The following listed names are those of the men who perished in the Rohna disaster. They are presented here to honor and remember them, and to imprint them into American history.

At the time of this website was created, to the best of our knowledge, the families of less than thirty five of the one thousand fifteen casualties have been identified and are known to have learned of the fate of their loved ones.

This roster is also included in the hope and expectation that, as a result, more families will recognize a name, make a connection and be enabled to learn the facts about the loss of their loved ones.

With the help of survivors, next-of-kin, and remaining government documents, the site manager has been able to assemble a roster of only one thousand and eight names of the one thousand and fifteen reported to have been lost in the Rohna disaster. The search for the remaining seven will continue.

Breakdown of Units
Aboard the Rohna

CE:     853rd Engineer BN. Avn. Corps of Eng.
AC:    322nd Fighter Control Squad., Air Corp
SC:     31st Signal Construction Battalion
MC:    44th Portable Surgical Hospital
AC:     AAF Fillers (Shipment #AD664-A)
AC:     Ground Fillers (Shipment #GH826)
AC:     AAF Fillers (Shipment #1826 A & D)
INF:   ASF Fillers (Shipment #RH705 AAA)


The following list includes name, rank, serial number and unit.


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Isaacson, Frank, Pvt, 32876511 NF


Jackson, Robert F., Pvt., 38207374 AC
Jackson, Victor E., Pfc., 36440667 AC
Jacobs, Roy A., M/Sgt., 13065519 SC
Jacoby, Edward, Sgt., 20723161 NF
Jaggers, Clarence T., Pvt., 32487119 CE
Janesick, Frank, Sgt., 36510522 AC
Janiszewski, Frank J., Pfc., 33370996 AC
Jarbala, John, Pvt., 33460241 CE
Jauernick, Edmund V., Cpl., 13110411 AC
Jeleniewski, Vincent T., T/4, 12165531 SC
Jenkins, Howard W., Pfc., 35641363 AC
Jenkins, Jacob K., Pvt, 32487176 CE
Jenkins, Tildon D., Sgt., 6928655 AC
Jerram, Charles K., T/5, 12183435 AC
Jessip, Chester W., Cpl., 20724350 NF
Jesup, Fred I., Pfc., 35143059 SC
Jeter, Harold L., Pfc., 38473040 CE
Johansonn, Carl E., Sgt., 6978675 NF
Johnson, Bufurd E., Cpl., 38427614 CE
Johnson, Carl W., Pvt., 36182326 AC
Johnson, Clarence C., Pfc., 18122537 AC
Johnson, Donald I., T/4, 36617774 CE
Johnson, Frank A., Pfc., 39906712 CE
Johnson, Grover C. Jr., Pvt., 33423107 CE
Johnson, John C., Pfc., 39195422 AC
Johnson, Joseph H., Pfc., 32386004 SC
Johnson, Leonard R., Pfc., 37493476 AC
Johnson, Marion O., Pvt., 35128700, SC
Jokel, James H., S/Sgt, 15329937 AC
Jolly, Jordan H., Pvt., 34526696 CE
Jones, Edward B., Cpl., 34508538 AC
Jones, Elmer L., T/4, 39036103 CE
Jones, Eugene N. T/Sgt., 32080515 AC
Jones, Homer S., Pvt., 38445243 CE
Jones, Roy, Pfc., 35625759 AC
Jones, Strother M., Pfc., 35683631 CE
Joseph, Frankin R., Sgt., 33167369 AC
Julian, Leonard L., Pvt., 37221505 SC


Kalamaras, George G., Sgt., 36724082 CE
Kaluba, Albert A., Pvt., 36647203 CE
Kamper, Martin B., Cpl., 37034977 NF
Karas, George J., Pfc., 35528146 CE
Karsten, William R., Pvt., 36724063 CE
Katt, Charles W., Sgt., 32596914 NF
Kay, Lawrence L., 2 Lt, 0-650536 AC
Kearns, Henry, Pfc., 36613155 CE
Keating, William E., Cpl, 35682144 CE
Kefron, Earl W., Cpl., 35512550, ,?
Keiper, William L., T/5, 33569364 CE
Kelly, Edward R. Jr., Sgt., 32450631 AC
Kelly, James P., Pvt., 32720224 CE
Kemp, James H., Cpl., 14018829 AC
Kessler, Joseph A., Pvt., 35679723 CE
Kielbania, Mitchell C., Sgt., 31007306 NF
Kiernan, Bernard J., Pfc., 32594055 MC
Kiffney, Edward J., Pfc., 12172031 SC
King, Earl W., Cpl., 35493088 AC
King, George, Pvt., 34505507 CE
King, John P., Pvt., 38425101 CE
King, Paul S., S/Sgt, 34303760 SC
Kirk, Sidney H., Pvt., 33570085 CE
Kirkland, Carl, M/Sgt., 6348697 AC
Kirkpatrick, Raymond Jr., Pfc., 37493525 AC
Kitch, Harry L., 2 Lt, 0-1107521 CE
Klehm, Elsworth C., Pfc., 3260910 0,
Klein, Vancel A., Pvt., 38433270 AC
Klopf, Howard G., Pfc., 36558680 CE
Knowles, James W., Pfc., 36440529 CE
Kocur, Henry L., Cpl., 32535960 AC
Kofron, Robert J., Cpl., 35512550 AC
Kolobus, Benjamin W., T/5, 12172068 SC
Kordecki, Frank S., Pvt., 33422633 CE
Koscianski, Stephan V., T/5, 32368010 SC
Koski, Everett K., Pvt., 31262132 CE
Kramer, Bernard M., Pvt, 35540194 CE
Krapp, Arnold R., Pfc., 36440830 CE
Kraus, Robert H., Pvt., 33412073 NF
Krisher, Walter E., Cpl., 35373418 AC
Krumwiede, Earl W., Pfc., 32734590 AC
Kruse, John F., Pvt., 32606219 CE
Kucharski, Albert, S/Sgt., 32465930 SC
Kuss, Frederick C., Pfc., 35526245 CE
Kutasiewicz, Stanley P., Pvt, 36295211 CE


La Balbo, Charles A., Pvt., 32539483 SC
La Neve, Gilbert, Pfc., 12183179 SC
La Polla, Louis R., T/3, 31104464 SC
Laine, Elmer J., Pvt., 39321233 CE
Laliberte, Wilfred A., Pvt., 31190987 AC
Lam, Millard H., Pvt., 33538732 CE
Lambert, Hugh C., Pfc., 34623502 CE
Landry, Wilbert, Pvt., 38483000 CE
Lang, Albert E., Pfc, 11130750 AC
Langham, George R. Jr, Lt., 0-789183 AC
Langnas, Robert, Pfc., 13153644 AC
Langone, John F., Pfc., 32539513 SC
Lanham, Leroy G., Pvt., 35750375 AC
Lanier, Henry O., Cpl., 18127231 AC
Lanier, Raymond K., Pvt., 39906559 CE
Lanza, Louis A., Pfc., 32773758 AC
Larimore, William L., Pfc., 35499108 AC
Larner, Arthur L., Sgt, 19083465 AC
Larsen, John W., 1/Sgt, 39388030 SC
Larson, Herman F., Cpl., 36222634 AC
Lazar, Morton N., 2.Lt., 0-1003781 AC
Leach, Fred H., 2 Lt., 0-1105602 CE
Leary, Alvin H., Pfc., 39829930 MC
Lee, William F., Pvt, 34385501 SC
Lee, Willie, T/4, 39036545 CE
Leech, Elmer L., Pvt., 35528296 CE
Lehnert, Peter E. Jr., Pvt., 35057187 87
Lelonek, Stanley M., M/Sgt, 32738559 CE
Lemmon, Dudley, Pfc., 38203840 AC
Lerand, Clyde R., Cpl., 36282081 AC
Lerner, Semour, T/4, 32539520 SC
Lescault, Dominique D.S/Sgt 31201537 CE
Levin, Benjamin, Pfc., 33477155 CE
Lewandowski, Edward M.,Pvt.36743239 CE
Lewis, L.J., T/5, 34505441 CE
Liles, Claude F., T/5, 37496154 CE
Lill, Edward G., Pfc., 12168236 AC
Lindberg, Arthur E., Pfc., 32863877 AC
Little, Benjamin A. Jr., T/4, 34612470 CE
Littman, Arthur, Pfc., 32710557 AC
Lo Balbo, Charles A., Pvt., 32539483 SC
Lofman, Alexander, Pvt., 36558305 CE
Loft, Russell E., T/5, 32679546 CE
Logiodice, Pasqual J., Pfc., 31280731 CE
Longo, Ernest, Pvt., 31291808 CE
Loos, Everett W., Pvt., 36291484 CE
Lopez, Cecelio B., T/5, 39276509 CE
Loudermilk, Revil, Pvt., 36853754 54
Lowy, Reginald J., Pvt., 16120077 AC
Luccardi, Frank I., T/5, 31129837 CE
Ludeman, Merwin E., Cpl., 37319592 AC
Lukasevicius, Lawrence, Cpl., 31074463 AC
Lunday, Billy L., Cpl., 38338559 CE
Lundy, Donald E, Pfc., 33434556 AC
Lurie, Leonard, Cpl., 12061376
Lynn, Ermal R., Pfc., 35497704 AC


Mabe, Ray D., Pvt., 14191030 SC
Mabie, Guy H., Pvt., 36484007 AC
Mac Millan, Thomas E., Pvt., 17051624 AC
Mac Skimming, Robert W.Pfc.12165518 SC
Macaluso, Sam, T/4, 36434879 MC
Magee, James H., Pfc., 34625469 CE
Maguschak, John P., Pvt., 33605986 AC
Mahon, Vincent J., Pvt., 7021236 AC
Mahoney, James T., Pfc., 36632034 CE
Mainville, Raymond J. Jr., Pfc., 3125452 AC
Malena, Joseph, Cpl., AC
Malott, Elmer L., Pvt., 35729366 AC
Maltese, Gaetano R., T/5, 12165507 SC
Mann, Clyde R., Pfc., 36613187 CE
Manos, John G., Pfc., 34407485 AC
Markey, Cyril H., Cpl., 33496911 CE
Marshall, Lindon R., Pfc., 33190327 27
Martin, Archie A., Cpl., 16142649 AC
Martin, Clifford, Cpl., 16076425 AC
Martin, Walter M., Pvt., 13034726, NF
Martin, William T., Pvt., 32381529 AC
Martinez, Jose E., Pvt., 38349726 CE
Masias, Louis B., Pfc., 38410611 CE
Mastroianni, Carmine A., Sgt., 32624879 AC
Mattox, Ormand A., Pvt., 37478381 NF
Mawe, Maurice J., T/3, 38005111 AC
Mayer, Jay R., Pfc., 39460938 CE
Mazanka, Walter J., T/5, 36555153 CE
Mc Cabe, Forrest E., Pfc., 36328048 AC
Mc Cammon, George, Pvt., 37577484 NF
Mc Carley, Kenneth R., Cpl., 35647435 CE
Mc Clung, Glenn E., Pvt., 35658108 AC
Mc Combs, Bernard L., Cpl., 35622900 CE
Mc Conchie, Alden, Cpl., 36613164 CE
Mc Cormack, Harold, Sgt., 35682742 CE
Mc Daniel, Raymond C., Sgt., 6630574 NF
Mc Daniell, Chester, T/5, 32466040 SC
Mc Donald, Harry S., Sgt., 19125965 CE
Mc Donald, John C., Cpl., 325804 72
Mc Dowell, Walter L., Sgt., 20508721 NF
Mc Faull, Christopher F., Pvt., 34234143 CE
Mc Gill, Carl C., Cpl., 33574618 CE
Mc Gill, Charles A., Sgt., 32449089 AC
Mc Gill, John G., Cpl., 34575043 NF
Mc Grath, Cornelius J., Pvt., 33596148 NF
Mc Holland, Silas, Pfc., 3826407 CE
IMc Irvin, Wayne D., Sgt., 39246340 NF
Mc Kelvey, John T., 2 Lt., 0-1108847 CE
Mc Keon, William R., Pvt., 12133697 SC
Mc Kinney, Raymond L., Pvt., 3844941 13
Mc Laughlin, Francis E., Sgt., 33186929 AC
Mc Mullen, Cloyd H., Pvt., 33758691 NF
Mc Nally, Jesse J., Pvt., 37496751 CE
Mc Naughton, Robert D., Cpl., 33403285 CE
Mc Nerney, Francis J., S/Sgt, 32553052 AC
Meacham, Robert L., Pfc., 35681752 AC
Measkey, Vernon E., Cpl., 33162662 AC
Mecey, Harold L., Pfc., 39847792 AC
Mechlin, Lloyd H., Pfc., 15011986 CE
Meeks, Melvin F., Pvt., 37493888 CE
Meranda, Marvin R., T/5, 39120208 CE
Meuller, Edgar H., Sgt., 38034351 NF
Michael, Davis F., T/4, 34611358 CE
Middaugh, Frank E., T/5, 35622888 CE
Migliore, Pacifico A., Pfc., 31280724 CE
Migliorino, Joseph O., Pvt., 12165326 SC
Miller, Eugene D., T/5, 39460971 CE
Miller, Jackson B., T/5, 34506093 CE
Mirosavich, John, Pvt., 35529236, CE
Mitchell, Charles J., Cpl., 15323962 AC
Moe, Willie, Pfc, 39324830 CE
Mokrovich, Joseph, Pvt., 35606241 NF
Mollela, Joseph T., T/5, 32446893 3,
Molnar, John G., Pvt., 32540771 SC
Molock, William C., Pvt., 34765250 NF
Montana, Michael S., Sgt., 31275310 CE
Montgomery, George L., T/5, 12172058 SC
Moon, John I., Pvt., 36721706 CE
Moore, Boyd E., Sgt., 20726373 3,
Moore, John C., Pvt., 11095722 CE
Morelli, Alfred F., Pvt., 33679166 AC
Morelli, Joseph P., Pfc., 31328019 CE
Moreno, Ignacio G., Pvt., 37459339 CE
Morgan, William L., Sgt., 33351190 NF
Morrison, Guy W., Cpl., 34490720 CE
Morvay, Lawrence L., Pvt., 32539403 SC
Moyers, Douglas R., Pvt., 33648187 NF
Mrazek, John G., Pvt., 37612381 NF
Mullins, Elmer E., Pfc., 34730681 AC
Murnan, Albert W., Cpl., 3645949
Musial, Benney, Sgt., 3287319
Music, Denver, Pfc., 35648531 CE
Myercheck, Tony P., Pvt., 353065

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