The following listed names are those of the men who perished in the Rohna disaster. They are presented here to honor and remember them, and to imprint them into American history.

At the time of this website was created, to the best of our knowledge, the families of less than thirty five of the one thousand fifteen casualties have been identified and are known to have learned of the fate of their loved ones.

This roster is also included in the hope and expectation that, as a result, more families will recognize a name, make a connection and be enabled to learn the facts about the loss of their loved ones.

With the help of survivors, next-of-kin, and remaining government documents, the site manager has been able to assemble a roster of only one thousand and eight names of the one thousand and fifteen reported to have been lost in the Rohna disaster. The search for the remaining seven will continue.

Breakdown of Units
Aboard the Rohna

CE:     853rd Engineer BN. Avn. Corps of Eng.
AC:    322nd Fighter Control Squad., Air Corp
SC:     31st Signal Construction Battalion
MC:    44th Portable Surgical Hospital
AC:     AAF Fillers (Shipment #AD664-A)
AC:     Ground Fillers (Shipment #GH826)
AC:     AAF Fillers (Shipment #1826 A & D)
INF:   ASF Fillers (Shipment #RH705 AAA)


The following list includes name, rank, serial number and unit.


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Saccomana, William J., T/5, 32568351 SC
Salamone, Henry P., S/Sgt., 31152534 CE
Salopek, Pete, Sgt., 35398960 AC
Salvin, Henry J., Pvt., 33465421 SC
Sanow, Harvey, S/Sgt., 32144183 AC
Satterfield, Clifford R., S/Sgt., 31122875 SC
Schlaback, Ferris D., T/5, 36542334 CE
Schmid, Earl A., Pfc., 35795357 AC
Schneider, William J., Pvt., 36558052 CE
Schnell, Charles O., T/4, 31275858 CE
Schroeder, Harold R., Sgt., 36282338 CE
Schultz, Raymond E., Pvt., 33460238 CE
Seaman, William I., Pfc., 12172037 SC
Seavy, Myron B., 1 Lt., 0-1103402 CE
Seidel, Max H., S/Sgt., 37415141 AC
Seigel, Leon, Pvt., 32415075 AC
Somand, Edward J. 1/Sgt.,36543436 AC
Shambis, Deloss H., T/5, 37466892 SC
Sharp, Paul L., Pfc., 38326043 CE
Shefulski, Peter P., Pvt., 32504173 AC
Shekell, Charles H., Pfc., 38453404 CE
Shelton, Horace E., Pvt., 38305332 CE
Shepherd, Odell, Pfc., 33562553 AC
Shilkus, Fred C., Private, 36722540 SC
Shoemaker, Ruby R., Pvt., 38369097 CE
Shull, Kenneth H., 2 Lt., 0-579226 AC
Siarkowski, Ervin E., Pvt., 35542765 CE
Sienko, Fred T., T/5, 36721686 CE
Sifuentes, Ralph V., T/5, 37494203 CE
Sink, Walton, Pvt., 36613197 CE
Sirgiovanni, Dominic, Pvt., 32700538 CE
Sistern, Ralph W., Pvt., 37654441 CE
Sitter, Ralph, Pvt., 39455310 CE
Sivulich, John, Pfc., 33460186 CE
Skvasik, Andrew J., Pvt., 12165429 SC
Slager, Justin J., Pfc., 36417850 CE
Sleeper, Lawrence J., Cpl., 31132650 AC
Sloan, Theodore, T/5, 32672745 CE
Sloat, Walter D., 2 Lt., 0-509398 SC
Smelscer, Robert Pvt., 334261 33
Smith, Charles H., Pvt., 38464222 CE
Smith, Earle F., Pvt., 33553426 CE
Smith, Ernest N., Pvt., 36568162 CE
Smith, Glen E., Pvt., 36728926 CE
Smith, Harry A., T/5, 37411379 CE
Smith, Harry L., Cpl., 33553319 CE
Smith, Herman E., T/5, 34704378 CE
Smith, Hughie H., Pvt., 34625682 CE
Smith, Humphrey E., Cpl., 38394214 CE
Smith, Jasper R., Pfc., 32847486 CE
Smith, Joseph C., Cpl., 14171058 AC
Smith, Loyal H., Pvt., 36263832 SC
Smith, Paul W., Pfc., 32539439 SC
Smith, Walter E., T/5, 36297690 CE
Smith, William g. jr., Pvt., 33525476 SC
Smith, Wilson Jr., S/Sgt., 12057739 CE
Smolinsky, Peter P., Pfc., 33271005 AC
Smothermon, Choron, Pvt., 38476978 AC
Sneath, John C., Cpl., 6145722, NF
Snedeker, Vincent B., T/5, 12133649 SC
Solomon, Herman, Pvt., 32712727 CE
Somand, Edward J., 1/Sgt., 36543476 CE
Soppe, Raymond F., Pvt., 37156293 CE
Sortwell, George H., Cpl., 35567877 AC
Sosnofsky, Harry, 2nd Lt., 0-873096 CS
Soucie, Telesphore J., Pvt., 31283142 SC
Sparacio, Jack T., Pfc., 32730604 AC
Spears, Earl J., T/5, 36441270 CE
Spears, Emerson, T/4, 32367971 SC
Spielhagen, Howard C., Pvt., 17078186 SC
Spiess, Herbert, Pfc., 32396726 AC
Spivey, Robert W., Pvt., 34763613 CE
Spruck, Hans W., Pfc., 36643706 MC
Sroka, Henry S., Pvt., 36722143 CE
Stafford, Chester E., T/5, 36440795 CE
Stankovic, Nicholas M., Pfc., 33496904 CE
Starnes, Thomas F, Pvt., 34643680 CE
Stasiak, Leon.J., Pvt., 32783131 CE
Steely, James E., T/5, 36543234 CE
Stefannice, Aldo, T/5, 32367979 SC
Stein, Edmund Cpl., 323820 71
Stein, Roy A., Pfc., 36568388 CE
Stelitano, Lawrence L., Pvt., 33439432 AC
Stellato, Joseph N., Pfc., 33231674 SC
Stephenson, Chester D., Pvt., 39257087 AC
Steward, Cecil A., Pvt., 34656366 AC
Stewart, Arlie A., M/Sgt., 6076972 NF
Stewart, Franklin M., Pfc., 325401 SC
Stinson, Ned, T/5, 37397524, CE
Straub, Arthur G., Pvt., 35684593 CE
Strole, Trenton A., S/Sgt.., 33089531, NF
Sturges, Claude J., Pfc., 19100809 AC
Sullivan, John J., Pvt., 12182386 SC
Swanger, John M., Pvt., 35624874 CE
Sward, George S., Pvt., ]37660197 CE
Swerbinsky, Frank, Pvt., 33575107 SC
Swickey, Harry, T/4, 32537571 SC
Swobodo, Joseph J., Pvt., 15353859 AC
Szkatulski, Stanley A., Pvt., 35543892 CE


Tabor, Alfred J. Sr., Pvt., 33528666 CE
Tally, Marshall B., Pvt., 37415765 CE
Tarantola, Peter, Pvt., 32710987 CE
Tasker, Wallace, Pfc., 35746181 CE
Taylor, Harry V., Pvt., 12133648 SC
Teitelbaum, Abraham, Cpl., 12160137 AC
Terflinger, Robert F., T/5, 37494521 CE
Tester, Robert D., Sgt., 36003276 6,
Thell, Anton F., Cpl., 17123524, AC
Thiel, Herbert E., Pvt., 36291620 CE
Thistlewood, George W., Pvt., 32368330 SC
Thomas, Budio J., Pvt., 31291837 CE
Thomas, Joseph F., Cpl., 35007989 NF
Thompson, Luther O., 1 Lt., 0-566909 CE
Thrasher, Donald W., T/5, 35540841 CE
Throne, George W., Pvt., 33499032 CE
Thweat, Thomas D., Pvt., 34122578 CE
Tidball, Cleo L., Pvt., 37413698 CE
Tilberg, John B., T/Sgt., 32579570, AC
Tischner, Samuel P., Pvt., 32895628 AC
Tisza, John A., T/5, 32368330 SC
Tobbe, George B., Pfc., 36630673 CE
Toczylowski, Chester, T/5, 37415179 CE
Torbich, William, T/5, 33418450 CE
Tramontano, Guy J., Pvt., 32734023 CE
Trant, Russell H., S/Sgt., 37235397 AC
Trevino, Lee C., Pvt., 38114816 CE
Trimnath, Carl A., Pfc., 33569415 CE
Troutman, Raymond H., Sgt., 32139065 AC
Truax, Duane E., Pvt., 37469837 CE
Tubbs, Lloyd M., Sgt., 20726610 NF
Tucker, Ralph W., Sgt., 18219348 AC
Turner, George H., Pvt., 35643672 SC
Tyner, Thomas O. Jr., Sgt., 14158919 AC


Ulery, John M., T/5, 33414010 CE
Underdown, George T., Pvt., 32717457 CE
Unger, Ervin W., Pvt., 37408927 CE
Unger, Frank J., Cpl., 32745693 CO
Urban, Lester J., Sgt., 26291591 CE
Uvino, Louis J., Pvt., 32805376 NF


Vadney, Edward W., Pvt., 35643672 SC
Valentini, Vincent J., Pvt., 33131757 CE
Van Pelt, Garland L., Cpl., 18192148 AC
Van Ryn, Norman E., Cpl., 33164467 AC
Vander Giessen, John C., Pfc., 36460271 AC
Varriano, John, T/4, 12183134 SC
Vaughn, Douglass, Pfc., 15068180 MC
Veasie, John E. Jr., T/4, 11013238 SC
Vecchio, Frank, Sgt., 33111456 CE
Venclik, Emil L., Pfc., 36746216 AC
Very, Hale, 1/Sgt, 31036530 CE
Vest, Drexel, Pfc., 35798183 AC
Vidit, August, Pvt., 35527083 SC
Viehmana, Harvey C., T/5, 37411276 CE
Vilardi, Frank, Pvt., 32809127 AC
Vitnic, Frank J., T/4, 33275612 SC


Waddell, Emzie E., Pvt., 37417123 CE
Wade, William, Pvt., 35656310 AC
Wald, Weldon W., S/Sgt., 38364854 CE
Waldrep, R.B., T/5, 38340163 CE
Walker, Thomas  S., M/Sg, 32272201 NF
Walters, Fred C., Pvt., 12182661 SC
Walters, Grady M. Jr., S/Sgt., 14014203 AC
Wanbaugh, William L., Pfc., 13067494 SC
Wargo, Albert S., Cpl., 33292627 AC
Wasniewski, Eugene, Pfc., 32632204 AC
Waterman, Harry E., Cpl., 11106127 AC
Webb, James R., Pfc., 339460551 CE
Webber, Thomas A., 2 Lt., 0-581327 AC
Webster, Harold C., Pfc., 33529632 CE
Weegmen, Henry, Cpl., 37177365 AC
Weidenbenner, Herbert J., T/5, 6859282 CE
Weight, Kenneth D., Cpl., 39906660 CE
Weissman, Sidney, Pvt., 32539611 SC
Welgoss, Eugene, Pvt., 33463627, NF
Weller, Otto A., Pvt., 32367135 SC
Werber, Jack L., S/Sgt., 33446676 AC
West, Elmer N., T/4, 37405852 CE
West, Tommy B., T/4, 38445298 CE
Wheaton, Jack, Pfc., 39906571 CE
White, Harold W., T/5, 37399102 CE
Whited, Everett, T/5, 35679382 CE
Whitehead, Clinton W., T/5, 34682739 CE
Whitlowe, Jay P., 1/Sgt, 34372121 CE
Wibbelsmann, Arthur H., T/5, 35713279 CE
Wiebold, Morris G., Cpl., 17123243 AC
Wiesjahn, Walter C., Pfc., 32862294 AC
Wilder, Harry, Pfc., 11062558 SC
Wilhoite, Earle G. Jr., Pfc., 33737909 AC
Williamson, George W., Pfc., 36720827 CE
Wilpan, Seymour, Pfc., 32814209 AC
Wilson, Joseph A., Sgt., 17059182 AC
Wilson, Kenneth W., T/5, 34762425 CE
Wilson, Paul B., Cpl., 18197971 AC
Wilson, Walter O., T/4, 37494435 CE
Winingham, Earnest O., Cpl., 18198524 AC
Winters, Homer M., Pfc., 33496926 CE
Wirtanen, Onni N., Pfc., 31077425 SC
Witchey, William, T/5, 33566951 CE
Wolff, Edward A., Cpl., 12182834 AC
Wolford, Claude W., Sgt., 37424859 NF
Wood, Miner K., 2 Lt., 0-1108428 CE
Woodruff, Walter W. Jr., Pfc., 34781871 AC
Woodstock, Francis V., Sgt., 121813
Woody, Golden H., Pfc., 37496956 CE
Wooley, Emmitt E., Sgt., 38446280 CE
Wortman, Chester F., Pfc., 32568014 SC
Wortman, William H., Pfc., 12165536 SC


No names beginning with the letter X


Yachus, Michael, Pvt., 32367984 SC
Yeager, Donald D., Cpl., 35666585 AC
Yoder, Dale R., Cpl., 33309409 AC
Young, Cecil, Pvt., 36567556 CE
Young, Clyde D., Cpl., 36568075 AC


Zachry, Lonzo D., Pvt., 19177372 AC
Zagar, John A., T/5, 36419196 CE
Zamanigian, Martin, Pvt., 19138744 AC
Zborowski, Frank, Pvt., 36173341 CE
Zeh, Marion V., T/Sgt, 36436479 CE
Zebrack, Sim
Ziegenbusch,Herman H.M/Sgt.37059525 NF
Zimmerman, Harry H., Pvt., 36440689 CE
Zura, Andrew, Pfc., 13109842 CE

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