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  1. Another untold story of he Great War, like THE LAST MISSION. My dad (USAF Msgt Ret Marion L. Friday, Jr) was a CBI campaign vet. He went from N Africa to India by troop ship. But for fortune, he could have been on the Rohna. Every last man on the Rohna, living or dead, is a true hero. We can never repay the debt for their sacrifices, including the sacrifices of the families who suffered the pain of years of not knowing what really happened.

    carolyn mosse
  2. I am trying to contact someone to share a story (journal) of a survivor but am not receiving a reply from the ‘contact’ on the website. Thanks for any help you can offer as our story is very interesting and I think others would be interested in reading it. Thanks so much. Norm

  3. Norm- the moderator was stationed overseas. Did you get your story submitted successfully?

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