Pioneer Crew Members

Pioneer Crew Members

At this time less than half of the names of the 120 man USS Pioneer crew have been located for posting and honoring on our web site. With time we are committed and confident we will add to the roster below.

You can read the full story of the Amazing Rescue here.

If you have any information about a crew member not listed please contact the Association with additional information.

There are 44 names in this list.

Allison, LewisPioneer
Applegate, Russell M.Pioneer
Bellomy, Clyde  *Pioneer
Blake, William L.Pioneer
Brassington, Donald E. *Pioneer
Brumbach, Andrew A. *Pioneer
Coltec, Jr., JohnPioneer
Cooper Jr., JohnPioneer
Croyle, ErnestPioneer
Cundiff, Ralph *Pioneer
Cunigan, Sam *Pioneer
Curfew, JayPioneer
Curl, Jesse *Pioneer
Dana, Wayne B. *Pioneer
Davis, Jack *Pioneer
Dawes, Herbert C. *Pioneer
Difolco, Louis J.Pioneer
Drogo, Louis *Pioneer
Dunlap, James O. *Pioneer
Dupre, DonPioneer
Essenpreis, DuanePioneer
Golian, JohnPioneer
Hendricks. Carrill C.Pioneer
Higgins, Frank *Pioneer
Horvath, StevenPioneer
Humes, Melvin D.Pioneer
Jones, Harrell R. *Pioneer
Kneser Jr., ClarencePioneer
Knight, John *Pioneer
Knopik, FrankPioneer
Korf, Fred L. *Pioneer
Lewis, David W. *Pioneer
Linville, Ed *Pioneer
Mathews, William D.Pioneer
Milstead, Alvin Pioneer
Osick, Leroy W.Pioneer
Penoske, Daniel *Pioneer
Poirer, John *Pioneer
Rhodes, Harry C.Pioneer
Rogers, Leroy E. *Pioneer
Shaw, AiriealPioneer
Skold, Elmer A.Pioneer
Waggoner, S. E.Pioneer
Wright, Ron *Pioneer

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