This web page contains a roster of those men living and dead, known to have survived the Rohna bombing and aftermath. These survivors are presented here that they may be publicly recognized and acknowledged. This roster is also given that doors may be opened for persons looking for buddies, friends, or family, and to provide a vehicle for establishing and re-establishing contacts.

The actual numbers of US officers and enlisted men that survived the Rohna ordeal is not clear, partly due to the difficulty in establishing an exact count of men who originally boarded the vessel vs the actual number who sailed on her. The troops were loaded on the Rohna at Oran on November 24, 1943, but due to overcrowding many of them were unloaded and transferred to the HMT Rajula, the Rohna’s sister ship. Some outfits were split up in the process.

Later, in the confusion that followed the bombing and sinking of the ship, record keeping was uncertain, conflicting and confusing. (Especially for researchers in later years.) Some names were dropped or lost. Even in the last few years, names of casualties and survivors, not previously reported, surfaced and have since been verified.

Of the estimated 1,981 U.S. military personnel reported on board, 966 survivors were counted. However, one dispatch, dated December 28, 1943, noted that there was a “difference of 24 troops reported above and the number reported missing or dead.”

It is clear that compiling a complete and accurate roster of survivors fifty six years later is a daunting project, especially since many of the survivors have to date, not made their presence known to the association, or may have since passed away. In any case, we are proceeding with information at hand, which includes 718 names and invite any visitor to this site, who is an unlisted survivor, or has information about a survivor not listed, to contact the Association with additional information, using the address below. Survivors who are listed are encouraged to submit any corrections or additions they may wish to make.


Breakdown of Units
Aboard the Rohna

CE:     853rd Engineer BN. Avn. Corps of Eng.
AC:    322nd Fighter Control Squad., Air Corp
SC:     31st Signal Construction Battalion
MC:    44th Portable Surgical Hospital
AC:     AAF Fillers (Shipment #AD664-A)
AC:     Ground Fillers (Shipment #GH826)
AC:     AAF Fillers (Shipment #1826 A & D)
INF:   ASF Fillers (Shipment #RH705 AAA)


The following list includes name, rank, serial number and unit.


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Sacco, Eugene A. AI-826-A
Salsman, Alfred J. AI-826-A
Salvati, Thomas A. AC
Salzillo, Lt. William CE
Sammons, Floyd R. CE
Sanner, Albert E. AACS
Santti, Sulo E. CE
Sarnotsky, Seymour * AI-826-A
Sauls, Oretus E. Jr. AC
Sawicki, Edward J. AC
Saxon, Weldon F. AI-826-A
Scheideler, David C. CE
Schoenacker, Carl E. * AC
Schroeder, John F. AC
Schulz, Frank AC
Sears, Fred
Seidel, Jerome M. AACS
Senne, August L. AI-826-A
Shatto, Miles T. AC
Shaw, Lt. Robert B. * CE
Shelton, Charles
Sher, Pvt. Sidney *
Sherman, Hyman AACS
Sherrill, Robert L. AI-826-A
Sherwood, William L. AC
Shimon, John AC
Shimp, Jake AI-826-A
Shufelt, Lyle C. AI-826-A
Sidoti, Peter R. (1) AC
Silva, Anthony L.* 31st Signal Corps
Silver, George M. AACS
Simmons, Ernest J. AI-826-A
Sinare, Anthony AACS
Skewis, Edwin SC
Slater, Maxwell
Slujnski, John AI-826-A
Smart, Frederick B. AC
Smith, Edward H. CE
Smith, George W. AC
Smith, John W. AACS
Smith, John L. AI-826-A
Smith, Raymond A. AC
Smith, Robert E. Jr. AI-826-A
   Service  # 14,178,057
Smith, Robert E. Jr. AC
   Service # 32,431,825
Smith, Lt. Winton R. AACS
Smutney, Ludwik *
Snoddy, Sam
Snyder, Louis E. * CE
Sotomayer, Perfecto S. CE
Sponamore, Benjamin F. 31st Signal Corps
Specter, Lt. Sam I. AACS
Speicher, James O. AC
Spurbeck, George CE
Spurlock, Clifford M. CE
St. John, Ronald P. AACS
Stafford, Charles E. CE
Stankiewicz, Walter F. 853rd
Stanton, Leo F. AC
Stauffer, John
Steenhout, William G. CE
Steele, Douglas
Steele, Richard H. AI-826-A
Stefenoni, Alfred J. * AC
Steiner, Richard F AC
Stevens, Kenneth M. AI-826-A
Stevens, Robert C. Jr. AACS
Stewart, Charles V. 31st Signal Construction Bn.
Stewart, James P. CE
Stone, George P. Jr. AACS
Stout, Marshall R. AI-826-A
Straty, George AACS
Steenhout, Frank 853rd
Stricker, Gilbert F. AACS
Stroud, Harold H. CE
Strout, Marshall AI-826-A
Sumrall, Delton * CE
Sullivan. Francis J. * 31st Sig. Heavy Construction Bn
Sullivan, Gerald D. (1) AC
Swain, Lt. John W. AACS
Swasey, William G. CE


Tassone, Dominic V. AI-826-A
Tattelman, Paul AC
Taylor, Paul M. AC
Taylor, Raymond Cecil CE
Taylor, Roy AI-826-A
Taylor, Jacob W. CE
Teague, Thomas B. CE
Templeton, Lt. William C. Jr. AACS
Toellner, Walter E. AC
Thomas, James CE
Thomas, Vernie L. AI-826-A
Thomas, Wilbur AI-826-A
Thompson, Charles L. CE
Toellner, Walter E. AC
Tomasino, Arthur A. AC
Tomaszewski, Roman M. AI-826-A
Tominia, Carmelo
Tompkins, Charles F. AC
Torcerice, Charles (aka Tortice)
Torres, Agapito S. * CE
Townes, Charles F. AC
Trammel, Howard G. CE
Trapanese, Joseph CE
Tresler, Floyd C. AC
Truckenbredt, Edgar W. Infantry
Trywusch, Myron J. AC
Tsouflou, George


No names beginning with the letter “U”


Valdez, Jesus F. CE
Van Brunt, Frank H. SC
Van Sickle, Lt. Don P. CE
Vandentop, Albert
Vannest, Kenneth H. (R.) AC (AC)?
Vangeloff, August AC
Vangi, John * SC
Vaughn, Douglas Med. Corps
Ventresca, Nick
Veterano, Carlo SC
Vigil, Agapito CE
Vinitzky, Herman 322nd Fighter Control Sqdn
Visser, Richard
Vogler, Richard C. AC


Wagner, Gilbert A. CE
Waldon, Jack C. AC
Warneke, Erwin H. AI-826-A
Warren, William H. AC
Wary, Joe SC
Wasp, William H. 31st Signal Construction Battalion
Weber, Aaron AC
Weinsten, Aaron RED CROSS
Weisbord, Rubin, (Weisbrod) AC
Welch, William, Medic CE
Westphal, James L. AC
Wheeler, Forrest W. AC
Wheeler, Sgt. James E. RH705AAA
White, Louie L. AC
Whitesel, Richard H. AC
Wilde, Cap’t Arnold R. CE
Wilde, Don R. CE
Wilde, Harold L. CE
Wilhelm, Leonard M. CE
Willeford, Edward H. CE
Williams, Aubrey H. AC
Williams, Charles J. SC
Williams, Otho B. AI-826-A
Williams, Shelby E. AC
Williamson, Jesse W. CE
Willis, Robert K. AC
Wilkie, Herbert M. AACS
Wilson, Roland L. SC
Wohl, Benson CE
Wohlt, Norbert Edward “Nubs” * CE
Wolff, Wm Fred SC
Woody, Robert D. CE
Wright, Charles


Xanthus, Peter 31st Signal Heavy Construction Bn.


Yost, Orlo E. 31st Signal
Young, Fred
Young, James P. CE


Zachry, Lonzo D., Pvt., 19177372 AC
Zagar, John A., T/5, 36419196 CE
Zamanigian, Martin, Pvt., 19138744 AC
Zborowski, Frank, Pvt., 36173341 CE
Zeh, Marion V., T/Sgt, 36436479 CE
Zebrack, Sim
Ziegenbusch,Herman H. M/Sgt.37059525 NF
Zielinski,Walter D.M/Sgt.
Zimmerman, Harry H., Pvt., 36440689 CE
Zura, Andrew, Pfc., 13109842 CE
(1) Reported as seriously injured in action.  Survival status unclear.

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