Thanks to Philip Morgan, who was on board the Rohna with the 44th Portable Surgical Hospital, for sharing a few memories. Phil has just recently “found” the RSMA through a series of chance happenings, including a newspaper article, Carlton Jackson’s book and this web-site. We’re glad to hear from him and welcome him.

He wrote……

I am a survivor. At the time of the attack, I was sent to work in the dispensary alone with another medic who I believe was Robert Olney. I was standing in the door when the bomb was released and I followed its descent until it leveled off and struck our ship. The blast hit me on the right side of the head and threw me clear back against the rear wall. Someone put a bandage on my head and threw me overboard. I was picked up by a minesweeper and brought eventually to the hospital.

Later I was sent back to the states and served as a medic at Norfolk Navy base and later discharged.