The following listed names are those of the men who perished in the Rohna disaster. They are presented here to honor and remember them, and to imprint them into American history.

At the time of this website was created, to the best of our knowledge, the families of less than thirty five of the one thousand fifteen casualties have been identified and are known to have learned of the fate of their loved ones.

This roster is also included in the hope and expectation that, as a result, more families will recognize a name, make a connection and be enabled to learn the facts about the loss of their loved ones.

With the help of survivors, next-of-kin, and remaining government documents, the site manager has been able to assemble a roster of only one thousand and eight names of the one thousand and fifteen reported to have been lost in the Rohna disaster. The search for the remaining seven will continue.

Breakdown of Units
Aboard the Rohna

CE:     853rd Engineer BN. Avn. Corps of Eng.
AC:    322nd Fighter Control Squad., Air Corp
SC:     31st Signal Construction Battalion
MC:    44th Portable Surgical Hospital
AC:     AAF Fillers (Shipment #AD664-A)
AC:     Ground Fillers (Shipment #GH826)
AC:     AAF Fillers (Shipment #1826 A & D)
INF:   ASF Fillers (Shipment #RH705 AAA)


The following list includes name, rank, serial number and unit.


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Eagle, Oscar F., T/5, 3568244 CE
Eastlack, William T., T/4, 3236792 SC
Eatmon, John G., Pvt., 3946035 CE
Ebling, William H., 2Lt., 0-73941 AC
Economy, Charles J., T/5, 17107 05
Efstia(Efstis), John M., Pfc., 3260481 AC
Eidem, Ervin C., Cpl., 3732095 AC
Ekiss, Richard L., 1stSgt., 682873 AC
Ellington, Albert, T/5, 3472381 CE
Elliott, Lee, Sgt., 3839463 CE
Ellis, Donald B., T/4, 1213369 SC
Englert, Francis L., T/5, 3749478 CE
Enright, Walter T., Pfc., 3283597 AC
Ensminger, Freddie, Pvt., 3845097 CE
Epstein, Julius L., 1Lt., 0-53024 CE
Espitia, Bernadino S., Pfc., 3834022 CE
Estes, Raymond C., Cpl., 1918015 AC
Eubanks, John M., Pvt., 3567699 AC
Evans, Raymond E, Pvt., 35676 AC


Faber, Donald E., Pvt., 1613197 AC
Fairhurst, William M., Pvt, 3333392 SC
Falconer, John E. Jr., Pfc, 3927412 AC
Fallon, John J .Jr., Pvt., 1215672 AC
Farrel, Marion J., 1Lt., 066922 AC
Farrell, Robert E., Cpl., 3984747 MC
Farrow, James D., Pfc., 1903324 AC
Faulkner, William H., T/4, 3461376 CE
Favaro, Valentine S., Pfc., 3663081 CE
Feldman, Hyman, Pvt., 3279294 CE
Feldman, Sydney H., Pfc, 3760334 AC
Ferguson, Claude S, , Pvt., 3364798 AC
Ferschweiler, Albert J., S/Sgt, 3728453 SC
Fesce, James, Pvt., 3291498 AC
Fields, Kenneth G., Pvt., 3342300 CE
Figuaroa, Alfredo M., T/5, 3985453 CE
Filburn, Robert G., Pfc., 3562980 MC
Fine, Lewis M., Sgt., 3946035 CE
Finn, Edward D., Pvt., 3554103 CE
Finn, William J., Pfc., 1221167 AC
Firsich, Francis L., Pfc., 3569878 AC
Fischetti, Pasquale R., Pvt., 32611 CE
Fishell, Elmer H., T/5 CE
Fisk, Willis R., Pvt., 3254886 CE
Fitzpatrick, Paul J., S/Sgt., 34205 20
Flatt, Karl R.(Earl), Pvt., 3452678 CE
Flores, Robert P., Cpl., 1821875 AC
Flynn, Thomas K., T/5, 3568329 CE
Fondoble, Kenneth S., Pfc., 3749961 CE
Fong, Lou B., Pfc., 3903601 CE
Foraker, Herbert G., Pfc., 3559928 CE
Ford, Douward, T/5, 3760271 CE
Forhan, Phillip A., 2Lt, 0-58073 AC
FortineWalter E., Cpl., 11122257ACFoster, JamesE., Pvt., 3432676 SC
Foster, William H., M/Sgt., 6731 42
Fowler, Robert O., Pvt., 3551050 CE
Francisco, Joseph M., Pvt., 3113642 SC
Freeman, John W., Cpl., 3559930 CE
Freidenreich, Harry, Cpl., 3278443 AC
Friend, Alvin T., Pfc., 3246542 AC
Fuhrmark, Arthur E., Pfc., 3557718 AC
Fumic, Michael P., T/5, 3552154 CE
Funk, JamesP., Pfc., 3253965 SC
Fura, Richard, T/5, 3228879 SC
Fusco, DanielL., Cpl., 33572 AC


Gaborski, George, T/5, 12137107 CE
Gallegos, John J., Pfc., 39906711 CE
Gallo, Antonio, Pfc., 31277801 CE
Galvin, Mervin, Cpl., 35589254 AC
Garafalo, Charles, Pvt., 32651534 AC
Garcia, Feliciano, Pvt., 38425348 CE
Garcia, Rogelio, Pvt., 38364139, CE
Garza, Margarito, Pvt, 37472268 CE
Gates, Donald L., Pfc, 37472268 CE
Gatto, Ludovico J., Pfc., 11114748 AC
Geher, Georgew., Cpl., 32206340 AC
Genovese, Joseph, Pfc., 32539446 SC
Gerity, Richard V., T/5, 32163016 SC
Gibbs, Horace J., Pvt., 34606529 CE
Giglio, Daniel F., T/4, 12183313 SC
Gilbert, Harry A., Cpl., 12048994 AC
Gillert, Henry E., T/4, 38306671 CE
Gillespie, Norman J., Pfc., 38326472 CE
Gipson, Leonard H., Cpl., 18098111 AC
Gluck, Bert M., Pfc., 12124131 AC
Glussek, John A., Pvt., 32731086 CE
Goldberg, Morris, T/5, 32568289, SC
Golecki, Edward J., Pfc., 33458918 A AC
Goltry, Valmer J
Gomes, Harold, T/Sgt, 6691285 AC
Goodman, Eugene R., Pvt., 19106356 AC
Goodwin, Alvin C., T/Sgt, 14091027 SC
Goracy, Marion F., Pvt., 32606776 SC
Gorman, Andrew, T/5, 39615313 CE
Gossman, Hyman, Pfc., 32786675 CE
Grace, Robert P., Sgt., 13030595 AC
Gracely, John M., T/5, 33230225 SC
Graham, Roderick M., T/5, 32732589 CE
Gray, John L., Pfc., 32182910 CE
Green, Theodore E., T/3, 6910869 CE
Greenlee, Leonard, S/Sgt., 39851826 SC
Greer, Ernest B., Sgt., 31178444 AC
Griffen, Earl K., Pfc., 32859799 AC
Griffin, Jesse E., T/5, 34505593 CE
Griffin, Martin J., Cpl., 32679301 CE
Griffith, Herman C., Pvt., 34505593 CE
Grimes, W.D., T/5, 18186752 CE
Grimstad, Gordon A., T/3, 36049805 MC
Grzywacz, Henry, Pvt., 32582241 SC
Guarneri, Charles, Sgt., 32692235, AC
Guastella, James V., Cpl., 32693526 AC
Guidry, Dennis, Pvt., 38483122 CE
Gunn, Abraham, Pvt., 32698154 CE
Gunther, King P., Cpl., 361156 98
Gust, Carlos P., 1 Lt., 0-578999 AC
Gutierrez, Raymond J., T/4, 38349829 CE
Gyer, Joe R., Pvt., 37602853 CE


Habib  (Habir), Rudolph, Pfc., 12188406 AC
Hackett, Jack D., Pvt., 33601802 AC
Haedel, John L., T/Sgt, 33027266 AC
Hale, Calvin H., T/5, 34506102 CE
Hale, Charlie B., Pvt., 39280034 CE
Haley, Percy E., Cap’t, 0-499087 CE
Hall, Dalma D., Sgt., 34361906 CE
Hall, Joseph C., T/5, 38446231 CE
Hall, Noel, T/5, 37495376 CE
Hamilton, Harold R., T/5, 35683606 CE
Hamilton, James, Pvt., 35430362 CE
Hammond, Malcolm H., Pfc., 34399556 SC
Hankins, Ronald J., Sgt., 39267801, CE
Hann, Earle V., Sgt., 20347514 AC
Hanners, Grover, Pvt., 35657925 AC
Hansard, James F., Sgt., 39303420 AC
Hansen, John F., Sgt., 37397807 CE
Hanson, Merlin D., Pvt., 17155370 CE
Harmon, Clarence R., Cpl., 35602693 CE
Harmon, Clause A., Pvt, 36568200 CE
Harner, William C., Sgt., 14142014 AC
Harney, Joseph F. Jr., Pfc, 35562423 AC
Harrell, Clarence W., Pfc., 33522642 CE
Harrington, Charles J., Pfc., 36416502 CE
Harrison, Jarius, Sgt., 33283416 AC
Hartzell, James E, Pfc., 35710754 AC
Hatch, Byron G., Cpl., 18153995 AC
Hawkins, Andrew J., T/5, 34504593 CE
Hayden, Paul E., Sgt., 32364212 AC
Hayes, Peter E., Pvt., 31299692 CE
Hefferman, Robert M., Pfc., 32696901 AC
Heironymus, Wallace R., Cpl., 37468758 CE
Heller, Lawrence, Cpl., 3674201 CE
Henning, Marion W., T/5, 36416484 CE
Herd, Marlyn C., T/5, 37248017 MC
Herkel, Robert W., T/5, 36416484 CE
Herman, Walter P., Sgt., 34597593 AC
Herrmann, Doyle M., Pfc., 38394568 CE
Hester, Lester C., Pvt., 38267210 CE
Hewett., William H., Cpl., 12165712 AC
Hiatt, Robert C., Sgt, 38016092 CE
Hicks, Jackson C. Jr., Cpl., 18190306 CE
Hicks (Hichs), Walter C., Pfc, 34730907 AC
Hiler, Bayard D., Cpl., 33244510 AC
Hill, Earl I, Pvt., 38445205 CE
Hill, James T., Pfc., 38422775 CE
Hill, John B., Cpl., 36647110 AC
Hinds, Casper W., Cpl., 34494079 CE
Hinton, Herschel V., Cpl., 35614264 AC
Hischke, Frank, D. P., T/Sgt., 355515 58
Hively, Harvey W., Pfc, 36447253, CE
Hoak, Donald E., Pvt., 33422998 CE
Hobbs, John E., Sgt., 19163121 AC
Hoehns, Joe, Pvt., 33524336 AC
Hogan, Carlton P., Cap’t, 0-1688092 AC
Holland, Charles A., Pfc., 34442495 MC
Holloway, Archie C., Cpl., 13135505 AC
Holloway, Robert S., T/5/, 35648025 5?
Hook, Andrew J. Jr., 1 Lt., 0-577965 AC
Hooks, Jack M., 1 Lt., 0-1107439 CE
Hooper, Roy, T/5, 38473056 CE
Hopkins, Walter E., Pvt., 36416691 CE
Horton, George W., Pvt., 37397555 CE
Hostetler, Robert W., T/5, 35599226 CE
Hott, Raymond L., Pvt., 39907523, CE
Hoyle, William R., Pvt., 39907523 CE
Huffman, Elmer L., Pvt., 38429386 AC
Humka, Joseph S., Pvt., 33582809 CE
Humphries, William D., Pvt., 34724198 AC
Hunt, William H., Pvt., 33569374 CE
Hunter, Harry B., Pfc., 35455056 AC
Hutchins, Gilmer B., Pvt., 36612845 CE
Hutton, David, Pvt., 35532040 CE
Hynds, Hugh B., Pvt., 31241244 CE

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