The  listed names are those of the men who perished in the Rohna disaster. They are presented here to honor and remember them, and to imprint them into American history.

At this time, to the best of our knowledge, the families of less than thirty five of the one thousand fifteen casualties have been identified and are known to have learned of the fate of their loved ones.

This roster is also included in the hope and expectation that, as a result, more families will recognize a name, make a connection and be enabled to learn the facts about the loss of their loved ones.

With the help of survivors, next-of-kin, and remaining government documents, the site manager has been able to assemble a roster of only one thousand and eight names of the one thousand and fifteen reported to have been lost in the Rohna disaster. The search for the remaining seven will continue.

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This web page contains a roster of those men living and dead, known to have survived the Rohna bombing and aftermath. These survivors are presented here that they may be publicly recognized and acknowledged. This roster is also given that doors may be opened for persons looking for buddies, friends, or family, and to provide a vehicle for establishing and re-establishing contacts.

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The USS Pioneer and its crew along with four other ships was assigned to sail with Convoy KMF26 to provide protection and rescue service in the event of need.

At the time of this entry, less than half of the names of the 120 man Pioneer crew have been located for posting and honoring on our web site. With time we are committed and confident we will add to the following roster

This page is dedicated to and to honor the crews of the Pioneer and all the other ships that took part in the rescue. Carlton Jackson, in his book ALLIED SECRET, The Sinking of the HMT ROHNA, expressed it best.

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Thirty-seven Red Cross workers, along with American troops, boarded a Liberty ship bound for Oran, Algiers in North Africa. Their mission: provide services to troops in the China-Burma-India theater of the war.

This page is dedicated to the memory of Valmer J. Goltry, Harold Rekseen and Simon Zebrach who perished in the Rohna Disaster of November 26, 1943, and to survivors Aaron Weinstein, Jeff Sparks, Jack Harrigan and Nels Quam.

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This page is especially provided for those who are searching for information about a loved one and/or may have made a connection with one of the names on our casualty list, and are seeking more information. If this is you, we invite you to contact us.

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