The following listed names are those of the men who perished in the Rohna disaster. They are presented here to honor and remember them, and to imprint them into American history.

At the time of this website was created, to the best of our knowledge, the families of less than thirty five of the one thousand fifteen casualties have been identified and are known to have learned of the fate of their loved ones.

This roster is also included in the hope and expectation that, as a result, more families will recognize a name, make a connection and be enabled to learn the facts about the loss of their loved ones.

With the help of survivors, next-of-kin, and remaining government documents, the site manager has been able to assemble a roster of only one thousand and eight names of the one thousand and fifteen reported to have been lost in the Rohna disaster. The search for the remaining seven will continue.

Breakdown of Units
Aboard the Rohna

CE:     853rd Engineer BN. Avn. Corps of Eng.
AC:    322nd Fighter Control Squad., Air Corp
SC:     31st Signal Construction Battalion
MC:    44th Portable Surgical Hospital
AC:     AAF Fillers (Shipment #AD664-A)
AC:     Ground Fillers (Shipment #GH826)
AC:     AAF Fillers (Shipment #1826 A & D)
INF:   ASF Fillers (Shipment #RH705 AAA)


The following list includes name, rank, serial number and unit.


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Adam,  Richard J.,  Cpl.,  36317587 AC
Adamczyk, Jacob E., T/5, 36721878 CE
Aguilar, Gilbert, Pfc., 18198769 SC
Albrecht, Paul E., T/4, 38027398 MC
Alexander, Walter J., T/5, 34315650 MC
Alfred, Edward H., Pfc., 36448909 AC
Alleman, Roger E., Pfc, 35496862 CE
Allen, Ramon R., Sgt., 39906599 CE
Allen, Steve, T/5, 35682721 CE
Amarello, John J., Pfc, 32577653 AC
Anctil, Ronaldo J., T/5, 31218820 CE
Anger, Earl J., 2Lt, 01107548 CE
Antrasian, Thomas, Pfc., 12183162 SC
Archer, Perry O., Pvt., 39385085 SC
Arnold, Alfred N., Pvt., 37495985 CE
Arnold, Kenneth L., Pvt., 35541018 CE
Arvickson, Oscar R., Pvt., 3357008 CE
Ashford, Harry B., T/5, 3718007 CE
Ashworth, Elmer, Pfc, 38425097 CE
Atkinson, Jackson P., T/4, 34306534 SC
Attanasi, Americo J., Cpl., 33477 AC


Baack, Walter W., Pvt., 38370636 CE
Babin, Edward J., Lt., 0-650
Bacco, Daniel A., Pfc., 32792671 CE
Baine, John W., Pvt, 33363224 AC
Baker, Harr yF., Pvt., 35541070 CE
Baker, Richard W., Pvt., 31253360 CE
Ballerino, Frank, Pvt., 32367983 SC
Banks, George L., Pvt., 33494107 SC
Bannon, Dwigh tF., Sgt., 19100125 NF
Barbala, John, Pvt., 334602
Barrett, Elmer, Cpll., 19059298 AC
Barthel, William G., S/Sgt, 32461142 CE
Bartko, Walter, Pvt., 33423068 CE
Basile, Giacomo D., Pvt., 33592062 SC
Battista, Nunzio, T/5, 32539505 SC
Beatty, Cletus E., Sgt., 39614465 CE
Beck, Louis H., Cpl., 33287444 AC
Beckham, Sam D., Pvt., 38451361 CE
Behn, Otto J., Sgt., 37085417, NF
Bellavia, Ettore, Pvt., 12043025 SC
Belles, Kermit A., Pvt., 39208000 AC
Benderling, Frank L., T/5, 36293611 CE
Bennafield, William F., Pvt., 34058562 CE
Bennett, Robert O., Pfc., 12182941 SC
Berger, Leon, Sgt., 32185961 AC
Berns, Edward J., T/5, 37409403 CE
Bernstein, Joseph, S/Sgt., 31201781 CE
Berry, James J., T/4, 32568479 SC
Bessonette, John., T/5, 34611701 CE
Beyer, Clarence W., T/5, 36291312 CE
Bielski, Joseph E., Pvt., 31352919 AC
Biggs, Otis L., T/5, 38363231 CE
Bird, Leo J., T/Sgt, 32312785 SC
Birkel, Jack T., Pfc., 18133235 AC
Bishop, Herman C., Pfc., 32668261 CE
Blackman, Howard M., Pvt., 34809002 CE
Blaine, Franklin W., Sgt, 38000292, NF
Blake, George G., Cpl., 33450 NF
Blake, William F., Pfc., 35528208 CE
Bloom, Rober tL., Pvt., 33465212 SC
Bobby, John, Pfc., 32539552 SC
Bogovich, Stephan M., T/5, 36599215 CE
Bohnet, Livingston R., Pfc., 19185345 AC
Bolyard, Raymond V., Sgt., 15323725 CE
Bonacci, Augus tP., Cpl, 32675485 CE
Boos, Raymond W., Pvt., 36297827 CE
Boroch, Theodore T., Cpl., 37124298 AC
Bouchard, George A., T/5, 31084293 MC
Bowden, Milford N, Pfc, 33569338 CE
Boyd, Benjamin F., Cpl., 17127236 AC
Boyer, James C., Sgt., 20462441, NF
Branam, James F., T/5, 34504709 CE
Brandon, William L., Pvt., 39905493 CE
Bresee, Theodore F.Jr., Cpl., 12171543 AC
Brewster, Carl W., Pvt., 33436359 CE
Brezinskey, John F., S/Sgt., 13022884 AC
Bricker, Harold L., Pfc., 33496858 CE
Broner, Max, T/5, 39563201 CE
Brooks, Paul M., S/Sgt., 34206526 AC
Brown, Eugene J., Pfc., 35602619 CE
Brown, Lelland B.., T/5, 35746768 CE
Brown, Walter L., Pfc., 35539837 CE
Brumbaugh, Jack C., Cpl., 14177846 AC
Bruner, Landen, Sgt., 34597179 CE
Bruno, Orlando S., Pfc, 39906691 AC
Bryant, Clifford D., Cpl., 37108597 AC
Bryce, Neuman H., Sgt., 38300275 AC
Buchanan, Earl O., Cpl., 39270712 AC
Buchanan, Russel G., Pfc., 33288164 CE
Buckingham, Millard E., T/4, 32367947 SC
Bucy, Weldon E., Pfc., 37410176 CE
Buie, Richard E., Cpl., 1816701 CE
Buis, Charles W., Cpl., 3556363 AC
Bullard, Orison J., Jr., T/5, 3655566 CE
Burazio, Patsy, Pfc., 3560263 CE
Burk, Charles E., Pvt., 3645060 CM
Burke, Manuel T., T/5, 3353137 CE
Burke, William J., Pvt., 3277539 SC
Burnett, Glenn F., Sgt., 3641786 CE
Butler, Edward T., Cpl., 3266839 CE
Butler, Frank S., Cpl., 1413908 AC
Byrne, John A., T/5, 36721 CE


Caldwell, Paul B., Pfc.3459705 CE
Calli, John J., Pvt., 3286534 CE
Calvert, Julius C., Pfc., 3564609 CE
Cambridge, Donald, Cpl., 3919442 AC
Cameron, John C., Cpl., 1715571 AC
Campbell, James P., Pvt., 3559917 CE
Campbell, John C., Cpl., 1418459 AC
Campbell, William J., Pvt., 3749693 CE
Caperton, William R., Pfc., 3471373 AC
Carel, Clarence E., Cpl., 3562383 CE
Carey, William G., Pfc., 1816624 CE
Carlin, Sanford R., Sgt., 1204514 AC
Carlson, Nils G., T/4, 3347854 CE
Carr, Michael, T/5, 3236801 SC
Carr, Thomas V., Cpl., 3438852 AC
Carrera, Henry A., Cpl., 1801397 CE
Casey, Earl S., Cpl., 1315363 AC
Casey, Thomas M.Pfc., Ce, 3257981 CE
Casilio, William A., Pvt., 33668088 CE
Castaneda, Henry L., Pfc, 3925090 NC
Caston, Cleo T., T/5, 3710425 CE
Catanzaro, Anthony, Pfc, 32693 39
Cattalini, Armand J., Pvt., 3903690 CE
Cebulski, Michael J., Pvt., 3287844 CE
Celmer, Stanislaus Jr., Sgt., 1202946 AC
Cenami, Fran kP., Pvt., 3117320 AC
Chaney, Charles E., Pfc., 3357705 CE
Chapman, John H., T/5, 3341253 CE
Chavez, Frank M., T/5, 3927652 CE
Chavez, Salvador A., Cpl., 3665305 AC
Christopher, John A., Pfc., 3254997 CE
Clark, Leland A., Cpl., 3665305 AC
Clegg, George L., Cpl., 3548852 AC
Cline, Hal J., Pvt., 3459594 CE
Close, George M., Pfc., 39906648 CE
Cochran, Charlie E., Pfc, 3639363 CE
Cochran, Howard B., S/Sgt., 1403021 AC
Coffee, Grove rB., Pvt., 3832705 CE
Cohen, Sidney, Pvt., 3253985 SC
Cole, Otis Q., Pvt., 34596025 CE
Coleman, George E., T/5, 32736557 CE
Coleman, Richard H., Pvt., 36295201 CE
Coles, Saint M., Pfc., 6284733 AC
Collins, Livingston N., Pfc., 38380395 CE
Collins, William A., Pvt., 34811027 CE
Colon, Joseph A., Pfc., 32800729 AC
Comeaux, Dallas L., Pvt., 34236348 SC
Comer, Frederick W., Pvt., 32568300 SC
Conklin, Lester, Jr., T/4, 32726038 CE
Conner, Earl V., Pvt, 13117014 AC
Conner, Harold R., Cpl., 31226126 AC
Conners, John F., Pvt., 3110156 AC
Conrad, James B., Cpl., 13142958 AC
Conrad, Joseph W., T/4/, 12165546 SC
Conroy, Joseph T., T/5, 32569893 SC
Conti, Sam S., Pvt., 36630857 CE
Cook, Forrest A., Sgt., 34506081 CE
Cooke, Edgar V., Pvt., 34597028 CE
Corcoran, Lawrence B., T/5/, 33331810 CE
Correa, Calvin R., Pvt., 36483076 AC
Coss, Earl R., Cpl., 39192681 AC
Cox, JohnT .Jr., Pfc., 31280802 CE
Coyle, William E., Cpl., 356615 9,
Craig, John F., Pvt., 35602681 CE
Craig, Joseph W., Pvt.], 35647413 CE
Cranford, Douglas N., T/5, 3459727 CE
Creighton, Arthur J., Pfc., 11115307 AC
Cremer, Clarence E.Jr., Pvt., 3553736 SC
Cresse, Russel D., Pfc., 3561342 AC
Crum, Clinton W., T/5, 3461076 CE
Currey, Thomas, Pfc., 3830608 CE
Cusack, Joseph J., Pfc., 3256828 SC
Czernak, Edward J., Pfc., 36631 CE


Dahm, Edmund A., Sgt., 3664880 AC
Dalton, Archie  A., Pvt., 3450517 CE
Dandrea, Frank, Sgt., 3319478 CE
Danese, Angelo P, , Pfc., 3256944 SC
Daniel, Paul L., Pvt., 3749520 CE
Daniel, Thomas S., S/Sgt., 1413816 AC
Daniels, Fletcher H., T/Sgt., 3920 CE
Dawson, Clarence J., Cpl., 3241286 AC
Dawson, Paul, Pvt., 3574238 SC
Day, Elmer F., Sgt., 3248714 CE
DeMello, Alfred J., Pvt., 3912303 CE
Dean, Clarence, T/5, 3830656 CE
Dean, Frazier A., T/5, 3845086 CE
Deardeoff, Melvon S., Pvt., 3750571 CE
Dearing, Henr yM., T/5, 3559913 CE
Debonis, Joseph L., Jr., Pvt., 3256990 SC
Degennaro, Louis J., T/5, 3253955 SC
Dehart, Ransom A., T/5, 3459607 CE
DeLameter, William, T/5, 39262653 AC
Delano, Jr., Roland M., Cpl., 1103433 AC
Deletto, William S., Cpl., 3250332 AC
Dell, William S., Sgt., 3349689 CE
Dellaflora, Anthony, Cpl., 3561420 AC
Delorenzo, Mario L., T/5, 1218335 SC
Deluca, Fred J., Pvt., 3291177 CE
Deodati, Ralph, T/4/, 3269215 CE
Deutsch, Leonard, Cpl., 1215969 AC
Devore, Forest L., Pfc., 3552766 CE
Dhom, Robert J., Pfc., 3663383 CE
DiBenedetto, Joseph, Pfc., 3274246 CE
Dickson, Albert J., Cpl., 3722219 AC
Dingman, Ernest, Pfc., 3568316 CE
Dingman, Jack C., Pvt., 37411323 CE
Dinittes, Peter J., Cpl., 131105 6,
Dinnini, Arnold, Pfc., 3349691 CE
Dirsa, James, Jr, Cpl., 31110 26
Disbrow, Thomas C., Cpl., 3248926 AC
Doak, Joseph L., Cpl., 3333847 AC
Dobbins, George B., Sgt., 3336037 AC
Dockmam, Clarence B., Pfc., 3656836 CE
Doenges, Clarence J., Pvt., 33418940 CE
Donahue, Harold P., Pfc., 1218183 SC
Donahue, John E., Pvt., 3838049 CE
Doyle, Raymond E., Sgt., 3331056 AC
Doyle, William A., Sgt., 1504160 AC
DuVall, Claude E., Pfc., 3509620 CE
Dudley, Loyd T., Pvt., 3352105 CE
Duke, Lee F., Pvt., 3839464 CE
Dunbar, Donald W., Cpl., 3357730 AC
Duran, Leo H.., Pvt., 3955135 CE
Duren, Raymond O., Cpl., 1417467 AC
Durham, Harold W., T/5, 3553631 CE
Durham, Lucien N., T/5, 3452641 CE
Durkin, John J., Cpl., 3255062 AC
Dyda, Frank W., T/4, 32568 SC

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