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Judy Cunigan De Armond Judy Cunigan De Armond from Conyers, GA wrote on September 28, 2017 at 9:15 am:
I'm just now finding your page, and am delighted to see the names of my dad's crew members that he spoke so fondly of. My dad, Sam Cunigan was one of the Pioneer crew on that fateful day. My sister and I grew up hearing about the rescue mission! I accompanied him to many memorial services over the years, and recall one in Alabama, specifically to dedicate a plaque to the Rohna. I'm quite proud of my dad's legacy, and thank you for this site/webpage. You've bought back many great memories! Thank you for the heroism of many that historic and fateful day. I am honored to have met several of my dad's shipmates, and am ever grateful for your service. I own personally autographed copies of 2 of Carlton Jackson's books, an excellent rendition of this chapter in history. I remember how thrilled my dad was when Mr. Jackson asked to interview him, after the information about the sinking of the Rohna was regarded as 'classified' for many years. Prayers still for those who were in harm's way and their families. Judy Cunigan De Armond, R.N.; email:
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