are true heroes!
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