Survivors list

The list on this page contains the names of the men, living and dead, known to have survived the Rohna bombing and aftermath. These survivors are presented here so they may be publicly recognized and acknowledged.

We hope this roster will open doors for persons looking for buddies, friends, or family, and to provide a vehicle for establishing and re-establishing contacts.

The actual numbers of US officers and enlisted men who survived the Rohna ordeal is not clear, partly due to the difficulty in establishing an exact count of men who originally boarded the vessel versus the actual number who sailed on her.

The troops were loaded on the Rohna at Oran on November 24, 1943, but due to overcrowding many of them were unloaded and transferred to the HMT Rajula, the Rohna’s sister ship. Some outfits were split up in the process.


Later, in the confusion that followed the bombing and sinking of the ship, record keeping was uncertain, conflicting and confusing. This is especially true for researchers in later years. Some names were dropped or lost. Even in the last few years, names of casualties and survivors, not previously reported, surfaced and have since been verified. Of the estimated 1,981 U.S. military personnel reported on board, 966 survivors were counted. However, one dispatch, dated December 28, 1943, noted that there was a “difference of 24 troops reported above and the number reported missing or dead.”

Help us in our research

It is clear that compiling a complete and accurate roster of survivors seventy five years later is a daunting project, especially since many of the survivors have to date, not made their presence known to the association, or may have since passed away. In any case, we are proceeding with information at hand, which includes 748 names and invite any visitor to this site, who is an unlisted survivor, or has information about a survivor not listed, to contact the Association with additional information. Survivors or their family members are encouraged to submit any corrections or additions they wish to make.

There are 748 names in this list.

Abbott, Homer J.ACSurvivor
Adducci, Lt. Joseph P.CESurvivor
Albee, George H.CESurvivor
Albrecht, Paul E.Med. CorpsSurvivor
Alexander, J. D.CESurvivor
Alfaro, Ted M. *ACSurvivor
Allgood, Ralph W.ACSurvivor
Almond, Sherman (Toby)CESurvivor
Alvarado, JosephCESurvivor
Alvarado, Raymond P.CESurvivor
Andrade, FrankAI-826-ASurvivor
Andrade, Ralph W.ACSurvivor
Anjeski, Elmer A.AACSSurvivor
Antalik, August M.CESurvivor
Anwyl, Capt. Philip R.ACSurvivor
Ashley, Edward L.ACSurvivor
Ashley, RonSurvivor
Atkinson, FloydCESurvivor
Baber, Ed E. *CESurvivor
Baetz, Richard A.CESurvivor
Bailey, Clarence J.AI-826-ASurvivor
Bailey, TilleySurvivor
Baird, AaronCESurvivor
Baird, Joe C.ACSurvivor
Baker, Howard G.AI-826-ASurvivor
Baldassari, Azio *SCSurvivor
Ball, GreenAACSSurvivor
Ball, Kenneth W.Survivor
Bantley, EldridgeAI-826-ASurvivor
Barkley, Charlie D.CESurvivor
Bartolotta, Louis *SCSurvivor
Basham, Herbert D.ACSurvivor
Bauer, Charles *SCSurvivor
Beard, Capt. Charles F.CESurvivor
Beard, Howard G. *CESurvivor
Becker, Clarence J.CESurvivor
Barry, NormanSCSurvivor
Biello, AnthonyCESurvivor
Bell, Warren G.CESurvivor
Belton, Clarence C.CESurvivor
Benner, Harry HoweCACWSurvivor
Bennett, Raymond H. Jr.ACSurvivor
Benoit, ClarenceCESurvivor
Berra, CharlesACSurvivor
Bertram, Roy B.CESurvivor
Bettin, Sgt. Harold A.ACSurvivor
Beyar, M/Sgt HerbertCESurvivor
Birnbaum, ArthurACSurvivor
Bishop, PerryCESurvivor
Black, Alvin J.CESurvivor
Black, JohnÊW. IIIAACSSurvivor
Blackman, Hubert O.CESurvivor
Blackman, NormanSCSurvivor
Bobikiewicz, Joseph A.CESurvivor
Boersma, John J.AI-826-ASurvivor
Bogart, Joe *CACWSurvivor
Boone, WilmotSurvivor
Borows, Arthur O. (Borofsky)SCSurvivor
Bouchard, George A.Med. CorpsSurvivor
Boyd, RobertSCSurvivor
Boylan, Raymond J.AI-826-ASurvivor
Braden, Joseph D.ACSurvivor
Bradley, Grover C. Jr.AI-826-ASurvivor
Branson, William R.ACSurvivor
Brayer, Morton F.SCSurvivor
Breedlove, Eugene C.AI-826-ASurvivor
Breedlove, RaymondSurvivor
Brewer, Robert M.AACSSurvivor
Bronstein, Meyer *SCSurvivor
Brown, Irvin FloydCESurvivor
Brown, SamuelSurvivor
Brown, William George, Lt.CESurvivor
Bruce, Joseph L.AACSSurvivor
Bryant, Elward L.AI-826-ASurvivor
Bryer, Frank E., Tech 4Survivor
Buchanan, Edward J.ACSurvivor
Buchko, AndyAI-826-ASurvivor
Buck, Noah D.CESurvivor
Buckler, J. M.Survivor
Budden, DouglassSurvivor
Burlingame, Schuyler W.CESurvivor
Burris, Charlie C.CESurvivor
Burton, Lt. Charles E. *ACSurvivor
Bush, FredrickCESurvivor
Busher, Tony *Survivor
Caffrey, Lt. Edward F.AACSSurvivor
Cain, Plemon C.CESurvivor
Callery, John R.ACSurvivor
Calvert, Calvin E.ACSurvivor
Calvin, John J.ACSurvivor
Campbell, Arthur, S.SgtAACSSurvivor
Campbell, Walter C.ACSurvivor
Canney, JohnAI-826-ASurvivor
Cantner, Paul I.CESurvivor
Carrano, Ralph L.31st Signal CorpsSurvivor
Carter, LloydSurvivor
Carty, FordyceCESurvivor
Casas, Jose V.CESurvivor
Caskey, William R.AI-826-ASurvivor
Castaneda, Henry L.Med. CorpsSurvivor
Castro, PascualAI-826-ASurvivor
Cherry, Russell D.ACSurvivor
Childress, Wilson P.AI-826-ASurvivor
Chism, Sgt. Charles Franklin *MCSurvivor
Christensen, Harold J.ACSurvivor
Christiansen, William K.AACSSurvivor
Clancy, Charles R.ACSurvivor
Clonts, JamesAI-826-ASurvivor
Coakley, Lt. Louis G.CESurvivor
Cochran, Joseph J.CESurvivor
Coen, Earl G.AI-826-ASurvivor
Cohen, Stanley *ACSurvivor
Coleman, PhilSurvivor
Confer, Joseph R.AACSSurvivor
Constantino, AnthonyCESurvivor
Coon, Harold *Survivor
Corbin, Alfred V. Jr.AI-826-ASurvivor
Costello, Raymond31st Signal CorpsSurvivor
Costello, SteveACSurvivor
Covey, Robert L.AI-826-ASurvivor
Coy, Wayne L.AI-826-ASurvivor
Crenshaw, Charles B.AACSSurvivor
Crivaro, EugeneSurvivor
Crump, Rodney B. Jr.AI-826-ASurvivor
Cudak, AnthonySurvivor
Cullings, Harry M.AI-826-ASurvivor
Cummings, CharlesACSurvivor
Curles, Joel W. *AI-826-ASurvivor
Cuyler, BenjaminSurvivor
Daleski, Daniel D. *AI-826-ASurvivor
Dankert, RobertSurvivor
Davenport, George A.AI-826-ASurvivor
Davis, AlvaCESurvivor
Davis, Donald J. *CESurvivor
Deese, J. C.CESurvivor
Del Mastro, PhilipSCSurvivor
Della-Calce, Louis D.AACSSurvivor
De Rose, WilliamSurvivor
De Rouen, Elwood J.SCSurvivor
Deyarmon, Elwood W.CESurvivor
Destefano, Bernard E.AACSSurvivor
Diana, Emanuel *SCSurvivor
DiBenedetto, Alfred J.CESurvivor
Dickerson, Joseph *SCSurvivor
Diehl, ForrestSurvivor
Diello, AnthonySurvivor
Difalco, JosephSCSurvivor
Di Lorenzo, Joseph V.ACSurvivor
DiMarcello, Uresto J.ACSurvivor
Doberstein, Walter R.AI-826-ASurvivor
Doherty, Louis E.AACSSurvivor
Dombroski, AnthonyCESurvivor
Donnelly, GeraldAACSSurvivor
Donovan, Kenneth P.AACSSurvivor
Doyle, Thomas A.ACSurvivor
Drajewicz, Stanislaw *ACSurvivor
Drust, John B.CESurvivor
Dunbar, Robert H.SCSurvivor
Dunmore, Frederick W.CESurvivor
Durham, William H. *CESurvivor
Earhart, Richard E.AI-826-ASurvivor
Eckler, Henry C.AI-826-ASurvivor
Edwards, Charles S.CESurvivor
Edwards, GregSurvivor
Ellis, Thomas L.ACSurvivor
Ellison, Charles W.AI-826-ASurvivor
Emson, BobSurvivor
Engelbert, Robert P. *CESurvivor
Epifano, RaySCSurvivor
Epstein, Samuel P.CESurvivor
Ertl, Anthony G.CESurvivor
Evans, GaySurvivor
Evans, Calvin, Sr.Survivor
Faber, John J.CESurvivor
Farrell, Robert E.Med. CorpsSurvivor
Fell, Ralph A.ACSurvivor
Fehler, Lloyd C.AI-826-ASurvivor
Ferguson, LeonardSurvivor
Ferguson, RichardAACSSurvivor
Fern, Roy H.ACSurvivor
Fetsko, AndySCSurvivor
Fetterman, Russell E.AI-826-ASurvivor
Fievet, John *AI-826-ASurvivor
Filbrun, Robert G.Med. CorpsSurvivor
Filipchick, JosephAACSSurvivor
Finch, Charles F. *AACSSurvivor
Fiorentino, Joseph A.AACSSurvivor
Firstman, RobertSurvivor
Firstman, RubinAACSSurvivor
Fish, William (Ham) *SCSurvivor
Fitzgerald, KenneySurvivor
Fitzgerald, Thomas W.AI-826-ASurvivor
Flamand, Leo J.CESurvivor
Flath,ÊChesterÊA. *AI-826-ASurvivor
Flick, PaulSCSurvivor
Flood, David, PFCCESurvivor
Flowers, Benjamin L. *AI-826-ASurvivor
Floyd, MayfordCESurvivor
Fodor, James E.ACSurvivor
Fonte, Vincent J.AI-826-ASurvivor
Forcier, Hollis E.ACSurvivor
Fortinberry, Henry A.AI-826-ASurvivor
Forwood, William M. Jr.CESurvivor
Fouhy, Charles E. Jr. *AI-826-ASurvivor
Fowler, BillSurvivor
Frank, Allan J. *CESurvivor
Frazier, John C.AI-826-ASurvivor
Freeman, Donald A.AI-826-ASurvivor
Freeman, Gharon O.CESurvivor
Fremuth, EdwardCESurvivor
Freidman, Sol (Friedman)AACSSurvivor
Fridley, Ira V.CESurvivor
Friend, GilbertAI-826-ASurvivor
Frinsko, Frank Jr.ACSurvivor
Frolich, Col. A. J.CESurvivor
Funicello, Joseph D.CESurvivor
Furler, Walter H.AACSSurvivor
Gaal, Julius M.ACSurvivor
Gahwiler, AlbertSurvivor
Gaines, Irwin R.AACSSurvivor
Gallegos, Benito J.CESurvivor
Galvin, John J.AI-826-ASurvivor
Gartner, PaulMCSurvivor
Gartska, EdwardCESurvivor
Gault, Albert W.AI-826-ASurvivor
Gautreaux, Joseph H.CESurvivor
Geffort, Leslie *Survivor
Gentlecore, DanielACSurvivor
Geraci, NicholasAI-826-ASurvivor
Gerrard, KennethSurvivor
Gerstenmaier, Charles I.AI-826-ASurvivor
Giambalvo, OasqualeCESurvivor
Gianacopoulos, JohnAACSSurvivor
Gibson, J. B.AD664 ASurvivor
Gikas, GusAACS (AI-826-A)Survivor
Gilbert, Kenneth E.AACSSurvivor
Gleason, Wesley B.CESurvivor
Goen, Ernest G.CESurvivor
Goettel, Donald31st was he on RajulaSurvivor
Goldberg, RobertAACSSurvivor
Goodall, Albert B. 2nd Lt.AACSSurvivor
Goodwin, Clarence H.CESurvivor
Gordon, Earl A.ACSurvivor
Gough, HaroldSCSurvivor
Goulette, Joseph P. R.AACSSurvivor
Gouse, John B.ACSurvivor
Graffia, Joseph Jr.31st Sig. CoSurvivor
Graham, William A.CESurvivor
Grapentine, Charles R.CESurvivor
Graveline, Woodrow J.ACSurvivor
Gray, William R.ACSurvivor
Grayko, JohnÊCESurvivor
Greeley, Donald P.AACSSurvivor
Green, David L.ACSurvivor
Green, Wiley M.CESurvivor
Greenberg. Robert I.AACSSurvivor
Greene, DanielSCSurvivor
Gregory, William L.CESurvivor
Grifa, Anthony J.ACSurvivor
Grimes, William A.ACSurvivor
Grimm, William A.AACSSurvivor
Grimstad, Goron A.Med. CorpsSurvivor
Groopman, JohnACSurvivor
Gross, Sidney E.ACSurvivor
Grossnickle, Robert E.CESurvivor
Gryn, John Jr.CESurvivor
Guilbault, KennethAACSSurvivor
Gurman, SaulAI-826-ASurvivor
Gustke, CarlAI-826-ASurvivor
Guthans, Anthony H.CESurvivor
Halasz, GabrielSCSurvivor
Hall, Donald R.ACSurvivor
Hall, Earl W.CESurvivor
Hall, Jewel C.CESurvivor
Haller, Jack R.CE (AC)Survivor
Ham, Roland Jr.CESurvivor
Hanna, Herbert E. *CESurvivor
Harris, Bennett L.AACSSurvivor
Hare, Thomas L.AI-826-ASurvivor
Harringan, John H.RED CROSSSurvivor
Harrington, Harold T.CESurvivor
Harris, Arthur W.AI-826-ASurvivor
Hart, John F.CESurvivor
Hartman, George Jr.31st SignalSurvivor
Hartzell, Richard F. Jr.AI-826-ASurvivor
Haskins, John W.ACSurvivor
Hauck, Leroy (1)AACSSurvivor
Havern, Michael P.ACSurvivor
Hayes, Robert O.ACSurvivor
Hayward, Morris G.AI-826-ASurvivor
Heberle, Henry M. *CESurvivor
Heller, Ralph E.ACSurvivor
Henderson, William H.CESurvivor
Herrington, Harry T.CESurvivor
Hewitt, Clifford A.CESurvivor
Hill, Stanley J.ACSurvivor
Himden, Hamden F.CESurvivor
Hinderer, LarrySurvivor
Hinds, Frank S.AI-826-ASurvivor
Hinton, Hugh M.CESurvivor
Hitchcock, Lt. William P.AACSSurvivor
Hodges, LawrenceCESurvivor
Hoffman, William (Bill)AI-826-ASurvivor
Hoke, Isadore F.CESurvivor
Holland, Charles A.Med. CorpsSurvivor
Holliman, ThomasSurvivor
Hollis, James S.31st Signal Bn.Survivor
Hoormann, Joe W.CESurvivor
Hopkins, George R.AI-826-ASurvivor
Horner, Richard S.CESurvivor
Horton, ErnestACSurvivor
Hostvedt, John R.AACSSurvivor
Hubble, Harold Earl *CESurvivor
Hubing, Norbert H.CESurvivor
Hunt, Edwin853rdSurvivor
Hunter, DanaAACSSurvivor
Hvitfelt, Axel E.AACSSurvivor
Hyatt, Guy H.CESurvivor
Hyman, ArthurSurvivor
Ingram, George B.RED CROSSSurvivor
Inks,ÊCamdon W. Jr.AI-826-ASurvivor
Jachim, Stanley W. (J.)CESurvivor
Jackman, John E.ACSurvivor
Jackson, Ulys, Capt.CESurvivor
Jacobson, RoySCSurvivor
Jaffe, Abraham *SCSurvivor
Jamieson, JohnACSurvivor
Jesmer, Francis P.CESurvivor
Johnson, Charles MCESurvivor
Johnson, Roy O.CESurvivor
Jones, Robert F.CESurvivor
Julius, RalphSurvivor
Junno, PaavoAI-826-ASurvivor
Kadis, AbeSurvivor
Kairitis, George C.AI-826-ASurvivor
Kalyan, AndrewACSurvivor
Kantner, PaulCESurvivor
Kaplan, Abraham I.Med. CorpsSurvivor
Kautz, EmeryACSurvivor
Keefe, D. J.Survivor
Keesee, Andrew E.CESurvivor
Kempner, FrankACSurvivor
Kepler, Owen F.CESurvivor
Korslund, Arnold M.Med. CorpsSurvivor
Kelder, Robert B.InfantrySurvivor
Kellert, Frank W.AACSSurvivor
Kelley, Howard T.AACSSurvivor
Kelly, JackCESurvivor
Kennedy, Thomas J.AI-826-ASurvivor
Kepler, Owen F.CESurvivor
Kerns, Richard P.AI-826-ASurvivor
Kerns, William J.CESurvivor
Kerr, Charles B.CESurvivor
Kiernan, Bernard J.Med. CorpsSurvivor
Kiley, Eugene, T.AI-826-ASurvivor
Killian, Jere C.AACSSurvivor
King, Gerald S.AI-826-ASurvivor
Kintz, Charles R.AI-826-ASurvivor
Kinzer, Robert M.CESurvivor
Kious, Estil J.ACSurvivor
Kippel, Robert H.ACSurvivor
Kirkpatrick, FredACSurvivor
Klehm, Ellsworth C.ACSurvivor
Kramer,ÊVernon J.AACSSurvivor
Kramraj, Edward J.InfantrySurvivor
Krass, Joseph D.CESurvivor
Kris, Robert J.CESurvivor
Kroog, TheodoreSCSurvivor
Krumholtz, Ambrose W.CESurvivor
Kuberski, Henry J.CESurvivor
Kubik, John T.AACSSurvivor
Kuenick, Walter E.AI-826-ASurvivor
Kuper, Charles F.CESurvivor
Kuperstein, JuliusSCSurvivor
Kuchta, Fred P.ACSurvivor
Kutchick, Joseph Jr.CESurvivor
Kuyath, DavidCESurvivor
Lacy, James K.InfantrySurvivor
La Fontaine, CharlesSCSurvivor
Lamson, ReginaldSCSurvivor
Landry, Vincent J.AI-826-ASurvivor
Larned, David J.AI-826-ASurvivor
Laws, CrawfordSurvivor
Leary, Alvin R.Med. CorpsSurvivor
Ledwith, James J.AI-826-ASurvivor
Lee, Carleton H.CESurvivor
Lee, Milton J.ACSurvivor
Leona, Matteo H. Jr.CESurvivor
Leonardo, PeterSCSurvivor
Levine, HaroldSurvivor
Levine, SaulSCSurvivor
Levenson, AlbertAI-826-ASurvivor
Levy, S/Sgt Kenneth A.CACWSurvivor
Lewis, Earl *CESurvivor
Livingston, Bennett C.CESurvivor
Lofrese, Anthony N. *CESurvivor
Long, Cleo R.CESurvivor
Long, John C.ACSurvivor
Loper, James S.CESurvivor
Lopez, Jesse H.CESurvivor
Lotz, Harold S.ACSurvivor
Lundborn, Raymond A.AI-826-ASurvivor
Lunsmann, Elmer G.Med. CorpsSurvivor
Luna, AlfredoCESurvivor
Lutgring, Edwin B.AACSSurvivor
Lynch, Joseph T.AACSSurvivor
Macias, Jesus M.CESurvivor
Mahoney, Freeman D.AACSSurvivor
Majkszak, Arthur J.AACSSurvivor
Macaluso, SamMed. CorpsSurvivor
Markiewitz, Louis853rd Av.Bn.Survivor
Marks, Abraham M. *AACSSurvivor
Martin, George A.CESurvivor
Martin, George RaySurvivor
Martin, Raymond M.AI-826-ASurvivor
Martin, Martin R.ACSurvivor
Martinex, FredCESurvivor
Martino, Nicholas31st Signal Corps.Survivor
Martocke, George M.AI-826-ASurvivor
Marx, Marvin *Survivor
Matthews, William ÒBillyÓRH705AAASurvivor
Mason, Wallace33rd Infantry Replacement Bn.Survivor
Mauger, Henry A.InfantrySurvivor
Mayhew, Clarence F. Jr.CESurvivor
Mayville, Kenneth L.AACSSurvivor
McCarter, Roy Clell *853rdSurvivor
McCarthey, Vincent J.ACSurvivor
McCoy, John D.AACSSurvivor
McCune, John O. Jr.AACSSurvivor
McDermott, William S.AACSSurvivor
McFall, Max PhillipA1826-ASurvivor
McGee, JohnSurvivor
McGrane, Paul J.InfantrySurvivor
McGuire, Mannie L.ACSurvivor
McKee, WilliamSurvivor
McKee, JamesSurvivor
McKinney, Ebert (Elbert H.)ACSurvivor
McKinnon, Arlin D.AACSSurvivor
McDermott, William S.AACSSurvivor
McLennan, John J.AACSSurvivor
McQuatters, Joseph A.RH705AAASurvivor
Merker, TomSurvivor
Messina, JohnSurvivor
Meyer, Arthur W.AI-826-ASurvivor
Meyers, James C.ACSurvivor
Michaels, Walter(Also reported as killed)AI-826-ASurvivor
Michnofsky, ThomasACSurvivor
Middleton, Daniel B.AACSSurvivor
Mikels, BillieAACSSurvivor
Mikolajczak, Walter J.ACSurvivor
Miles, Herald E.AI-826-ASurvivor
Millar, Nelson M.CESurvivor
Miller, Mervin L.CESurvivor
Miller, Irvin J.AACSSurvivor
Miller, Jesse L.ACSurvivor
Milner, WilliamSurvivor
Minner, Paul H.AACSSurvivor
Mitchell, George R.AACSSurvivor
Molek, Leon C.CESurvivor
Monger, James R.AACSSurvivor
Montgomery, Hulon H.CESurvivor
Moore, HowardACSurvivor
More, RussACSurvivor
Morelli, Victor E.SCSurvivor
Morgan, PhilipMed. CorpsSurvivor
Morocco, Joseph *SCSurvivor
Morosoff, William *AACSSurvivor
Morrison, Raymond J. Jr.Survivor
Mortenson, GlenSurvivor
Moskowitz, David P.AACSSurvivor
Mosteller, FrederickSCSurvivor
Mountain, Gilbert N. Jr.Med. CorpsSurvivor
Mouse, Harmon K.ACSurvivor
Muchnick, SimonSurvivor
Mulvaney, Robert J. P.Med. CorpsSurvivor
Muraca, CesareRH705AAASurvivor
Myers, JimACSurvivor
Nadeau, Albert J.CESurvivor
Nadel, MorrisSurvivor
Namerow, NathanSCSurvivor
Natoli, JosephInfantrySurvivor
Neal, Clarkey L.CESurvivor
Neff, Robert H.ACSurvivor
Neilson, Donald H.AACSSurvivor
Neveu, Robert P.AI-826-ASurvivor
Newman, Ivan R *CESurvivor
Ney, WalterAI-826-ASurvivor
Nichols, Raymond D.CESurvivor
Noh, Robert P.ACSurvivor
Norrod, William A. *AACSSurvivor
Obra, RichardCESurvivor
Ohly, WilliamCESurvivor
OÕBrien, Carl J.AI-826-ASurvivor
OÕBrien, BillCESurvivor
OÕConner, Donald T.AACSSurvivor
OÕNeal, C. L. ÒBusÓ (Clary?) *CESurvivor
Orsa, John, Sr.InfantrySurvivor
Orsegno, Pasquale W.InfantrySurvivor
Osowski, LeonardACSurvivor
Overstreet George D.ACSurvivor
Overton, Henry W.ACSurvivor
Paciello, Samuel D.AACSSurvivor
Pacheco, Macario A.SCSurvivor
Palluth, Ervin W.AI-826-ASurvivor
Palmer, Warren G.InfantrySurvivor
Panion, Frederick *AI-826-ASurvivor
Parelli, Alphonse W.Survivor
Parker, Daniel H.AACSSurvivor
Parmentier, A. J.Survivor
Partelow, William K.AI-826-DSurvivor
Paskowski, JohnSCSurvivor
Pawlowski, Edward J.ACSurvivor
Payne, Arnold E.ACSurvivor
Pelcher, Frank F.CESurvivor
Paulseen, Kenneth S.ACSurvivor
Peach, Richard H. *SCSurvivor
Peck, MaynardSurvivor
Percle, Corbett J.AI-826-ASurvivor
Peterson, SharonSurvivor
Pezoldt, David J.AI-826-ASurvivor
Pezoldt, Joseph D.AI-826-ASurvivor
Phelps, Louis R.CACWSurvivor
Philion, Albert C.ACSurvivor
Phillips, Joe R.ACSurvivor
Piquard, Eugene H.SCSurvivor
Pitman, Herbert H.AACSSurvivor
Ploegert, Robert J.CESurvivor
Price, Edwin A.InfantrySurvivor
Pythian, Richard J.AI-826-ASurvivor
Pope, JamesSCSurvivor
Popkins, RobertSurvivor
Portelow, William K.AACSSurvivor
Porter, Robert J.AACSSurvivor
Porter, Kenneth R.AACSSurvivor
Porter, Virgil C.CESurvivor
Portnoy, AbeACSurvivor
Powell, Harvey HousleySurvivor
Procton, AlbertAACSSurvivor
Prosky, Abraham (aka Procton)AACSSurvivor
Proto, CharlesAI-826-ASurvivor
Pugh, James T.31st Sig Hv Cons BnSurvivor
Pumelia, Anthony J.Survivor
Quam, NelsRED CROSSSurvivor
Querido, SidneyACSurvivor
Quick, William C. *AI-826-ASurvivor
Ragona, Peter J.ACSurvivor
Raibley, Edgar C.ACSurvivor
Rains, Roy A. (Ray)CESurvivor
Ramirez, Ysidoro R.ACSurvivor
Ramey, ArthurSurvivor
Ramsey, Buster B.ACSurvivor
Randell, Edward S.Survivor
Randis, Walter A.CESurvivor
Rawson, Roy Tyler, Jr. *SCSurvivor
Rees, LewisACSurvivor
Reidy, James D.AACS Air CorpsSurvivor
Renzo, Anthony J.ACSurvivor
Rewkowski, Leo *AACSSurvivor
Rice, Herman E.CESurvivor
Risley, Edward S.AACSSurvivor
Rives, Glen L.CESurvivor
Riwkes, Siegfried W.ACSurvivor
Rockwell, WilliamCESurvivor
Rodrigues, FrankACSurvivor
Roger, Laurent J.AI-826-ASurvivor
Rodgers, John L.ACSurvivor
Rogers, John L.AACSSurvivor
Rosenfeld, SamACSurvivor
Ross, Robert W.ACSurvivor
Rosinski, Eugene J.SCSurvivor
Rosseau, John W.AACSSurvivor
Rossetti, PaulSurvivor
Rowe, James *SCSurvivor
Rudnitsky, AbrahamACSurvivor
Rund, Clifford A.AACSSurvivor
Russell, William H.ACSurvivor
Sacco, Eugene A.AI-826-ASurvivor
Salsman, Alfred J.AI-826-ASurvivor
Salvati, Thomas A.ACSurvivor
Salzillo, Lt. WilliamCESurvivor
Sammons, Floyd R.CESurvivor
Sanner, Albert E.AACSSurvivor
Santti, Sulo E.CESurvivor
Sarnotsky, Seymour *AI-826-ASurvivor
Sauls, Oretus E. Jr.ACSurvivor
Sawicki, Edward J.ACSurvivor
Saxon, Weldon F.AI-826-ASurvivor
Scheideler, David C.CESurvivor
Schoenacker, Carl E. *ACSurvivor
Schroeder, John F.ACSurvivor
Schulz, FrankACSurvivor
Sears, FredSurvivor
Seidel, Jerome M.AACSSurvivor
Senne, August L.AI-826-ASurvivor
Shatto, Miles T.ACSurvivor
Shaw, Lt. Robert B. *CESurvivor
Shelton, CharlesSurvivor
Sher, Pvt. Sidney *Survivor
Sherman, HymanAACSSurvivor
Sherrill, Robert L.AI-826-ASurvivor
Sherwood, William L.ACSurvivor
Shimon, JohnACSurvivor
Shimp, JakeAI-826-ASurvivor
Shufelt, Lyle C.AI-826-ASurvivor
Sidoti, Peter R. (1)ACSurvivor
Silva, Anthony L.*31st Signal CorpsSurvivor
Silver, George M.AACSSurvivor
Simmons, Ernest J.AI-826-ASurvivor
Sinare, AnthonyAACSSurvivor
Skewis, EdwinSCSurvivor
Slater, MaxwellSurvivor
Slujnski, JohnAI-826-ASurvivor
Smart, Frederick B.ACSurvivor
Smith, Edward H.CESurvivor
Smith, George W.ACSurvivor
Smith, John W.AACSSurvivor
Smith, John L.AI-826-ASurvivor
Smith, Raymond A.ACSurvivor
Smith, Robert E. Jr. ServiceÊ # 14,178,057AI-826-ASurvivor
Smith, Robert E. Jr. Service # 32,431,825ACSurvivor
Smith, Lt. Winton R.AACSSurvivor
Smutney, Ludwik *Survivor
Snoddy, SamSurvivor
Snyder, Louis E. *CESurvivor
Sotomayer, Perfecto S.CESurvivor
Sponamore, Benjamin F.31st Signal CorpsSurvivor
Specter, Lt. Sam I.AACSSurvivor
Speicher, James O.ACSurvivor
Spurbeck, GeorgeCESurvivor
Spurlock, Clifford M.CESurvivor
St. John, Ronald P.AACSSurvivor
Stafford, Charles E.CESurvivor
Stankiewicz, Walter F.853rdSurvivor
Stanton, Leo F.ACSurvivor
Stauffer, JohnSurvivor
Steenhout, William G.CESurvivor
Steele, DouglasSurvivor
Steele, Richard H.AI-826-ASurvivor
Stefenoni, Alfred J. *ACSurvivor
Steiner, Richard FACSurvivor
Stevens, Kenneth M.AI-826-ASurvivor
Stevens, Robert C. Jr.AACSSurvivor
Stewart, Charles V.31st Signal Construction Bn.Survivor
Stewart, James P.CESurvivor
Stone, George P. Jr.AACSSurvivor
Stout, Marshall R.AI-826-ASurvivor
Straty, GeorgeAACSSurvivor
Steenhout, Frank853rdSurvivor
Stricker, Gilbert F.AACSSurvivor
Stroud, Harold H.CESurvivor
Strout, MarshallAI-826-ASurvivor
Sumrall, Delton *CESurvivor
Sullivan. Francis J. *31st Sig. Heavy Construction BnSurvivor
Sullivan, Gerald D. (1)ACSurvivor
Swain, Lt. John W.AACSSurvivor
Swasey, William G.CESurvivor
Tassone, Dominic V.AI-826-ASurvivor
Tattelman, PaulACSurvivor
Taylor, Paul M.ACSurvivor
Taylor, Raymond CecilCESurvivor
Taylor, Jacob W.CESurvivor
Teague, Thomas B.CESurvivor
Templeton, Lt. William C. Jr.AACSSurvivor
Toellner, Walter E.ACSurvivor
Thomas, JamesCESurvivor
Thomas, Vernie L.AI-826-ASurvivor
Thomas, WilburAI-826-ASurvivor
Thompson, Charles L.CESurvivor
Toellner, Walter E.ACSurvivor
Tomasino, Arthur A.ACSurvivor
Tomaszewski, Roman M.AI-826-ASurvivor
Tominia, CarmeloSurvivor
Tompkins, Charles F.ACSurvivor
Torcerice, Charles (aka Tortice)Survivor
Torres, Agapito S. *CESurvivor
Townes, Charles F.ACSurvivor
Trammel, Howard G.CESurvivor
Trapanese, JosephCESurvivor
Tresler, Floyd C.ACSurvivor
Truckenbredt, Edgar W.InfantrySurvivor
Trywusch, Myron J.ACSurvivor
Tsoufiou, GeorgeSurvivor
Valdez, Jesus F.CESurvivor
Van Brunt, Frank H.SCSurvivor
Van Sickle, Lt. Don P.CESurvivor
Vandentop, AlbertSurvivor
Vannest, Kenneth H. (R.)AC (AC)?Survivor
Vangeloff, AugustACSurvivor
Vangi, John *SCSurvivor
Vaughn, DouglasMed. CorpsSurvivor
Ventresca, NickSurvivor
Veterano, CarloSCSurvivor
Vigil, AgapitoCESurvivor
Vinitzky, Herman322nd Fighter Control SqdnSurvivor
Visser, RichardSurvivor
Vogler, Richard C.ACSurvivor
Wagner, Gilbert A.CESurvivor
Waldon, Jack C.ACSurvivor
Warneke, Erwin H.AI-826-ASurvivor
Warren, William H.ACSurvivor
Wary, JoeSCSurvivor
Wasp, William H.31st Signal Construction BattalionSurvivor
Weber, AaronACSurvivor
Weinsten, AaronRED CROSSSurvivor
Weisbord, Rubin, (Weisbrod)ACSurvivor
Welch, William, MedicCESurvivor
Westphal, James L.ACSurvivor
Wheeler, Forrest W.ACSurvivor
Wheeler, Sgt. James E.RH705AAASurvivor
White, Louie L.ACSurvivor
Whitesel, Richard H.ACSurvivor
Wilde, CapÕtÊArnoldÊR.CESurvivor
Wilde, Don R.CESurvivor
Wilde, Harold L.CESurvivor
Wilhelm, Leonard M.CESurvivor
Willeford, Edward H.CESurvivor
Williams, Aubrey H.ACSurvivor
Williams, Charles J.SCSurvivor
Williams, Otho B.AI-826-ASurvivor
Williams, Shelby E.ACSurvivor
Williamson, Jesse W.CESurvivor
Willis, Robert K.ACSurvivor
Wilkie, Herbert M.AACSSurvivor
Wilson, Roland L.SCSurvivor
Wohl, BensonCESurvivor
Wohlt, Norbert Edward ÒNubsÓ *CESurvivor
Wolff, Wm FredSCSurvivor
Woody, Robert D.CESurvivor
Wright, CharlesSurvivor
Xanthus, Peter31st Signal Heavy Construction Bn.Survivor
Yost, Orlo E.31st SignalSurvivor
Young, FredSurvivor
Young, James P.CESurvivor
Zachry, Lonzo D., Pvt., 19177372ACSurvivor
Zagar, John A., T/5, 36419196CESurvivor
Zamanigian, Martin, Pvt., 19138744ACSurvivor
Zborowski, Frank, Pvt., 36173341CESurvivor
Zeh, Marion V., T/Sgt, 36436479CESurvivor
Zebrack, SimSurvivor
Ziegenbusch,Herman H. M/Sgt.37059525NFSurvivor
Zielinski,Walter D.M/Sgt.Survivor
Zimmerman, Harry H., Pvt., 36440689CESurvivor
Zura, Andrew, Pfc., 13109842CESurvivor

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Breakdown of Units aboard the Rohna

CE:    853rd Engineer BN. Avn. Corps of Eng.
AC:   322nd Fighter Control Squad., Air Corp
SC:     31st Signal Construction Battalion
 44th Portable Surgical Hospital
 AAF Fillers (Shipment #AD664-A)
   Ground Fillers (Shipment #GH826)
 AAF Fillers (Shipment #1826 A & D)
 ASF Fillers (Shipment #RH705 AAA)