This poem was  written by Marvin Marx and submitted by his son:

Twas the day after Thanksgiving
And all through the ship,
Not a soul was expecting a salt-water dip;
The G.I.’s were crowded all over the decks,
Dreaming of home and the fairest of sex;
And hundreds were heaving from yesterday’s meal
(A humble repast, and a very bum deal!)

Then all of a sudden they rang the alarm
we heard the pitter-patter
That sounded like rain.
The strap of my gas mask was twisting my arm,
But that didn’t matter
When the fireworks came.
We went up to the top deck
To get some fresh air,
And maybe to save our poor neck;
But they chased us back down,
And it hardly seemed fair
For none of us wanted to drown.

We pricked up our ears when we heard the big blast
And our hearts and our feet pounded fast
When they called us all back up the stair;
While the atmosphere roared
With the enemy planes,
And we jumped and we fell overboard,
As our troopship went down in flames.

Each succeeding November we’ll offer a prayer,
And we all will remember the guys who were there,
At the last of our troopship,
And our first taste of war.

By Marvin A. Marx
ASN 33447239
26th Fighter Squadron
5th Fighter Group
CACW (Chinese-American Composite Wing)
14th Air Force